Report – Bayern Munich offers Arsenal a player in exchange for Bellerin

Bayern Munich has become the latest club to show an interest in Arsenal man, Hector Bellerin and the Germans could speed up their efforts to sign him in the coming days.

This is probably Bellerin’s last summer as an Arsenal player after he fell down the pecking order at the Emirates last season.

He could also start this campaign behind the impressive Calum Chambers, which means Mikel Arteta can sell him and he wouldn’t be missed.

He has been linked with a move to the likes of Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and PSG in this transfer window.

Inter Milan has come closest to signing him, but the Italians have turned their attention towards signing Denzel Dumfries.

Calciomercatoweb says Bayern is looking to add him to their squad and they are prepared to add Corentin Tolisso in their bid to land him.

Arsenal has been admirers of the injury-prone Frenchman who has struggled to play consistently at Munich in the last few seasons.

The report claims that the Germans believe Arsenal’s need for new midfielders will persuade them to accept the offer.

Arsenal had rejected a loan to buy offer from Inter Milan for Bellerin before now, but they might find it attractive to add Tolisso to their midfield as they struggle to sign the likes of James Maddison and Manuel Locatelli.

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  1. Arsenal were stung twice by the Bees last night, pls take Bellerin away & bring in any midfielder i don’t know 4 all I care. PSG wants 2 sell 10 players, go there & get us some quality, cuz it’s abound there. Buying Odegaard over Madison will not cause our strikers 2 still scoring. Buying Madison can. We don’t have a combative Central midfielder like Kante & PSG wants 2 sell Ander Herrera. We need Maddison, Herrera, and a good GK at the least b4 the window slams shut.

    1. You can buy all the players you want, but Arteta’s tactics will still make them struggle.

      What’s our game plan? Do a merry-go-round with the ball until Tierney has space on the left, then put him through so he can whack one into the box.

      This job is bigger than him. It has become even more obvious than ever before. Any serious club would have terminated his contract since.

      1. Arsenal needs to get a better goal keeper than leno if we were to qualify for champions league next season plus asharp striker and attacking midfielder

  2. The defense should be OK now,. Tavares looks good, White wasn’t as bad as some say against Brentford and will be OK, and there’s still Gabriel, Holding, and Soares too.

    Midfield & upfront is clearly a major issue though, so selling Bellerin is a main priority, and also some others (Nelson, Torreira, AMN, etc) because Arsenal REALLY need a classy experienced Centre-Forward (Balogun & Martinelli are not ready to start as that yet, and Auba & Laca increasingly have issues) and another player in the mould of ESR to get this season firing.

      1. Yeah he did. For me the worst player on the pitch along with Balogun. I think Soares should be given another chance. He’s always looked good and I think he should slot-in just fine now that Chambers form is off.

        1. Arsenal need a top quality right back. Chambers is not good enough. Neither are the other two.
          For the way Arsenal play continuously trying to just cope with an unbalanced squad will keep come back to haunt us. Time will tell with BW. He would probably do better in a back three.
          There is no doubt Arsenal also need a striker and creative midfielder.

      2. Don’t know why arteta and edu allowed inter sign Dumfries when we need him most
        He was available for only 12m

  3. Surely this is a joke.
    Arsenal has been “an admirer” of Tolliso a player who has been “injury prone and inconsistent” for the past few seasons?
    Arsenal never bring in anyone other than top quality.
    Cedric Mari Willian Kolasinac Torreira Ceballos to name but a few.

  4. What is killing us is the lack of physical presence & precision. Our team is full of talent but no experience. Most of this boys are midgets & weak thats why teams will set up to bully us and eventually get results just like Brentford yesterday who played nothing but went away with 3points.So disgusting.

      1. I agree with you Arteta is the problem. You can bring Messi or Ronaldo the same problem will be with arsenal until Arteta changes his ways

    1. That’s really crazy. To me arteta s not good as others can think. He can’t get in to the league opener with that squad which finished eight position last season. All the players he bought can’t match with the physical and tough battle in epl. And I can tell you this season will be even worse for us.

  5. We should wake up and realize that arsenal is a football club & not academy
    We should hire a manager who can assemble a team that is ready to compete in the EPL,then allow Arteta to continue recruiting & training the academy as he has done this window

    1. Which experience coach will be ready to take arsenal job if the board are not ready to buy quality players?

      You think all this our average and mediocre players can win us anything?

      Teams keep improving by buying quality players, arsenal is there looking for injury prone players and players to loan… SMH….

      Anything that comes till #Kroenkeout is accomplished is acceptable unto me

      1. Yes bro will need all this player Madison,aour,in this team but I think the board are not ready so,sell arsenal to Daniel ek ,is ready to offer arsenal anything

    2. We need maddison and Aour in our midfield. Arteta and Edu should act quickly and get the two please

  6. Arsenal needs to recruit a competent Coach and Sporting Director as soon as possible.Carlo Anceloti is still available.We would have done better replacing Edu with a more experienced Sporting Director.

