Report – Arsenal star agrees to join Bundesliga side next month

Agent of Granit Xhaka claims he has agreed on a deal with Bundesliga club, Hertha Berlin.

Arsenal may be set to lose one of the experienced members of their squad as he has agreed on terms with a German side.

A report from Sky Sports claims that Hertha Berlin is set to complete a move for Granit Xhaka next month.

Xhaka has had a tough season at the Emirates which included been sidelined for gesturing towards the fans as well as being stripped of the captain armband.

He had made it clear that he wasn’t happy to have the armband taken away from him and it seems he will be looking to force a move away now.

The report claims that Xhaka has already agreed to terms with Berlin and the clubs need to reach an agreement now.

He agent was quoted saying:

“Look, I say it frankly and honestly: we agree with Hertha BSC and would like to go to Berlin. We told Arsenal’s club boss Raul Sanllehi and sports director Edu – as well as the new trainer Mikel Arteta. ”

He added: “Arsenal was informed about all the steps, the player and Hertha are clear. It is only about the transfer fee of the clubs.”

Xhaka started for Arsenal in Mikel Arteta’s first game in charge and the new manager admitted that he loved the midfielder and even considered signing him for Manchester City when he was Pep Guardiola’s assistant manager.

That said, I am not too sure the fans will be bothered with the news. Most would be happy to see him depart I reckon.


  1. If he goes then it should be for more than the reported 21.3 million as who on earth can we get to replace him for that in today’s inflated market?

    1. Arsenal would lose a lot of money if Xhaka leaves for less than 30 M

      We still have Chambers, Guendouzi, Torreira, Ceballos, Maitland-Niles and Willock

      I know some fans think most of those players are deadwood, but I believe the new coaches could improve the young midfielders

    2. So apparently Arteta informed Xhaka that he is not part of his plans past summer while praising him in public. If that is true than I like this new Arsenal.

      I do feel sorry for Xhaka in a way though, he tried his best.

      1. No that’s not true, he told Xhaka that he’s part of his plans but if he really want to leave he can leave in the summer not January but it’s like Xhaka doesn’t want to stay till the summer. I actually feel for him but he also earned my respect if the report it’s true, they say he will earn half of what he’s on now which show he just want to play and enjoy his game unlike some of his teammates.

    3. @Sven Svenson

      When you consider Xhaka’s awful performance levels during his entire Arsenal career, he shouldn’t be too difficult replace. If we’re looking for someone similar, League 1 or lower, and under 2 million should do the trick.

    4. His price is never going to increase again at Arsenal at least. I hope we at least hold out for 25-30mill, I agree though. 21mill still seems too low.

  2. Xhaka should at least cost 40 M, because of his age and his long term contract with us

    I hope Arsenal would move Maitland-Niles to central midfield after Xhaka leaves and buy a new RB

      1. Have always rated Rakitic
        but IMHO he would struggle
        MIGHTILY with the speed and
        physicality of the EPL.

        I agree on Dunk and Partey.

    1. @gotanidea noone’s forking out 40m for Granit not after the Emirates fiasco, top clubs work so hard to keep fans on their side unfortunately Xhaka seems to do the exact opposite currently, Arsenal fans are united and would wish to see his back no club is paying 40m for a player so despised by the fans for his stupid actions.

  3. To be fair to Xhaka he plays nicely weighted passes over a wide range. However, he is not creative and is slow in defence, hence the yellow cards and penalties. We have 3 good forwards who should be banging goals in for fun, but slow build up play allows the opposition to defend in numbers. Arteta I suspect will look for speed and sharpness. De Bruyne maybe?

    1. Xhaka out, rabiot in? That would be awesome..i read rabiot could ve avaleable for 25mm…if that’s true, i would get 30 ir 25 for xhaka and invest it on xhaka

      1. It impossible. Can’t sell Xhaka for £30-£25 million then invest it all on Xhaka.
        I don’t even know if that is legal.

  4. Yesterday I watched RN, JW and others struggle. I then read the biography of Dennis Bergkamp. How the mighty Arsenal has fallen.

