Report – Arsenal surprisingly still want to sign Chelsea flop

Arsenal was eager to add Mykhailo Mudryk to their squad a year ago when he was still playing for Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine. The winger was in fantastic form for his club both domestically and in Europe, and Mikel Arteta expressed a strong interest in working with the youngster.

However, Chelsea managed to hijack the transfer, paying around 100 million euros to secure his services and preventing Arsenal from acquiring him.

Despite the significant investment, Mudryk’s time at Chelsea has not gone as planned, and there are now rumours of him being available for a move away from the club. The Blues are reportedly open to letting him leave either on loan or through a permanent transfer at the end of the current season.

Arsenal, who signed Leandro Trossard after Mudryk’s move to Chelsea fell through, is still interested in the Ukrainian winger, according to a surprising report from Fichajes. The claim suggests that Arteta remains keen to work with Mudryk, and Arsenal is among the clubs that could pursue him now that Chelsea is open to his departure.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Mudryk has been on a horrific run of form since he moved to Chelsea, and it makes almost no sense for him to join us.

We are in a good position and should not sign a flop to try and rescue their careers as we have done in the past.

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  1. I am pretty sure today is 27 Feb 24 and not 01 Apr 24.
    Just like Rio the author of the article from Fichajes has his dates mixed up.

    If he hasn’t we should be worried about MA’s health. AFC have a duty of care towards the manager.

    HA HA HA

      1. Quite seriously Sue, given that it is now widely known throughout those in football, that Chelsea urgently need to sell at least£100mill of profit , not just sale fees either, to stay within FFP, or PSR( same thing, in essence) that any would, be buyers for Mudryk are VERY unlikely indeed to offer even half what Chelsea massively OVERPAID for Mudryk.

        We could probably pick him up for £32-£38 mill. I believe and pray we wont bother even trying.

        We dodged a suicidal financial bullet when Chelsea, mercifully, gazumped us!

  2. Where would he fit in? Trossard is the LW backup, is more versatile than Mudryk as well. We don’t need his position anymore. Only wide player work getting is a Saka backup/ versatile winger and left 8.

  3. How does this Fichajes, whatever or whoever they are know that we might be interested in Mudryk. Completely made up fantasy.

    1. True David!!
      Fichajes are widely known among football folk in the know as a source that posts false rumours all the time

      JA seems to think they are worth reporting about but few of we knowledgeable Gooners agree.

  4. I don’t think that The Arsenal will be entertaining Mudryk, but I wonder if MA would be able to bring the player back to his pre chelsea form?

    Watching how Havertz has improved at the club, is it that far fetched that the same thing would happen to Mudryk?

    As I say, can’t see it happening and wouldn’t want it to, but how many players have chelsea ruined short term since Abramovitch kept bailing them out?

    Mudryk was badly represented by his old club and representatives and I hope that, once he leaves chelsea, he regains the form that MA so admired and was prepared to pay a reported £60 million plus for.

    1. Why on Earth would you think, Ken, that Havertz can be compared in any way to Mudryk? They are two entirely different players and all they have in common is that both played, mostly at separate times, for Chelsea So what!?
      Based on that irrelevant thing in common,. you might just as easily and just as foolishly compare Gus Caesar to SALIBA! Muddled reasoning but, sadly, far too common on JA!
      And yes, MA has improved SOME PLAYERS, but failed to improve others.

      Its the individual that counts and ONLY him . Every time!

      1. Jon, where did I COMPARE Mudryk and Havertz as players?. You really DO need to take time to read and THEN digest, before making completely irrelevant comments.
        WHAT I DID SAY WAS that Havertz and Mudryk both took backward steps at chelsea – Havertz has benefitted from joining our club under MA and I SUGGESTED that Mudryk might also benefit from the same scenario.

        I didn’t say he’s improved every player and it’s YOUR MUDDLED and STUPIDITY at not reading what’s under your nose properly – sadly far too common on JA – that infuriates the sensible realists amongst us.
        I suggest specsavers and a dose of humility might be in order.

        1. You openly said” “Watching how HAVERTZ has improved at thr ckub, is it that far fetched that th same thing would happen to mudryk.”!

          Why mention HAVERTZ AT ALL then as he is not Mudryk but an entirely diferenrt player”! THAT IS WHAT YOU WROTE! Specasvers for YOU ken.
          Ha d you instead said something like “MA has proved he can improve some players so there is a chanc with him doing same with Mudryk”, that would been a reasonable opinion .

          But you DID openly compare HAVERTZ to Mudryk, pointlessly too, despite your false denial!

          1. Geez!! I mentioned Havertz as he was also considered a flop at chelsea.
            I DIDN’T compare them as players, so no false denial whatsoever.
            I DID say that, under MA, would it be too far fetched to believe that Mudryk might improve just as Havertz has done?

            You, of course, reacted like a bull in a China shop and tried to use your bully boy tactics as usual.

            As I suggested, read, digest and then comment in that order.
            Do that and my suggestion of soecsavers and humility become redundant.

            1. I did not suggest you compared them as players. THAT was your latest misinterpretation of a post of mine.
              Nowhere did I use the term “AS PLAYERS”

              ! I know you did not, as was obvious.

              But you compared them as being players who MA could possibly improve . I ask again, WHY did you feel the need to mention HAVERTZ or any other of our players,AT ALL?

              MUDRYK, is am entirely different person to all other players everywhere and if he can be improved by MA is an entirely theoretical opinion, even given the fantasy situation that we might actually be interested in buying him, which I see NEITHER of us believe will happen, thankfully!

  5. “Why mention Havertz at all then as he is not Mudryk but an entirely different PLAYER.”

    That’s what you wrote – but I WASN’T comparing the players… but I was comparing their SITUATIONS at chelsea.

    Why you then got on your high horse and started suggesting what I SHOULD write is so YOU Jon, it’s laughable.

    I gave my opinion about Mudryk, Havertz and Mikel Arteta, not realising that I needed your approval to do such a dastardly thing.

    Draw your neck in Jon, read posts and digest them, rather than trying to instruct others how they should think.

    Has it EVEN OCCURRED to you that no one else misread my original post, as they have the common sense to read it as it was meant to be read?

    Only you Jon, only you.

  6. This is not really true is it! it’s just lifted from an article in some obscure Italian journal looking for hits.

  7. Mykhailo Mudryk was in tears on the phone to Arsenal asking them to do something as he was on his way to the airport following his collapsed transfer to Arsenal.

    1. Reminds me of Sanchez when he joined united and,
      after his first training session, asked if he could come back to The Arsenal!!

      Now of course I realize that Mudryk and Sanchez are completely different players and I’m not comparing them as said players, but rather their situations!!

      I hope this explains everything to the self confessed highly educated Jon Fox, who has no common sense whatsoever at times!!

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