Report – Arsenal was prepared to offer more money for Buendia than Aston Villa

Arsenal has just missed out on the signing of Emiliano Buendia to Aston Villa in what is a huge blow to their transfer plans.

The Gunners have targeted the Argentinean midfielder for a long time now and had been poised to seal a transfer for him.

He was the most outstanding player in England’s second-tier last season as he helped Norwich to earn an immediate return to the Premier League.

The Gunners have plans to bolster their team in the next transfer window and signing a creative midfielder is a priority after Martin Odegaard returned to Real Madrid.

Buendia would have been the perfect signing and Arsenal’s fans will not be happy that Villa has beaten their club to the signature of such a fine player.

Football London’s Chris Wheatley has now revealed that the Gunners missed out on his signature not because they didn’t try.

He says that the Gunners matched the salary offer that the Villans made to the former Getafe man and were ready to pay more to Norwich for his signature.

However, Villa’s package was more acceptable to Norwich and Arsenal lost out because of how they structured their offer.

Their fans will hope they have learnt their lesson and would do better in signing their other transfer targets before the next season commences. 

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  1. Probably 15 million upfront and rest 25 million paid in installations in the next 50 years or so.

    Well it’s quite official. We got snubbed by a Championship player.

    1. Dajuhi, not him that snubbed us but Norwich.Arsenal and their instalmental payment structure.Nick Pepe on my mind

  2. No brainer, if he does not want us, we do not want him either. Small fish in a big pond, suitable for mid to bottom clubs. He got Norwhich relegated and promoted. Close the chapter and start a fresh. We desperately need a CDM to pair with Partey. We have ESR and with no European football, saving 35-40M is a good decision by Edu/Mikel. The cheaper options of Odegard & Aaour are avaliable if required (personally I would not want either)
    . Bissouma and/or Sambi Lokonga for the outgoing Xhaka, (big no to Neves). Need a back up LB, GK/Backup, finding clubs for Laca, Eddie, Nelson, Elneny, Torrera, Guendozi, Willian, Runar, Kolasinac, Bellerin are more important tasks for Edu rather than caressing and massaging the ego if a champuionship player

    1. And the big fish in your pond? Suitable for mid to bottom clubs?? Arsenal resorting to cheaper options after missing out on their top target?? We’ll wave on the way past 🙂

      1. People are getting this twisted. Its not that Buendia chose Villa over Arsenal, Arsenal did not submit a bid that was acceptable to Norwich ie, Villa offered more upfront and gave them a 20% sell on clause, while we more than likely offered a more instalment/ incentive bonus package with no sell on clause, so we may have offered slightly more over a much longer period, but Villa will give them a fifth of any future sale, so if he smashes it and villa sell him for say 80m Norwich will get an extra 16m, which would be a lot more than we were offering. Its not that Buendia turned us down, we didnt even get the chance to talk to him officially

    2. “He got Norwhich (sic) relegated and promoted.” In fact, he got Norwich promoted, relegated and promoted.

  3. Can’t we move on; it’s senseless to revisit this proposal/rumour.
    Maybe Emi Buendia felt the competition from Pepe, Martinelli, Saka, Aubameyang and ESR was too much to guarantee him selection.
    By the way Matheus Pereira was (like Buendia) the highest rated player in the year West Bromwich Albion played in the Championship, is EPL proven and plays ACM more than wide.

    1. Pereira is an excellent shout.

      Matter of fact, Neto, Raphinha and Pereira are all 3 very interesting names. All of them are quite young still, had excellent seasons and all played in every position of the front 3 (LW/CAM/RW).

      They racked up goals and were better at creating chances than anyone in our team.

      Big chances created 20/21:

      Raphinha 12
      Pereira 11
      Neto 9

      Key passes 20/21:

      Raphinha 64
      Neto 61
      Pereira 60

    2. AND West Brom would sell him if a suitable offer
      ( in the region of £15-20M) was submitted for the

      Do Arsenal fans honestly believe EM is worth almost
      twice the value of a player that is actually EPL proven
      and was absolutely BRILLIANT for a terrible West Brom
      squad this season?


  4. We will never know what went on, new truths about the van Persie transfer come out every day, and that’s 10 yrs later! Let’s just move in.

  5. We HAVE to structure our offers carefully because we dont have the ready cash that most other clubs do atm. Its not a question of being careless. Buendia himself is also a very close friend of Emi and he wanted to go there. We would all be fuming if we threw money at this in a bidding war, only to then be unable to bring in anyone else. We are chasing a lot of players with a tiny wallet so we have to chance our arm – some will come off, but many won’t.
    I’m also not convinced Buendia is what exactly we needed most. A good addition yes but not a lynchpin, so I’m not devastated that he got away.
    We have to stop pillorying our club every time we are linked with a player and we don’t buy him. There are literally thousands of more great players out there guys and no need to panic buy the first one you look at.

    1. Well said Guy.The signing of Buendia by Villa may be brought upon by the imminent departure of Grealish particularly if he shines at the Euos?