  5. I really don’t have time to sympathize with him as he’s clearly made himself looked like the victim.
    Yes I don’t support personal abuse, but you won’t tell me its the fans inside the stadium that wished his daughter dead or any of that.
    There are lots of psychos online, I’m sure the fans who engaged in the personal abuse ve never been to the Emirates.
    I’ve read he wasn’t even happy when Emery came out publicly to say the club will arrange for him to meet a therapist or so to see how he’s coping. Citing why would the club question his state of mind and saying he needed a therapist.
    All in all he has himself to blame, all the fans wanted was an apology, and he stood his ground for days until he was made to give a weak apology.
    Like I’ve always said, he has himself yo blame and a bigger part of the blame should also go to Emery.
    Emery put him in this position
    Xhaka was struggling with his form, the fans got tired.
    Errors after errors and yet Emery kept picking him instead of shielding him and keeping him till he gets himself.
    A game against Crystal Palace saw the fans boo Xhaka at first, lots of anger for his performance, by then Emery started Xhaka twice in the previous games despite his bad form, and once we were looking for goals, Emery took Xhaka off twice and we scored. Yet he kept playing an out of form Xhaka. Weeks later Emery went ahead to make the same player club captain.
    It’s not a coincidence that with the club struggling a lot, the fans would be mad and exhausted and they needed to take it out on someone. It should’ve been Emery, but Emery had Xhaka as his shield. The one always taking the blame for Emery’s poor selections and tactics.
    Xhaka isn’t innocent either, so I really feel no pity for him.
    He makes it look as if us fans offended him, he’s been playing the victim. Yes okay he was the victim for a few weeks. Hell Someone needs to tell him the fans have been victims of his constant poor performance for four years straight.
    Good luck to him, Elneny to Ac Milan is almost done.
    Hopefully we can move Mhki, sokratis and a few others too so we start afresh with hungry players.

    1. Apology for what?
      Being abused and booed? I don’t know that there is a sane human being that is that politically correct.
      Adult men some are ild enough to your father abusing and booing you. Been on your back season after season telling you how average, league one, relegation level you are.
      And to top it off some get on social media and hurl abuse at you, your wife and child. With all of that boiling over you get to the stadium and people are swearing and booing you.

      I don’t think Xhaka reacting in that heat of the moment is some alien behaviour we have never come across on this earth. We all react and have reacted in that exact manner.

      To this day I am yet to get a coherent argument to why it is okay for grown adult men and women to boo and swear at someone but expect to be cuddled back.
      I say, if you can give it the big mouth then be man enough to receive some push back when it does come.

      That’s Newtons 3rd law of motion. “With every force there is an equal and opposite force”. Equilibrium.

      I said it was best if Xhaka left this January as the damage is already done. But i am right behind him about telling our boo man-children to fck off.

      That is how i look at life. No PC, hypocrisy, bias and victimhood.

      1. Eddie are you condoning the actions of Arsenal supporters who used shocking vitriol towards Xhaka and his family on social media?.If you are you are no better than these ignorant low lives.

  6. I really hope we go out and replace Xhaka with an experienced player not over 25 years old.

    We can’t rely on our youth who are still learning their trade.

    We’re in the bottom half of the table and a few points away from the relegation zone, we don’t have the luxury to be nursing youth right now.

    If we feel they’re good for the future then tie them up to long contracts, but buy experienced players who atleast don’t need time to learn basics like crossing, positioning, marking, passing etc.

    Get a Doucoure, or a Nzonzi or make Edu and the scouting team work and find a CM either like Moussa Dembele or Wilfred Ndidi. There is no way we can rely on Willock or AMN. Rather Guendouzi, but he should be an understudy himself

      1. Thomas Partey instead. 45m pounds should get him from athletico. 35m pounds should also get Lewis dunk. And we can consider a loan move for Rakitic. Our teenagers won’t get us top 4. We need results. We need 3 points week in week out. The board need to support Arteta in the transfer market this January.3 signings(Partey, Dunk, Rakitic) this January to lift the mood at the emirates.

    1. Either Ibrahim Sangare or Sander
      Berge would do the trick. Both are
      young, physivally imposing and
      technically gifted players that
      would boss the middle of the pitch
      for AFC. £25-30M would wrap up
      either one.

      1. All those players you mentioned I’d jump at the chance to have them, very good suggestions.

        I just feel we shouldn’t kid ourselves as Arsenal and think young players who are still learning their trade will help us now in our current situation.

        In fact it would be detrimental to them youngsters putting them in the firing line too early in their development. I don’t want another Walcott or Chamberlain.

  7. So his agent does the deal and agrees terms and then inform arsenal he’s leaving so sort transfer fee out?? Not sure this is the way it’s normally done! I say offer him to the highest bidder and if he doesn’t like it he can rot in the reserves till summer.

    1. Roachie, that’s why this is all speculation in my view.

      If The Arsenal say NO, then that’s it BS, no matter what the agent says – if AFC say yes, the fee has got to be negotiated and if they are not offered what they want, the deal will be off.

  8. I hope Arteta comes in and gets rid of the big egos. We need to change the culture of the club. We need a complete reset with players who are hungry and desperate and play for the badge. We don’t need any Big Egos.

