Report claims serial winner is being targeted to replace Arteta

Antonio Conte has sensationally been linked with a move to Arsenal after the Gunners lost their opening league game of the season against Brentford.

The Bees stung the Gunners to ensure Mikel Arteta’s team starts this season as miserable as much of the last one was.

The Gunners ended the 2020/2021 campaign outside the European places and have splashed the cash to sign the likes of Ben White and Albert Sambi Lokonga, who both started in the defeat against the Bees.

That defeat has seen pressure mount on Arteta, who will struggle to find a new excuse if his team cannot make an impression this season.

Tuttosport as reported by Sport Witness claims Arteta is already in a precarious position and he could lose his job soon.

The report claims, should he get the sack, the Gunners will move to bring Conte back to the Premier League.

They would replace Arteta with the former Chelsea boss who could help them sign Lautaro Martinez.

Martinez has been on the radar of the Gunners for some time now and signing him would be a major statement of intent by them.

To be fair, it is too early to discuss the future of Arteta and he will likely be given a good few more games to prove he can still lead the club.

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  1. Solid move but too late….wasted a whole bunch of time and money on the cheque book rookie.

    Conte will require a large budget to fix all the damage, not sure old Stan would appreciate that especially with all the money MA and Edu have wasted.

    1. I never thought that signing Cedric and Mari was being a cheque book manager
      More like a club not actually willing to spend

      1. And spending 50M on white right?
        Will Saliba do worst? Will Holding do worst?
        What is the excess of playing a pass from the back if the tactic restricts our attackers from attacking?

        With White’s and Willock money, we can sign a good CM and DM or CM and ST or DM and ST but No, our owner don’t spend but let spend 50M on White cos our owner don’t spend.

        1. Don’t know if spending £50m on White is good or bad yet and after one game it is too soon to say. Clearly Arteta and Edu thinks he will be worth it and were prepared to make him their marquee signing. Certainly very expensive.

          Unless I’m mistaken, being a cheque book manager involves spending big on players in general. 200m given to Lampard springs to mind. There will probably be 3 circa £100m players signed this summer. So the possibility of City spending £200m on 2 players isn’t chequebook management?

          1. Sorry Bro but Spending 5Om White is Bad Idea He Is Not Better than Chambers and Holding Saliba Will be Better And Suit epl System To Fight Someone Like Lukaku You Need Saliba Posture
            But White and Chambers are Same
            M Arteta just Waste The That will Be Use in signing Madison on Waste

          2. SueP, again the issue with Ben White is whether Arteta can coach Ben White to play his system of four at the back, because at Brighton & HA White played in a back three. I didn’t follow Leeds United in the Championship closely enough to know whether Bielsa played him in a back three?

      2. SueP you’ve just made my whole point! We don’t have a ton of cash like City so MA doesn’t know what to do 😃

        It’s ok to admit that Mikel is wrong for the club and making things worse, its ok.

        1. Arteta will sink or swim and it’s not looking good for him at the minute. For reasons best known to Kroenke he didn’t make the correct decisions and chanced it with both Arteta and Edu.
          I’ve made it clear many times that Arsenal should have aggressively sought the very best to lead the club and instead went along a different path – almost hoping for the best.

          I stand by Arteta having until the autumn to show if this transfer window will have the desired effects. If not then his time will be up. I respect the fact that he won the FACup and thought we had a better future ahead. All I would add is that Ole looked shaky and appears to have turned it round. I have been more concerned about not rushing to sack Arteta but as I repeat, he needs to be on it now and quickly. As for reading that another year will have been wasted then it is up to our esteemed owner to do what Chelsea did with Tuchel and take the financial medicine His club, his responsibility. My fear all along is that he won’t do the right thing even then.

          1. SueP, the concern to me with Arteta, is that a manager’s prime responsibility is to maximise the performance of the player resources available to him. Too many high profile players have been loaned away or have been given limited playing time, because they don’t fit the Arteta template. Was it too much to ask for Arteta to try coaching the team and develop a system of play to optimise the strength of Arsenal’s players? The Brentford manager coming from the Championship was able to get his side up for the fight and play to their strengths.

