Report – Boca Juniors cannot pay £860,000 loan fee for Torreira

Lucas Torreira faces being stuck at Arsenal even though he has been open about wanting a move to Boca Juniors to be closer to home.

The Uruguayan has been homesick for some time now and the situation has been worsened by the death of his mother due to coronavirus.

The midfielder has struggled to find his feet at Arsenal and has been spending this season on loan at Atletico Madrid.

The Spanish side isn’t looking to keep him permanently and he also has interest from Serie A teams where he had previously played for Sampdoria.

However, he prefers to join another team closer to home, preferably, Boca.

But the Argentinean side is struggling financially and they won’t be able to sign him when he returns on loan this summer.

El Intransigente reports that Boca cannot meet Arsenal’s £860,000 fee for a loan deal to be struck.

With that being a stumbling block, they have moved on to other targets and could sign former Premier League player, Gary Medel.

Brazil is also not too far from home for Torreira and the report says he also has interest from Flamengo and Gremio.

Torreira’s Atletico Madrid is currently battling for the La Liga title and is at the top of the standings.

He will no doubt be happy to win a league title before he leaves Europe.

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  1. Sorry but we are not a charity organization. Just because we agreed to cancel contracts of Sokratis and Mustafi doesn’t mean we should for others, especially with more than 6 months on the contract.

    If Torreira can’t stand being away, then he can dig in his pocket and pay the fee himself. Didn’t have a problem signing the contract or cashing his checks, but now he wants out.

    1. Funny how he wants to be at “home” now his Mum has gone, but was happy to Galavant around Europe earning the bucks when she was alive.

  2. Torreira has been earning 75k a week foe 3 years now. He’s a multi-millionaire.

    If he wants to spend a year at Boca, pay the few million loan fee yourself and suspend your wages to match what Boca can afford.

    1. Very true McLovin!

      But, im from Brazil, so i would love to see Lucas play for Flamengo, he would fit perfectly

    2. McLoving I totally agree

      Arsenal is becoming a joke now anyone who cannot make the team wants the club to cancel their contract what about the £27million we paid for him, he will live to regret that he didn’t try harder when his older, we the supporters backed him so he has no excuse, he can come back and train the under 16’s

  3. I just wish he would issue a public statement of some sort that would clear up this totally convoluted situation that has gone on for far too long

  4. That shitty piece of business should have been sorted last summer. How bad arsenal was. Does not anyone agree on that ? They paid 45m for partey but loaned torreira ? I could not understand that… They should have say “you want torreira ? This is 25 or maybe 22/23 m and everyone was happy.”. Or maybe arteta wanted to assess his progress ??

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