  7. Hector Bellerin to Bayern Munchen. Apparently Munich, along with Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Hamburg are centres of the German fashion industry, so Bellerin should be right at home. Plenty of opportunities on the catwalks.
    Surely they have other players to swap rather than injury plagued Tolliso? The Arsenal treatment room is overbooked already.

    1. Lol Oz
      If Bellerin takes up that modelling offer and we take Tolliso I think we need a couple more physios before buying Odegaard. One game in and this is already a dogs dinner of a season. Although I know CM needs TLC it pales into insignificance compared with our defence and attack issues (ie we have no defenders, we have no strikers worthy of the title).
      Tuned into the TMS cricket now as I need calming down…

  8. If it is possible, the whole backline except Tierney, Gabriel and White should go away, go to Spain and get combative players and midfield players then we are good to go.
    Our players are to handsome to play in the premiership, so go for ugly fighters .

  9. Am I the only one who thinks second goal should not have been allowed due to the fact that Leno was being held back.
    Thought VAR might have had a look.

    1. I agree with you.
      I suspect VAR would have had a closer look at this last season. I also doubt that this would have been allowed in any of the other major European leagues.
      However, as you can see from many of the comments there are many who don’t rate Leno. So it’s a lot easier to blame him for everything that goes wrong so that the narrative against him can continue.

      1. I don’t understand why Leno and the team didn’t protest loudly and persistently to the ref. That would have influenced the decision in my opinion. If Leno felt he was being held (and it looked like it) he should have been shouting his head off not ending up in the back of the net along with ball accepting they’ve scored!

    2. I agree with you. But where was about players to guard our gk they are like it’s ok let’s play sexy and looks smart. Do not touch me eeenh!!! They can’t fight for the team. A player is holding our gk and no bady cares!!!

  10. Maddison and Aour is badly needed in our midfield. Arteta and Edu should act quickly and get both of them in our club. Please Arteta and Edu get this two midfield in our family

  11. I don’t think Arsenal is ready battle for the title, with I what saw yesterday. It is a total lack of professionality, particularly at the defence area. Pablo and Chambers should be sold out.

  12. We need Madison and Aour who can make things happen …I always say this and I will keep on saying it any manager who came in to manage arsenal and still play Xhaka and Pepe is not a good coach and we need RB belerin out William out Auba out Pepe out Xhaka out chambers out Elneny out Mari out nketia out kolosinac out Arteta out then others who were not on this list should stay because under a new coach they gonna be a super players…..we need Wenger those who can cut from the right and shot Sanchez type of player… Arsenal 4 life

  13. You get what you pay for, and since our owners won’t spend on real quality…next stop…relegation…They could care less about winning ,they are losers.

  14. Leno Chambers Mari, Bellerin Nelson AMN El neni Xhaka Torreira Holding Soares are all are absolute 2nd tier squad guys at best and need to be gone…this isn’t Arteta,s fault. So we have no real quality…these are 2nd squad bench people and I think that’s being overly generous. 50 years of being an Arsenal fan, one game into the season and I already wanna vomit.SELL THE DAMN TEAM to owners with ambition, who care and who are not siphoning greedy mizers.

    1. Do you not see how we’re playing? We have a better team than what emery had yet we play much worse! It’s all Arteta’s fault! The players are not that bad.. Wake up and see Arteta for what he truly is! His FA cup win means nothing Di Matteo won the champions league and got the sack shortly afterwards because he wasn’t any good!

  15. Arsenal are a cluster###k and edu needs to go wasn’t even a good player how did he get the job watching gunners since 1985 this is the most dis organised team ever and being linked to every injury prone player out there…this is unacceptable

  16. Arteta’s tactic is terrible. Everytime our player has the ball, his team mates never move to a favorable position to take the pass. The players are too lazy, rarely see sprints or direct passes. Always safe, cautious and backward passes until they got stuck and give ball away under opponent’s pressing.

  17. Maybe I am the only one, but I think Arsenal did very well the first 20 minutes, despite Brentford were pressing very high. But we are not dangerous enough up front. When we cannot score it will be very difficult. So if it’s still possible, we should bring in a right back, a midfielder, and a CF.
    IMO we should go for some of these players:
    RB: Max Aaron / Trippier
    Midfielder: Piotr Zielinski /Sander Berger/Denis Zakaria
    CF: Abraham / Dolberg

  18. So wanting game we play,,, lack of creativity in midfield will still cost us until we look for classy players…As arsenal fans, we’re almost loosing it. Our team has became harmless even to a newly promoted team ,but does the board even care…. get us classic players I repeat

  19. You can see why Arteta keeps insisting on playing from the back needs to get better and better. He is willing to sacrifice goals for this thinking illness. So you cannot blame Leno or the defenders… its the Managers prerequisite of his now flawed tactics. More easy goals will flow in since he doesnt want to accept any other type of play. The mind is your enemy or our Manager is so charitable giving free goals for the sake of his defunct beliefs.

  20. Arteta is not good enough for Arsenal. The board should have long known this. An apprentice Coach for a team like Arsenal ? Unbelievable nightmare. De formula is Big Coach=Big Team=Big Successes.

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