    2. next two games will end up with two defeats (maybe one draw one defeat), so, if they are going to have 1 point or zero point for the first three games, and by the time, it will close to transfer window deadline, not sure we still have time to make changes on coach and in coming players(and out of course)

    3. I do not beleive this, it just a report linking A with B, to create a stir for C.No truth in this report. So City lost to the Lily whites, so link Ole Gunnar to City becuase of that thumping win? Arteta needs help. When your two starter strikers are ill, your pivot is Xhaka (much better than Neves), GK is Leno, RB is Chambers, any manager will be in trouble. This is a deep rooted malaise which will require a “root canal treatment” to remove the pain, some short term gap will not help. And Mikel is the man for the long term.
      Tell me, will Conte achieve anything with Leno, Chambers, Holding, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Elneny, Willian, Nelson, Pepe, Laca, Eddie, Matenelli ? With no recognised back up GK? Bench of Marri, Cedric, Bellerin?
      Support Mikel and understand he is working with a huge disadvantage, huge constraints.

      1. Huge disadvantages? He only has himself to blame as far as Xhaka goes then, LC, what with talking him into staying (twice?). And giving Cedric/Mari long-term deals..
        And no back up GK, why hasn’t this been addressed before now? Last day of the window incoming probably..
        He has brought a fair few of his own players in now… time for him to step up and for the excuses of all the ‘dross players’ he ‘inherited’ to stop

        1. Arteta and Edu are both clueless and wasteful. They needed a goal keeper. And went for Runarsson. They discovered he wasn’t good enough. If they had done their homework properly, they would have gotten a top goal keeper to compete with Leno.
          They went for Ryan on loan. The guy did well when he was called upon.
          Common sense should have made them to prioritise making Ryan deal a permanent one at the end of the season. They were indecisive and Ryan went to Spain.
          Now, the season started and what we had as a goal keeper sub was an 18 year old with little or no experience.
          By the way Arteta said Saliba is not yet ready for the first team. Maybe he will be ready when his contract expires without him playing a minute for us.

          The season has started, and Torrera is on holiday in Spain while the club is paying his wages.

          We have some clowns at AFC

          1. I agree, Skills. Ryan was decent, then let go.. Cedric had a good spell, then vanished!
            Poor old Runarsson..He’ll be scarred for life from his Emirates experience. Did they honestly think he was going to be the next Ederson?
            Apparently, Torreira is in Spain to avoid having to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days…
            But I totally agree with you, Skills – clowns indeed!! Laughable, it really is

          2. The real problem was we had a goalkeeper to challenge Leno…..the absolutely brilliant Martinez but we let him go.
            What’s the point in having competition for places when at the point you show you can do the job (and he did it really really well) you get moved on.
            That was a mistake of Van-Persie proportions…

          1. After the City game, it was obvious we wouldn’t see him between the sticks again, so why haven’t we brought anyone in? Wasn’t long ago he was to be loaned out…

      2. Loose Cannon please explain to me are you saying West Ham and Leicester have better squad then us because they finished above us last season or is it because they have better manager then us who knows how use what he have

  2. If Arteta is given a few more games, how will Conte get Lautaro Martinez, the window will be closed. Get Conte this week….simple. It’s obvious Arteta will be out soon, so the earlier the better.

    1. Totally agree, there is a small window left , get him out and bring Conte in now before another season of misery, no Europe no hope

    2. I agree now – the jury is in. If Conte is actually interested (find it hard to believe) we should pull the trigger. It’s a complete mess, I don’t believe even someone of his talents couldn’t turn us into a good side this season but at least he could ensure we avoid a catastrophe

    3. They should Sack Arteta This Week and bring Conte Earlier
      So that he will start planning for the season Arteta Don’t have experience

  3. Latest news in London right now is that Conte is in London already and he’s says that he want to work with Lacazatte…. but very sorry to Auba… he’s not wanted by Conte

  4. The earlier the better to get Arteta and Edu out of AFC. They are both clueless about taking Arsenal forward.

  5. Please football gods. Get us a decent manager.

    I feel bad for arteta because u am sure he could become a decent manager but omg. How awful are arsenal atm.

