Report – French club rejects the chance to sign Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere has continued to train with Arsenal as he searches for his next club.

Reports coming from Arsenal’s training is that he remains in top shape and has been involved in most of the drills.

This suggests that the former West Ham man is keeping himself in a condition to earn a return to football.

He could have done that in the last transfer window and he tried his best to achieve that.

L’Equipe via Sun Sports claims the midfielder was offered to French champions, Lille.

He was so keen on the move that he offered to take a trial to convince them before signing a contract.

However, they turned down the chance to add him to their struggling squad.

That is now one more door closed for the former Bolton loanee.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It must be very hard to be Wilshere right now, considering that he has openly declared his readiness to return to football.

He has also looked in good shape because that is the only reason he would keep training with Arsenal.

However, the best we can do is to continue giving him the opportunity to train at a top club.

Hopefully, another team would hand him a chance to return to football again soon.

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  1. please stop talking about this former player unless you want to reveal your true agenda

  2. JW is like the family member that doesn’t get the hint that’s it’s time to leave the party.

    He must lose the ego and go play in USA, Japan ect ect

  3. With the window now firmly closed and not one player added, I would love to see Jack given the opportunity.
    He would grab it with both hands and we would have a real Gooner out to prove himself.
    A monthly contract pay as you play would be perfectly acceptable for both parties I believe.

    TRVL, so what’s my real agenda then?

    1. @ken1945
      Get real. Jack is and always has been an overrated busted flush, real Gooner or not. And has zero to offer the team…

        1. @ken1945
          What, a decent match against Barca and and decent enough team goal against Norwich. Not enough to base a career on…IJS

    2. you and I both know what your agenda would be in this regards…not sure how you could possibly rationalize just such a move considering how you’ve criticized, and rightly so, the powers that be for our most recent window

      1. No, I have no idea what you think my agenda might be – so please let me know.

        NY _Gunner, I find your opinion that Jack Wilshere’s reputation is based on two games as ludicrous as TRVL thinking I have an agenda… but it’s your opinion and I respect it.

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