Report – Arteta gets vote of confidence from Kroenke

Stan Kroenke has told Mikel Arteta that his job is safe at the Emirates despite Arsenal’s poor run of form.

The Spaniard helped the club to win the FA Cup and the Community Shield last year and he was backed in the last summer transfer window.

The club signed the likes of Thomas Partey and Gabriel Magalhaes. Loan signing Martin Odegaard joined them in the January transfer window to add even more quality to the Arsenal team.

Despite these new signings, they look set to miss out on a Champions League spot yet again.

They can play in the competition if they win the Europa League, but they haven’t looked like a team that can be totally trusted to achieve that.

Arteta has been under pressure in recent weeks and there have been calls for him to be sacked and replaced with a more experienced manager.

However, Eurosport claims that the Spaniard has been told that his job is safe for now.

The report even adds that Stan Kroenke is ready to invest heavily in the team when the transfer window reopens.

The American has come under serious pressure to sell and leave in recent weeks.

Spotify co-founder, Daniel Ek has signified interest in buying, but Kroenke wants to show commitment by signing top players for the club again.

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  1. There’s just nothing like rewarding failure and mediocrity
    And Kronke wonders why 99.9% of the fanbase despise him

    1. Don’t worry Phil we can sack him in December,midway through a season and probably in 15th place ,but that’s the right time to sack Him not at the end of this season

    2. So Wyoming who seems to be the sole Kroenke lover on here represents 0.1% of our fanbase! I doubt it somehow Phil. He is more like 0.0000000000000000000000000001% and is a ridiculous so called fan and probably is related to the Kroenkes. He comes from their own God forsaken country anyway.

  2. Now there isnt a surprise! The pair of them could be taking this club to depths we have never been before. An unambitious owner and a novice manager.

  3. Perfect, now we can focus on winning UEL and rebuild our squad. Next season will be fantastic top four and CL 👌👋👋

      1. No, I don’t belive that a mediocre struggling club with negative economic results, and lots of internal and external obstacles should sack their manager every year.

        There’s no quick fix for Arsenal and no manager can do magic with our current unbalanced squad. This season is the most difficult since the 50s and I believe we should stick with Arteta another season.

        Our main problem is the owner and board, not the manager and coaching staff. Do we get a success guarantee if we sack him?

        1. What on earth has kronk got to do with the players we have and the way we play. He owns the club and his minions including Arteta sort the nuts and bolts out. Arteta is solely responsible for the way we play.

          1. You are blatant ignoring facts and seems to be without any perspective and understanding.

            Who are responsible for our sustainable business model? Who’s responsible for our strategic strategy? Who’s responsible for our economical shortcomings? Who’s responsible for our decline as an international top club? It’s definitely not our managers. How much has Kroenke invested in our club between 2007 and 2019?

            Arteta inherited lots of problems from the past, they do not disappear in on year. I don’t defend him, but sacking him now doesn’t solve anything. Do we get a success guarantee with a new manager?

  4. I bet you, by next season arsenal will not participate in any of the European Leagues because of the clown called arteta.

    1. Hey baba. You are saying sack the manager, do we have players in the first place?? Do you think with the squad that we have now even if we hire the best manager in the world he will win the league,not talking of playing in champions League? Know where to put the blame don’t just make it a national anthem of saying sack the coach whenever the team fails..!

      1. No, i dont think a new manager would win the league with this squad, far from it but he wouldn’t have us below, the likes of west ham, Everton or Leicester and in and among Leeds and villa in the table. Our results have been way below the potential we have, top 4 is easily challenged with this squad, not mid table, that is down to one man.

  5. Wonderful news, isn’t it? Both Kroenke and Arteta will be in our lives till god knows when. The Joy.

  6. it’s simply way too early to even contemplate these two notions…I would be infinitely more intrigued if these comments regarding Arteta’s job security and unprecedented spending by our absentee landlord came after Thursday, especially if we failed to get the desired result…that said, if the first statement is based in reality, I can only hope this emboldens Mikel just enough that he might remove the shackles come Thursday

  7. It is clearly obvious that Arteta is not
    up to the task,he should be sacked at end of the season,and certainly have no influence in what players Arsenal
    get in for next season,then get a top manager in,end of!!