    Sell the deadwood – Ozil, Miki, Elneny, Mustafi

    To fix Defence:
    Buy Upamencano or buy 2 of Demiral (Juve), Sarr (Nice), Kamara (Marseille)

    To fix Midfield:
    If we sell Xhaka in January we must try to get Rabiot on loan.
    Rabiot and Torreira at the base of the midfield would be exciting. Full of energy and defensively solid. Rabiot passing ability is equal to if not better than Xhaka.

    Bring Partey in the summer and even try to get Rabiot on a permanent transfer (even at the expense of Torreira) we would have an amazing midfield base.
    Partey and Rabiot would be a dream pairing. Strong, athletic, defensively solid and lots of energy.

    Bring in Dominik Szoboszlai from RB Salzburg as rumoured.

    To fix Attack:
    If the rumours of Real Madrid wanting Auba for Jovic & cash we must take it. Or take cash and buy Moussa Demebeli from Lyon.

    Sell Laca for $50m+

    Transfers Out:
    Auba – $50m
    Laca – $50m
    Xhaka – $30m
    Torreira – $30m
    Ozil, Miki, Elneny, Mustafi – $25m
    = $185m

    Transfers In:
    Jovic/Dembele – $45m
    Upamencano/Kamara+Sarr – $50m
    Partey – $45m
    Rabiot – $30m
    Szoboszlai – $15m
    = $185m

    Bellerin Upamencano Salilba Tierney
    Partey Rabiot Szoboszlai
    Pepe Jovic/Dembele Martinelli

      1. Not only spam, absolute utter BS!!!

        WHEN does Roshan think this will happen and WHO will finance these deals? Cloud cuckoo land!!! Please let’s be realistic in what we think might happen.

        By the way, the name of Ozil being “deadwood” just shows he doesn’t follow what Arteta is saying and then, backing it up with his team selection.

    1. I have a feeling that shipping too much out in one go would be disruptive – perhaps all or most of the newcomers would need to adjust to the Arteta and Arsenal way and at the moment the club hasn’t got the time to bed in too many players. I’m sure Arteta will reinforce where possible now and in the summer.

      I felt that there were plenty of positives about the Boxing Day performance and I liked Mikel’s assured demeanour. He got Ozil playing which was terrific and there was a sense of team spirit. Mistakes aplenty but a definite improvement

  9. I said earlier Xhaka isnt a saint in all this. As much as his agent and the Swiss media would want to spin this, it’s all on him. Xhaka’s got a disgusting attitude. Swearing at your home fans with hundreds of millions watching is unacceptable. His actions must’ve put off any top club for sure. He MUST work on his attitude. His ‘quality’ wont be missed at all he is no Ramsey Auba or laca or any other Arsenal player. That’s how awful his performances have been for us since 2016.

    1. He never swore to the fans the same way he didn’t throw his jersey, pure lies,show me footage that show that he swore to the fans and threw his ARSENAL jersey, good luck !!

      1. He did swear at the fans I saw on live tv.. He threw the captain’s arm band.. Don’t know about the shirt though

      2. Xhaka clearly told fans to “f_ck off” as he was walking off.

        Won’t miss his costly mistakes or his sub par performances. Bad transfer to begin with; slow, not a b2b or DM.

        A 1 dimensional long passing midfielder who’s lack of mobility doomed him in PL.

        Poor choice by Wenger when half a dozen better players were available.

  10. Looks like he and his agent have jumped the gun which is a bit sad. While I agree Xhaka made a number of mistakes I also feel he was played out of position. He was never a number 4 but we played him there for some reason while I best no 4 at the club Lucas was played out of position and also made to look bad
    Xhaka was a good player when he was played in his favoured position
    I agree if he goes we give AMN a run in his position while not seen any passing skills due to where he has played he has shown enough when running with the ball

  11. Can’t say I will lose any sleep if he does end up leaving. I just hope we recoup what we paid for him, doubtful I know. And I also hope we have a big unit lined up to replace him!

  12. If we manage to get rid of xhaka, get a replacement and ozil understand that is better to play a good 50-60min at 100% than 90 min at 50% we can have a slim Chance at top 4 considering the other clubs weaknesses.

  13. Poor me i thought that i would be the first one to announce it but not, xhaka to Berlin is nearly a done deal except for the fee arsenal wants 35M that Jürgen Klingsman found too high;to be continued!

  14. Please, please, PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE TRUE. THE THRILLING THOUGHT THAT THIS APPALLING “PLAYER” MIGHT FINALLY BE ON HIS WAY GIVES ME GOOSE BUMPS IN ANTICIPATION! I easily saw and said so at the time that this man should be nowhere near our club, after playing just two games. He is cumbersome, one paced, rash and the Queen Mary liner turns quicker. We would have been better off actually burning £35 million in notes,rather than buying him, at the time he came, as we would have saved his waste of wages and avoided having to play him for all those damaging games. I have no doubt he is the single worst buy ever who has cost us over £20 mill. Mustafi is next in line.

