Report – Arsenal turn to Premier League star after losing Aouar

ESPN claims that Arsenal has now turned their attention towards signing Chelsea’s Jorginho after they missed out on signing Houssem Aouar.

The Gunners have spent much of the last two weeks chasing a move for the French midfielder.

They had their initial bid rejected by the French side and they have been working on a new one.

However, Lyon set a deadline of noon on the 3rd of October for all deals involving any of their players leaving to be completed.

Arsenal never returned with an improved offer within that time, and RMC claims that Lyon will no longer allow any of their players to leave.

ESPN claims that the Gunners have now turned their attention towards completing a move for Jorginho before Monday’s transfer deadline.

The midfielder scored two penalties as Chelsea beat Crystal Palace 4-0 on Sunday, but Arteta hopes to secure his signature on a season-long loan deal before the close of the transfer window.

Jorginho struggled to get into Frank Lampard’s team last season and he has been in and out of the Chelsea team this season, however, he has started playing more regular and it will be interesting to see if Lampard will sanction his move away from the club.

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  1. That how bad we are bringing this crap in can’t get him so we go for a 2 rate Brazilian in I wonder why?. I bet pea his going next transfer window

  2. If/when it comes to this you just know the Arsenal Hierarchy have been found wanting again!

    To have to settle for “what ever is left” sums it up really..

    Laughable, disgraceful and embarrassing!

    1. I understand we are trying to get Sanson from Marseille, maybe a swap deal with Gouendouzi. Things are all getting a bit desperate and muddy.

    Every other club plans/identifies and buys what they need
    Not Arsenal. We have to play games like we are shopping in a Middle East bazaar looking for bargains.
    Unbelievable !! Finished 8th last year any takers on whether we finish above that mark?

  4. Sorry but Edu and Arteta are losing the plot. Jorginho. He’s about as fast as Ozil. Better to buy Boubakary Soumare to do the running and put Ozil in the team. Crazy.

  5. Sean, I agree on Soumare. There have been a lot of well priced midfielders available, who would have been upgrades for Arsenal: Doucoure (EPL proven and Everton snapped him up from relegated Watford for £20 million!) , Szoboszlai, Paqueta, van de Beek, Roca, Soumare, Diawara, Sanson, yet Edu and Arteta had no apparent interest. Guendouzi is highly rated, but appears to be finished at Arsenal.

  6. Where is Eddie???? Wasn’t Aouar deal done and dusted. A.Madrid accepted the bid and personal terms were already agreed. He was suppose to be unveiled this week was he ??….hahaha

  7. We are joke of a club, Edu seems to be signing either his pals or avg players. Still I see comments trust in the system…which system?? Where a 70mil player is benched all the time bec he is not good enough but we bought him bec we have bucket loads of money then we buy a 19year old expensive 30mil defense n in his case it’s even worse he can not make to the bench. This is getting amazingly absurd. If the Arab and russian owner can pump money in the club without getting caught then why can’t our rich owner can not. It’s about time kronke needs to get in touch with either of them to learn how to manipulate the FFP rules.

    1. Mohsan, with decisions like you mention can you blame an owner for not wanting to put good money after bad?

      1. Now that you have mentioned it Ozzie, I do think you have a valid point. If I was owner and see money second on these sort of transactions I would not give a penny more to the club.

      2. Ozzie An alternative and – if you willforgive my bluntness -a better view is to say this: A football director or CEO who allows incompetants or even the director himself( meaning Gazidis and Sanllehi) to misspend the clubs money SHOULD be sacked by a more in touch and more interested owner.

        An owner is ALWAYS responsible for the clubs plight, as he has the power to hire and FIRE.

        BUT HE CHOSE TO STAY SILENT AND REMOTE. KROENKES FAULT THEN ALL DAY LONG AND NOT TO SEE THAT IS WILFUL BLINDNESS. I HAVE RUN SEVERAL BUSINESSES andif I were employing incompetant folk to run every day matters but chose to not sack them , then I would be to blame. This is a basic law of business .

        Sorry to be blunt but I think you know this is true! Of course the employee is also to blame but primarily it is the owners fault!

  8. Are you guys really serious? Arsenal have become the Dump yard for these old players that have passed their best, especially Chelsea rejects. The board really lacks ambition. I am sorry for Arteta, best young coach, but, no support from Arsenal. What a shame. With the way most teams have improved and playing this season, it’s a big challenge to make the top four. But, despite a failed transfer window,in Arteta I trust. Edu and the board needs to be dumped.

    1. Wait for some fans response to other club signing as they are not proven EPL players, they will need time to gel blah blah…be careful when you say the truth, there are ppl here who are allergic to it. We are not signing Chelsea rejects and grandpas, not signing bang avg injured players…we are signing second coming of Messi in form of Willian, We have given an year extension to Luiz aka puyol, we have signed Varane disguised as Mari and world best free RB Cedric. ….EPL title here we come, in Arsenal we trust. We did beat Liverpool on penalties twice, defeated lescter and West ham even though alll these teams out played us.