    2. Well said Guy, but Far to rational for the majority of
      Doom & Gloom Arsenal fans on this forum.

  6. there are so many alternative to buendia sander berge,housem aouar bissouma, ruben nevez are all available if we can get the deal done ASAP forget about loosing out on buendia and let focus on our next target but to be honest i dont consider arsenal as a big team again after seeing aston villa competing with us and eventual won

  7. Don’t know why people are upset about Buendia not coming to Arsenal. Media always mentioning his 15 goals in the Championship predominantly from the right wing and Pepe was getting slated for getting 16 goals in the Prem against much better opposition! No big teams scrambled for the signature of Buendia when Norwich got relegated. We already have players that can interchange on the wings, it’s down the centre that we are weak. Strengthen the middle of the park and become less predictable when attacking. We also need proven players now like Bissouma that can withstand the pace and physicality of the Prem and no signings that need time to settle but instead give some game time to players like Balogun & Saliba.

    1. 👍 Spot on Dan, not only Pepe as some on here downgrade Joe Willock’s 8 in 15 games in the EPL for Newcastle United and unlike Buendia he wasn’t the Club’s penalty taker.

    2. Many clubs do miss players like Barca on wilnajdum but if arsenal miss Championship player media will hang us.Believe or not I don’t believe in panic buy.During arsene wenger era we’re not doing transfer at this stage till last days but last yr gab magalhal were done early.Transfer even start on June 9 and most it will be done on July….so let us Judge the club after the transfer close during Aug.Media is trying to spoil arsenal fan based….even if we buy Leo Messi they will still criticise our transfer system💔

  8. Dan! Big thumps up for that analysis about Beundia. People forgot that he played mostly on the right wing and not from the central attacking midfield role that arsenal desperately crave for, far more that half of his 15 goals in the championship last season came from the right wing and he played more there, in fact, that’s his main position on the pitch, yet lots of arsenal fans , the likes of Wycoming and others won’t let Arteta rest bcs of Beundia

    1. Buendia had a free role in the midfield. , truth is you couldn’t afford him, clubs that borrowed millions off the government can’t spend millions on players.

      1. What a ridiculous statement. Of course we could afford him if we thought he was worth it. Arsenal have enough surplus players to sell and raise the money that way alone without even touching the bank!!

  9. From what I read, Aston Villa offered more up front than we did and it was a s simple as that.

  10. It is incredible the excuses that people come up with! If you had signed him it would be the best deal ever but because you didn’t it’s “we didn’t really want him anyway”. Yes you did! Arsenal aren’t an attractive proposition any more – live with it.

    1. We are as you put it living with it!! We don’t need to come up with excuses just a simple explanation is all. I’m not bothered at all about missing out on Buendia a championship player that’s not proven in the premier league. He may well become a great player/signing for Villa but he may also not. When Grealish leaves Villa they will go back to struggling again just like they did when he was missing injured for 14 odd games. Funny how Villa are suddenly an exciting an better proposition yet still finished below the worst Arsenal team for years! Everybody said we should have got Ancelotti as manager and look what happened to him…Everton also finished below a very poor Arsenal team and now Ancelloti has gone already. Wolves were a flash in the pan and look at them last season and manager also gone. Don’t right off Arsenal….they will be back!! Good luck Buendia playing for Villa and hope Grealish’s boots fit you because he’ll be gone this year or next and you’ll be left doing his work probably back in the championship.

      1. Championship player? Actually, he had some of the best stats in Premier League before relegation. He will light up the league next season.

      2. Well said Dan, it seems to escape peoples attentions that this excellent and attractive Villa team finished below us in the league , let’s see how attactive they are without Grealish when he leaves, also I said before be careful what you wish for, Ancellotti according to some of our supporters would have been our lifesaver, but abandons Everton as soon as Real Madrid come calling.

  11. Arsenal probably offered a million pounds a year for 40 years. I don’t care we missed but I do care that we’re a joke of a club with transfers.

  12. There is still a player, better than Buendia, who could be bought for less. NABIL FEKIR. Extraordinarily skilful and can play at fast pace. No brainer.

    1. Absolutely…not just one player either but many players! I didn’t see Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea or Leicester going for Buendia but apparently he was made out to be Arsenals saviour. Do me a favour!

  13. Buendia gone is fine. We can do without him. Nevertheless, from the video I watched that guy is a beast. His pressing and ball recovery is something none of our “attackers” can match. His use of both feet is Santi-esques and I believe he can do a super job at that role. Pairing with party with party remaining would have super.

    Anyways, would I rather have Bissouma’s drive with the ball from midfield? That’s Viera-esques.

    Guess I have check who I miss more. Vieira or Santi. Wait!

  14. If Edu & Arteta are not 100% committed on a player they should never rubbish our great name. Period

  15. Villa like Leeds are on the up owners fans players manager all in harmony , you can see why he joined villa players have the power to go where they want if he really wanted arsenal he would of not gone villa and played up to get his move to Arsenal. Sorry guys but spurs and gunners are now considered to be falling behind

  16. I’m still confused. We matched his salary demands, we were prepared to may more to Norwich, but failed to sign the player because of the deal structure. Arteta and Edu should be forced to complete the following training course: “Deals Structuring for Dummies – the basic essentials.”

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