  15. Rabiot and Partey are not realistic
    targets in January as neither Sari
    or Simeone would remotely consider
    letting either go.

    Zakaria has Gladbach in the thick of
    the BL title race at the winter
    break. Marco Rose would NEVER let his
    prodigious talent walk out of
    Germany with so much on the line.

    Ibrahim Sangare or Sander Berge would
    be my target. Both possess the
    necessary physicality and skill set
    to be difference makers in the middle
    of the pitch for many years to come.
    It make take a season of adaptation
    but either play could be the next
    Viera that Arsenal fans have been
    pining for for years.

  16. Sell him for 25, his value is 30M.

    Torreira 45M and Kolas 20M current market value, total 65M, Koulibaly value is 75M!

    Napoli want these 2 players, made Torreira a priority, as Koulibaly officialy available for transfer.

    Swap and add 25M, close this deal fast, we did accept to sell them Ospina, in good term! Koulibaly can be ours!

    Sell Auba for 60M, wanted by Real, his value is 70M. Man U also eyeing!

    Get Partey for 30M and Kurwaza for 10. Bellerin is back soon but get a RB with remaining 20M.

    We have plenty option upfront and massive defensive weakness.
    Tierny won’t be back before February.


    Bellerin Koulibaly – Luiz – Kurzawa
    Partey Willock
    Pepe Auba Saka

    We have many option in middle and attack with Nikes, Nelson, Martinelli, Rowe, Ceballos…Can play 442 as well.

    Would consider to send Rowe on loan as his play time won’t be sufficient for progression. Also sell sokratis to allow Mav & Holding to play.

    We don’t really need Partey, Koulibaly paired with Chambers allows to use Luiz as DM. He is good at it, plays forward!

    We should be focused on that Norway kid who has a release of 20M, use money saved from Partey and Freddie Norway legend to secure deal. Leave him on loan til end of season.

    That would be a great move as Koulibaly & Kurzawa!

    No money asked to cheap Kroenke, and we now have a solid team with loads of talents!

    Or we will be relegated! If we lose or draw next 3 games, we will be there in 18th place.

    From what I seen from Man U, current palace forn at home, Chelsea eager to bounce from last game; combined to incapacity to select proper formation; we lose all these games, no draw!

    Hope Arteta realised that Mustafi should be combined with Chambers and Luiz must play in front of them to lock this area and play forward as he showed being good at.

    Or we stock in our half, with two midfield defending to fill that CB weak spot; no way to play forward then. Luiz was doing so…

    Allows to play our football, possession , fast growing forward!

    We can win all 3 games then. Puts us back in race before getting new players! My wish but do Arteta noticed Luiz option? Or will he play sokra again?

  17. The only thing that surprises me is,every manager picks xhaka and praises him but we keep on saying that he is very poor and make him a scapegoat.Even now clubs are interested in him and even MA praised him.So there is something special that he brings to the team that many of us “fans” dont see

    1. Copy and paste master,MA will get his own for xchaka he has been our consistent average player,unfortunately for him he his surrounded by average players that really makes his Mistakes more glaring.

  18. The club should only agree to let him go this winter if we can sign a replacement for him.

    Although his defensive work can be poor, he gives more of a forward impetus with his passes than Torreira or Guendouzie. We are light in the department of experienced midfield players.

    I am not sold on Wilock as a replacement for Xhaka, and the pair Guendouzie-Torriera is not great either.

    1. The truth be told truth if we could sign a 3 legged donkey to replace him then that would be good business
      He is totally pants. The only thing you can guarantee from him is that is going to give you big mistakes during a game that will cost us

      1. Haha. Allanball08, don’t forget our midfield options are thin and despite Xhaka’s obvious shortcomings, we don’t have many better alternatives. Perhaps, that explains why 3 managers started him. To let him go without replacement going into an important second half of the season would be unwise IMO.

  19. Apparently the most of you didn’t watch Xhaka’s first game under Arteta…He was by far our best player on the pitch. Every attacking movement began from his feet. We need to find someone who is capable of doing what he can and add some presence in the midfield. City made a clever move in the summer and bought Rodri. We need someone like him.

  20. You all said and suggest players to buy and replace squad as if Arsenal have a lot money like city.
    You forgot if every summer arsenal fans always hope, speculate, and await new player until transfer windows closed and none comes or the target sold to another club.
    You forgot highest bought pepe paid using installments.
    Please stop ruining our squad.
    Please support your squad to growth .
    Please get harmony between us all fans, players, & coaches.

    Victoria concordia crescit.

    If not, Arsenal well keep strugle, or even worst. FALLING.

  21. The greatest concern in this post is the statement by Mikel Arteta that he wanted to sign Xhaka, when he was at Manchester City.

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