    Most of my fellow fans are just so sick of seeing mistake after mistake.


    so sorry that I was wondering our by the end. But didn’t expect arteta would be our manager

    1. such a ridiculous last comment…if you think, even for a second, we would be competing for things if Wenger were still in charge, then you haven’t a clue

      1. Lol you don’t get it.

        The reason wenger fell behind was a lack of funding and the Need to always find hidden gems. He was great at this and made average ayes look amazing. Guys like bellerin were the best thing since sliced bread before wenger left.

        I appreciate the top 4 we had now. I wasn’t perfect but anyone who is not a fool can see afteta is failing and will continue to do so.

        I’d take wenger back in a heartbeat over arteta any day.

        1. don’t for a second believe that I’m in favour of an Arteta regime over the early days of a Wenger regime, that’s an apple to oranges comparison, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Wenger should have left considerably earlier so that, at the very least, this whole transitional phase could have been conducted before parity reached an all-time high

          btw, your assumption that Wenger didn’t have the funds is sketchy at best, as Gazidis, who has proven himself to be a credible footballing man at AC, spoke often about our deep pockets, which Wenger wasn’t willing to utilize…I think Wenger had become jaded towards the modern footballing “superstars” and was quite willing to hide behind the whole “stadium ruse” narrative so that he could handpick specific players who wouldn’t ruffle feathers or try to usurp his ultimate authority…it’s the very reason why we had a leadership vacuum during his latter tenure and why whenever any players questioned his control they were removed from the mix, like RVP and Sanchez…not to mention, that whenever Gazidis brought in a player, against his wishes, they were frozen out, like Perez

          this is a highly nuanced discussion, not a bumper sticker cliche-driven argument about your largely fictitious perception of our former manager who functionally no longer existed, in the same capacity as his earlier self, once we had moved to the Emirates

    2. Now someone is saying the fact. For good 22years Arsene Wenger covered the clueless management by managing the club well and keeping them in Europe. Now Arsenal must be ready to spend to be relevant in EPL. Let’s be realistic look at the clubs making waves in EPL- Man City, Chelsea, Man utd,Liverpool, Tottenham and Leicester…..are all spending well on players. Someone should whisper to Arsenal the “sweet stew require spending extra money on the ingredients ” Wenger is no longer in charge.

  6. Conte In & wants to work with Laca so does that mean that Auba is off to Barca in exchange for Coutinho?

    Ødegaard on another loan?

    Martinez would be a great signing if possible.

    1. Hi Sean, are the rumours thru that the club is talking to Conte? Or just media talk without any evidence?

  7. Like the man but job too big for him and his entourage
    Let’s not wait get him out now.
    Who is going to make that call though.
    We saw last season Lampard Roman not happy sacked him Tuchel in.

  8. What an incredibly stupid story.

    The Kroenkes would need to make $500m+ available to buy the players Conte would want. We have just wasted $100m, I cannot see that much money being spent.

    Lets be honest with ourselves, not only can we not afford/attract the top players, we certainly cannot afford or attract the top managers.

    I see Eddie Howe, or someone similar in our future.

    Maybe even worse, we might have an American manager foisted on us – remember the Kroenkes (KSE) own an MLS team. The oxymoronically named Colorado Rapids.

  9. very unlikely this is true, if they mean signing lautaro in THIS window. Because arteta is going nowhere for at least 2-3 months, where i Only see us winning 2-3 games within that time period. Conte would not get along with Arsenal hierarchy either. He’d just be coming out of a situation at Inter where the leadership is appauling and they are breaking up everything that made them successful. Why jump to another disastrous situation?

    1. I also find this hard to believe as well but to be honest, the club might suit him. No one higher up wants to take any responsibility, so he’d have pretty free reign, aside from the funding of course (which is a pretty big deal tbf)

    2. RSH, I agree with your very valid points, regarding out of the “frying pan” at Inter Milan, into the “fire” at Arsenal. The only positive may be that Conte may look at Arsenal’s squad and the prospects in the Academy and believe that he could coach these players (with some additions) into a decent team? Currently Conte is out of work, doesn’t need money, but may look at a challenge, which would bring him legend status, as the manager who resurrected the Arsenal!

