Report – French club puts Arsenal target up for sale

Arsenal has been put on alert as Lyon prepares to cash in on their long-term target, Moussa Dembele.

The striker has been on the radar of the Gunners for a while as he looks to join a big club.

Mikel Arteta has done a good job in making the current Arsenal team top of the Premier League table.

But it is just three games into the season and there is so much more to play for.

The best way to keep performing well is to bolster your squad with the right players and have the best men available in your corner.

This means Arsenal might need more signings and Dembele is a proven goal scorer.

In a boost to their chance of signing him, a report on Express Sports reveals Lyon is now open to cashing in on him in this transfer window.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Dembele is an experienced striker, but we have just handed a new contract to Eddie Nketiah.

The Englishman showed signs of improvement last season, and that is why we gave him a new deal.

We need to give him the chance to play, and it makes little sense to bring additional competition for him on.

Alfie and Rob are back with the Just Arsenal Show and today they discuss three players who are seemingly on their way out.

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  1. Relying on 2 strikers with the WC in the season and at least one will be going – then there’s injuries, 4 competitions…

    Another good striker seems a sensible move?

  2. I honestly don’t think we should stack up quality strikers making more than 100k for the rare chance that both of our players get injured at the same time. And even so we have Martinelli who could play up front for a game or two to help out the others.
    I don’t see established strikers like Abraham, Isak or even Dembele being interested in playing third fiddle. And demoting Nketiah to become the third choice striker would be both unfair and short-sighted, as he is a really good player in the making.

    1. I’m not sure it’s about both being injured at the same time, if one is injured then the other plays too much and gets tired – that leads to jaded performance nd tired people get injured more easily as well.

      Not sure I agree that Nketiah is going to be as good as you think. He’s more of a (would-be) “finisher”, I’ve seen very little else from him – his ball control is often a bit uncoordinated and his dribbling skills are almost non-existent. Nor does he spot a pass easily.

      The comparison between him and Jesus is stark – with Jesus rested, as things stand, there will be a marked drop in team performance to put it mildly.

      Look at the first goal vs Bournemouth:

      – Jesus pulled it out of the air under pressure, controlling it and moving it where he’s turning all in one deft touch.
      – He beat 3 or 4 players getting into their penalty area.
      – He sees Martinelli’s run and plays him in.

      I don’t think Nketiah is capable of doing any one of those things.

  3. Yeah let’s go and sign Dembele,it would be great move especially in a World Cup year and also when we are in the Europa League this season and when we have also come straight out of the traps so well this season, okay we
    may only be 3 games into the new season but it seems like a total new beginning this season!!!!!!!🥅🥅⚽⚽🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅❤️

  4. Wrong logic to give Nketiah more chance to play.Only strategy to focus this season is to win title by optimizing on number of goal scorers. Right now this cannot be guaranteed with current frontline who are strikers yet lacking target shots.So strongly support to bring in Lyon goal scorer Dembele.

  5. I wonder why the article says that because we have given Nketiah a new contract, we shouldn’t be looking at a better striker, because it’s unfair on the player.

    Yet, having just given Xhaka and Elneny new contracts, the author insists that we should be looking to sign better players, ignoring the argument he makes regarding Nketiah.

    With the exception of, maybe, three or four players, we do not have the best players in the world… just as other clubs haven’t either.

    The question to be asked is – would this player be better than what we have and would he improve the squad.

    I’m seeing this as putting a player before club, anyone agree?

    1. If it is about the club, then improving depth in positions strengthens the team. If it is about a player, then Nketiah keeps his spot, but the team is weaker with the absence of Dembele.

      Nketiah can play as a striker or on the wing, as Arteta has in the past.

  6. Well, at least we have a back-up for Jesus, even if Eddie isn’t quite as good.

    What ever you may think, Lakonga nor Elneny are adequate back-ups for Partey.

    Maybe Arteta thinks White can fill that role, but he is currently the back-up for Tommy.

    Between now the World Cup Arsenal will be playing a match every weekend and another in midweek from now until mid November, except for the break in late September to fit in the Nations League, where every European country will play two matches.

    If Arteta thinks our current squad can get thru this period with no injuries, then I have a bridge to sell him.

    Michel if you do nothing else before the window closes, please get a top DM!!!

  7. Nketiah should be given the needed opportunity to display his array and dexterity features in him. Let us not forget quickly that Nketiah had been loaned many times, with these acquired experiences, he should be allowed to exhibit these inbuilt skills, of which l am optimistic that Nketiah will excel no doubt about that. For Dembele may be next time. We should have faith and confidence in those front liners we are putting forward this season. Let us give them the needed chance and room to perform. Hopefully the sky will be the limits. With prayers.

  8. It is in the interest of the Club and fans to have a good bench since the Club would be involved in four competitions – EPL, Carrabao, FA Cup and Europa. I advise Managenent ensures a strong bench which we lacked in the previous seasons. So sign Dembele and Tillemanif no rule is violated

  9. I expect us to try in Jan if needed, or to bring a winger who can fill the striker role or false 9 such as Cody Gapko, (or Pino) though I highly doubt Psv will sell him to us after EL’s draw.

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