    1. As ever though, when the question of sacking him pops up hardly anyone comes up with a feasible suggestion. A couple in contention have signed new deals – Ajax and Bayern and does it look like Rodgers would leave Leicester with the CL on the horizon?
      I’ve been supportive of Arteta and the mid table showing is not acceptable but apart from Benitez and Allegri whose names crop up occasionally, who can you envisage getting the job?

      1. SueP- let’s face it. Arsenal Football Club is a Global brand, respected throughout the world. If we identify a manager, and really sold the project to him, I believe there would only be a handful of managers who would NOT walk a thousand miles for the opportunity.let’s identify who we want, be that Rogers or whoever, and just pay the release clause. The list will be long and filled with names that will at least encourage the fanbase, which is a lot more than is happening under Arteta

        1. Fine Phil
          We are a global brand but not run like one
          All the names that Arsenal could have picked post Wenger and what did we end up with?

        2. Arsenal was, today we are a mediocre struggling club and have been that for several years. You guys do blatant ignore facts and why state of our club have become a laughing stock. Our owner is responsible for everything, How much has he invested in our club between 2007 and 2019?

  8. Whatever happens, MA will still achieve his coaching career; granted it might not be here but all the so called experience coaches start their career somewhere. We all have passion for same club but how many of us can put a team together. It’s easier said than done. If the owners of the club wants him, there’s nothing anybody can do. Arsenal didn’t die today, it died before wengers departure and if the owners felt they don’t want a stop gap coach and want to rebuild, there’s no need for isults. “IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM. AND IF YOU DON’T WANT TO JOIN, LEAVE THE FAN BASE.

    1. “but how many of us can put a team together”

      Agreed, that’s why we(fans) wouldn’t accept such a massive job without experience.

      1. No
        There is no guarantee at all
        The truly great managers are almost as rare as hen’s teeth

  9. We’re getting closer to the 20th and 25th anniversaries of our last league titles. Do any of you thing Arsenal will break the drought before then? Sure the Kroenkes will turn over a new leaf and compete with the real winners. And yes, Arteta is the man to lead us forward. Don’t be surprised if you see Saka and Martinellii up for sale in the near future. Of course the pitch will be, ” to raise money in order to strengthen the team.” It’s what all loser clubs do.

  10. No surprise at all.

    Been posted on here a few times how M A is apparently pivotal in the Krankie structure going forward.

    In fact more than one piece stated Mikel is “central to the clubs plans” over the upcoming years.

    I fully expect Arteta to at least serve out the length of his current contract, unless we are literally in a relegation slot come December – as opposed to our usual 8th (ish) 15 points or so off the pace.

    And by the way, this is not the “DREADED vote of confidence” from the “owner” – Stanley wouldn’t even know what that means !

    We watch Ek & summer ins & outs, whilst landing the Europa would paper over the current cracks but (logically) strengthen our hand in the market.

  11. The recipe for MEDIOCRITY. Kroenke…..mediocre. Arteta mediocre. Vinai and Board…..mediocre. Team play……mediocre. Many players…..mediocre.

    Recipe. Mix all the ingredients together, add big dose of the spice ‘kidding yourself’ and boil until rancid. Result…….Arsenal.

  12. If you understand football you’ll know that MA inherited an already sinking ship long before even Unai Emery, the so called proven manager who won 3 consecutive EL trophies with Sevilla
    set foot at the Emirates stadium and failed dismally, I for one still “trust the process” in two or three years time we’ll be challenging for top honours, look at our North London rivals they had Mourinho an experienced manager and didn’t work out

  13. And the rumour mill goes into overdrive – this from France ;

    L’équipe : Arsene Wenger could also join Daniel Ek in his bid to buy Arsenal FC with Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira & Dennis Bergkamp.

    Sarri next manager, Wenger back on board (no pun intended) – anyone else ?

  14. For crying 😭😭😭 out loud!!
    The rot in my beloved club will certainly takes more than a year to fix.
    Just get behind the team and stop the sack Arteta agenda.
    We need massive investment in the team. If Kroenke cannot invest heavily in the team, then it’s time for him to sell.
    Beheading a man is not a solution to his headache.
    Stop the sack agenda!
    Get behind the team!!

  15. Watched a real manager guide his team into a European Champions League final this morning. Arteta is nowhere near there. Who has improved under him? His judgement of players is also ordinary. Why Xhaka Xhaka Xhaka?

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