  9. A good option to Aouar and Partey, would be Boubakary Soumare. A good midfield pivot,whose current transfer market value is about 22m- 24m pounds. He is a young defensive midfielder with good skills. Make that bid.

    1. Is he Brazilian or has he taken out a life insurance with Edu and co. If he has not then not a chance.

    2. The pressing question is, Is he Brazillian or a Chelsea retiree?
      Edu only deals in Brazillian stock exchange.
      It’s getting depressing.

  10. If it’s true that AFC not buying Aouar then it’s the reality check all Afc supporters needed the message is Arteta and Edu are doing fantastic but without Kronkes backing AFC will be battling for fourth place at best for many years unfortunately

    1. Edu stated publicly with Vinai that Arsenal do not need to sell players to buy. Arteta stated publicly that the owner, Board and senior executives are backing him.
      The results indicate that such support doesn’t result in transfers of required players!
      Surely we deserve the truth rather than continuous BS.

  11. Soumare all day long, he should be the priority anyway, forg
    et Aour, Partey, this is the player that would make us tick, if Arsenal still want an attacking creative midfielder put a bid in for David Brooks at Bournemouth.

  12. They love to fill your head with dreams, these reports.
    Sadly the past SEVEN years have shown that we are beyond crap at recruitment. We sometimes strike gold on the attacking end but never the other parts of the squad.

  13. Why did we purchase Salina for 25mill pounds and he couldn’t make it to the bench? That is a goddamn waste of money IMO.
    We also got Pepe for 72mill pounds but he is bang average.
    Last season transfer business was really disastrous. Those handling the transfer business for arsenal are terrible.
    That is prolly why arsenal don’t have funds to get good players in this window.

  14. Why on earth would Chelsea let him go?? And to us!! Every time I watch them, when he’s playing, the commentators are always gushing over him about how he controls their midfield!! Madness….
    Not sure I’m looking forward to deadline day 😂

      1. 😆 well I had in mind “what happened to these players that were coming in?” 😄 still time for Zinchenko….

    1. Auba is thinking “Wow, i am 31 years old, just signed a spanking new £250,000 a week contract for the next 3 years. Life is good”.
      Same thinking like our resident elder (Ozil).

  15. I was behind the Areta hype train but now I don’t know anymore.
    We seen to be turning into a Brazillian bargain carboot yard.

    We are going for all these uninspiring old or average Brazil connections (Luiz, Willian, Jorginho, Mari,….).

    I accepted the boring, small club mentality defensive football Arteta is employing because I thought he had to work with what he had (our poor players). I thought he would push for nee better attacking midfielders in this transfer window. But he seems to be okay with piling on with these slow one dimensional midfielders (Xhaka, Elneny, Jorginho etc).

    Can’t watch this kind of football for a whole season as an Arsenal fan. It will drive me crazy

    I am confused.

    1. Wait. Are you stupid? Seriously?
      Do you really think that Arteta does not want/need Aouar and Partey?
      He does, but it is the board’s job to sanction transfers, not Arteta’s.
      I bet Arteta is pissed.
      When you look at other chlubs and see how much they have spent and improved their squads, I think top 8 finish will be difficult to achieve.

      1. Yeah but then isn’t the recruitment team just consist of MA and Edu now as Raul has gone. We always find a way to shift blame on someone and make them a Scape goat. It was Raul when he left..I remember the time when we signed Pepe and co last season same fans here were hell bent on supporting Raul to the end and said Raul knows everything. Now same fans have turned against him and now supporting Edu and co same way. Then when things will not work out Edu will leave and we will shift the blame on him. Why can we not address the issue when we see it there and then. Edu is Shit at recruiting and I don’t know what he has been given so much authority to start with at the club. There should be check on everything, Edu should have been questioned for the signings he has made.

  16. Kessie is better than this guy, or why not .. Kante?!
    However, I don’t think any of them is for loan or sale =)

  17. This just goes to show that nobody outside the negotiating team really knows how the transfers are progressing. All the ” it’s a done deal ” and “he’s having a medical Friday ” stories are just that… stories. All the exclusives from little known publications are just clickbait crap. I never believe anything about signings until announced on the official website.

  18. Barely got by SHU and now the fun starts.
    The schedule for the next 3-44 weeks will tell us
    what we need to expect. The window closes Monday
    and will see what is the next panic buy.
    At least if we had Partey we could bolster midfield if the manager had balls to go against the grain and at least play his best players and piss and moan like UE
    we need creativity and having Partey/Guendozi/Ceballos/Ozil rotating could be a way to see an improvement.
    Keep Saliba/Gabriel/Luiz/maybe another CB ( not Holding) and hope we can at least groone the D to
    work together better as a unit
    Get Pepe/Saka outside and Auba in the middle and now you can rotate the rest in some of the easier games/cup etc.
    Nothing else makes sense from a footballing perspective.

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