  10. Then a new era with some hope and every Arsenal lover wants to hear at this desperate time. Arteta is just an amateur that doesn’t know how to play to win a simple game and he is overrated, too.

    Bring Conte, who is a proven winner and we then trust “the process” lead by him.

  11. My sense is that Arteta would only feel safe enough to sit Aubamayang and Lacazette if he felt like he had the support of the board. Obviously a few weeks is a long time in football but I don’t see him going anywhere soon. Certainly not before the window closes.

  12. That’s great news, if true. I hope the switch can happen before gw 2. The longer MA stays at the club, the more points he’ll waste.

    I’m really afraid of relegation this term with an egotistical rookie at the helm.

  13. If he was brought in now then there would still be time for him to sign 1 or 2 players

    If he is brought in later he would need to deal with what we got

    MA isn’t working, unfortunately. I wanted him to succeed because that meant Arsenal would suceed. But we need an experienced manager

  14. Too late
    The fans from last season who made silly excuses for him and backed him now have to live with that and the fans who didn’t have to as well .. GG the slow thinkers ,probably put our club into the worst position it’s been in for years .
    Fan power always wins ,Emery and Wenger will tell you same .
    Shame on the idiots who thought better SMFH

  15. If Conte is brought in I will buy home, away and 3rd kit for me and my family 💯.
    I want the 3rd kit now but don’t want to send the wrong message to big Stan.

  16. Relax. Arsenal have just played one match and because we did not win, a lot of people are talking about Conte. LOL.

    BTW Conte is a big money spending manager, who is likely not interested because of our budget.

    1. Grealish was nullified to a certain extent.Lukaku will probably start next week.
      Hopefully Arteta will have two or three guys to surround him.Of coure no two games ars the same

  17. Admin Martin “Antonio Conte has sensationally been linked with a move to Arsenal” – where do you have the proof of this sensational rubbish?

  18. Send this Arteta man on loan for two seasons in Scotland or Egypt. He is the reason the team is sinking. His playing style is so poor and some of our best players who could play on any team are now average

  19. Arteta will still be Arsenal’s coach, come next season. He will only probably be sacked if Arsenal were to place lower than 8th at the end of the season.

  20. Never happen …one, conti be too expensive in terms of pay…
    Two.. as spurs found out he will want lots of transfer money ..much more then kronke will ever sanction..

  21. I don’t know why people are saying Conte will need a huge bulk of money at arsenal, Conte is a very good coach and no nonsense manager that will not take nonsense from our owner or Edu. This is a manager who built a solid team at Juventus, while at Chelsea he bought few to win league, At Inter he also bought few players, he is a manager that always bring out the best from any squad he inherited, look at chelsea, inter. He can bring out the best from this squad, Arteta is not a good manager, that cannot bring out the best from his squad. Infact if Conte take over this squad and add an attacking midfielder, this team will perform. And then he will now add some few players he want as well.
    Conte left inter because they want to sell all their best player, that could make them compete more in champions league as well. Arsenal needs an experience coach like Conte, Arsenal don’t need Howe or Zidane. Arteta don’t know what he want, if truly Arteta knows his priority is an attacking midfielder, he will not go and spend £50m on Ben white first, likewise you know Xhaka not good enough but still went ahead to give him new contract likewise no backup for Thomas.
    First Arteta needs to go, then no nonsense conte to come in.

    1. 1. Conte supposedly left Inter because they wouldn’t buy him the players he wanted. Yes, he’d demand a transfer kitty.
      2. Why do people not remember that Arsenal had the second-best record in the league over the last 2/3 of last season? Second only to Man City, ahead of United and Chelsea. This counts. It shows the club going in the right direction, with Odegaard in the side.
      3. I’m feeling downhearted, too, especially after last Friday. I’ve always liked Conte and would welcome him.
      4. But I also think fans are not taking account of all the facts, and Arteta has done a better job than people think. The only thing I have doubts about is the style of play being unattractively defensive. But this is how to get more points than you have talent.

