Report – French giants still looking to sign Arsenal star

Paris United is reporting that PSG is still very much in the running for Arsenal defender, Hector Bellerin.

The Spaniard has emerged as a target for the French champions and Champions League finalists this summer.

He has been one of Arsenal’s most important players for years, but after recovering from a long-term injury last season, he has hardly been at his brilliant best.

Nevertheless, the Frenchmen are looking at signing him.

The report claims that PSG needs a new right-back after they allowed Thomas Meunier to join Borussia Dortmund.

That position has been a problem spot for them and they conceded the winner in the Champions League final from that side of the pitch.

The report analysed the Spaniard and claimed that while he is a flyer when his team is on the attack, he struggles to do well at the back.

However, that will not be such a big deal because PSG generally dominates the play.

It then adds that a bid of around 30 million euros might be enough to tempt Arsenal into selling him. 

Bellerin is one of the oldest and important members of the current Arsenal side, but the Gunners have signed Cedric Soares to act as a backup for him and they might be tempted to sell if a big-money offer arrives.

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  1. No, Bellerin should be sold to PSG, so he can pursue his modelling career on the catwalks of Paris. He is better suited to Ligue 1, where he doesn’t need to defend so much with powerhouse PSG.

  2. Question is can you get a better or equally good fullback at 30M Euros? It is a steal in my opinion.

    He is our best RB in defense because others sucks in it and his attack is good most of the time. He us simply our best RB by miles. Young, settled and have years left in contract.
    Stop attacking the players for no reason.
    Fans attack almost all players except Auba because he scores consistently so far. If he stopped for 3 matches, you will start questioning him.

    1. I’ll have you know that AMN is better at RB than Bellerin.. Even though it isn’t his preferred position.

      Bellerin has been highly inconsistent.
      We can easily get a better option for that amount or less.
      Matt Doherty who is way better and even scored 7goals last season for wolves, just joined Tottenham for 15mil.

      1. Really, you think so? Niles maybe better at defending.. but bellerin is the better footballer.. there is a reason why he is linked to the likes of PSG, and Niles to wolves

      2. Oh, I wish we had Doherty, too bad he went to Spurs. I really hope we can land a good replacement or AMN steps up for the position. Because Cedric at 29 is great with his crosses/end product but does not seem solid to me defensively, I hope he can improve too.

    2. Ba, I’m sorry I’m wasting my time here, because I obviously know nothing about football. You have your opinion and I have mine, that AMN is a better RB than Bellerin.

      1. Ozzie, AMN is a fighter and in midfield with defenders on his back and area is tight, he bullies opponents and tackle them for the ball very well. However, his positional awareness is not good at fullback, his ability to defend in large space at the flank is questionable. He has all attributes physical and technical, though I think Bellerin is a better dribbler but not the tactical one. Unless Arteta can give him that he is not my first choice. I respect your opinion though, may be was another Emery’s mistake, time will tell.

  3. I’d be sad to see him go; he is a huge part of the dressing room and has been improving in recent months.

    That said, I think AMN has potential to be one of the best full backs in the country. I’d be happy with him and Cedric (both of whom can cover LB too) and use the money to get in Partey.

    Willian/ESM (no.10)

    That would be a very exciting squad and would represent a massive transfer window.

    1. We need to move on with time not just get emotional with players they come and go! like madrid and Barcelona do – also Toreira, Lacazette, holding, Elneny and chambers plus berellin they need to go so we can raise funds and bring in Auoar and Partey

  4. Belarin should not be sold. We need Belarin, Soares and AMN, all three considering the number of games we will be playing next season. Squad depth is an essential sign of top teams.

  5. 30m is too low for a player like him. 25, loads of talent, we should ask for a lot more. It’s not like we have to sell, we don’t have anyone as good as him at RB.

  6. Until I see CONCRETE offers reported by reliable sources like BBC and SKY SPORTS,
    I simply can’t believe that any big club (let alone PSG) would be interested in him.

    We already have Cedric who is better.

    I don’t know why people keep bubbling about M-Niles at rightback. THAT’S NOT HIS POSITION END OF.
    His best position is left-sided midfield. That’s why he has to fight it out with Ceballos for that position.

  7. If we have to sell AMN, Belerin to raise funds and bring in Partey, Auoar and Thiago Alcantara so be we need quality in order to compete and those are kind of huge mistakes Wenger used to do being loyal to players who doesn’t help Arsenal and that’s being the case he turned Arsenal as an Academy to develop players who didn’t not have quality at all like Theo walcott

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