      1. Mikel Arteta hasn’t improved on Wenger or Emery and they were both sacked. Terry Neil lost 11 games in a season and was sacked, but Arteta lost 13 and deserves to get more time?
        A manager’s prime responsibility is to optimise the performance of the resources at their disposal. Arteta is failing in this responsibility to coach those in his charge.

      2. What right direction? Our half season Stat means nothing and we are a very bad team currently and we are no were near the right direction not even on a ramp towards it! Wake up!

    2. Oba.. you say Conte will take no nonsense from our owner then that makes it even more unlikely that our owner would appoint him as manager don’t you think.

        1. Both should leave! Arteta is not the right manager for us and never has been! Why would anybody defend Arteta when he showed nothing to have that kind of backing!

  22. Not a hope of this happening; zilch, nada, and the rest. Conte is high maintenance, meaning he would require a substantial transfer budget. Kroenke would be crapping himself!

    1. Does “high maintenance” mean “not suffering fools gladly”? This may mean that the Kroenkes, the Board, Edu and many of the players would be in deep trouble with Conte. The place needs a shake up!

  23. Conte is without a club so it was always going to be not too long, if Arsenal started poorly, before some click bait site was going to link him to Arsenal.

    If the worst came to the worst then I guess he’d come into consideration but he never hangs around more than two or three years at a club so it would still be a short term fix.

    Maybe that’s where we are as a club and what we have to look forward to, a succession of short term managers with an unrealistic fan base.

    1. Sorry but Henry is another guardiola wanna be and he’s a very bad manager just like arteta! Don’t let his legend status as a player affect your judgment of him as a manager!


  25. Bring in Conte asap if the report is true. Of course the owners will have to spend but the price is worth it. Arteta will lead us to relegation unless there is a miracle.

  26. After one game of this season Artetas job is on the line, players are missing through mystery “illness” players are not happy and the owner is under pressure with the way he runs the club. Nothings changed then.

  27. Conte is not interested in a shit club like Arsenal fc. No experienced, proving and classy manager can take this arsenal job without a promise of a MAJOR FINANCIAL BACKING which we all know arsenal owner cannot guarantee. Did you think Arteta has been financially backed enough? TBH he wasn’t financially backed which gave rise to the mediocre signings like Cedric, Mari and Willian (and even Xhaka contract renewal bcos if we lose him, we have no money to buy an improved replacement) those ain’t Arteta’s best choices but those were what our finances could afford at the time to try and ‘manage’ things which ain’t working. Even this summer so far we only spent about 53M(mind you only 30M cash was paid for White) yet we have to sell Willock to balance up before we can consider any further addition. This club is going no where under any experienced, proven manager unless the owner get really serious!!! I’m not an Arteta’s loyalist. It’s fine if he gets the sack and the owner gets serious with an experienced, proving manager. Infact it’s what I like the most but ain’t going to happen because this current owner can’t get serious!

  28. This should’ve been done end of last season. Arsenal is moving backwards with Arteta and wasting funds on poor transfer decisions. The sooner he’s replaced Arsenal can stop the rot

  29. Conte in MA out. Under MA our players lack market. We can’t sell our players at good price now nor do we attract good players simply because we’re not in Champion league not even Europa.

  30. If anyone thinks we’re gonna get Conte, then I say enjoy your dream while it last, ’cause you gonna wake up to reality soon. This guy blanked Spurs, a club who recruits better than Arsenal with less funds than Arsenal.

  31. As a total and permanent realist I will cut to the chase. Which is that whatever anyone wishes, waffles about, desires, demands or hopes, CONTE will NOT accept any offer from Arsenal. ,

    He already rejected Spuds offer a few weeks back for the same reason of no HUGE transfer chest, without which he will never go to any top club.

    This is simple reality, so accept it or reject it, as you wish. But nothing you say will alter that reality. It will NOT happen , nor IMO will he even be asked.

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