Report – French giants want Arsenal attacker

Alexandre Lacazette has emerged as a transfer target for AS Monaco as he nears the end of his current Arsenal deal.

The Frenchman has been one of the leading attackers in the team since he has been with them and he would want to remain at the Emirates.

However, with a year left on his current deal, the club is yet to open talks with him over a new one.

Mirror Football claims Monaco is now considering a move for him as they continue their ascent towards the top of the Ligue1 table.

After missing out on European football for the last two years, the municipality side is back in contention.

They are currently 4th on the league table and have just a few points less than the teams above them.

Lacazette is considered the second top striker at Arsenal after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, however, he has competition for a place from the likes of Gabriel Martinelli and Eddie Nketiah.

He has scored 10 times for the Gunners this season. If they decide that they want to give chances to their youngsters, then they might sell him.

Arsenal needs all the cash they can get right now, so losing Lacazette for free is simply unacceptable.

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  1. “Competition” from Nketiah is a bit bold. I understand your point, but perhaps “sharing” playing time would be a bit more grammatically accurate.

    Petty I know, but hey, it’s JA and that’s just par for the course, aye?

    And I’ll also thrown in these oldies but goodies; AKB, WOB, Deadwood, Cohesion, Good ebening, Donkey, Lamppost, spineless, how slow Mert still is.

    Good night, it’s all Wenger’s fault.

    1. Accuracy of language on this site is a long lost cause Durand. Very few even have the nous to know how vital accurate words truly are. Sloppy language harms truth and a typical example is “hating,” for a mere difference of opinion. Sigh!

      1. Yes Jon I definitely agree. Improper verbiage can easily lead to misunderstanding. The all to common “text speak” as I call it, is sloppy and grammatically improper language born of laziness.

        All for the sake of expediency, language becomes atrocious.

        No one expects Shakespeare or Ben Johnson, but a bit of effort in debate is appreciated.

        As you are of theatrical arts and performance, I imagine you can relate better than most.

    2. @Durand, Wenger’s woes is better than ur greatest life contributions. Respect a legend, don’t confuse yourself with unarticulated clueless comments.

      1. It was sarcasm, tongue in cheek comment, which you clearly missed. Take a breath my friend, you have quite a temper and so easy to rile up.

  2. Lacca is some player.
    Remember the legend Giroud.
    Look what he has done since we let him go against his wishes.

  3. Lacazette knows that in the post covid financial meltdown no club will give a nearly 30 year old a 4 year 180k p/w retirement package especially if they have to pay a hefty transfer fee as well. For me Arsenal has 4 choices.
    1. Sell now at a massive loss.
    2. Lose him on a free next season because that will guarantee Lacazette a huge retirement package at his new club.
    3. Give him a retirement package extension.
    4.Try and negotiate a player plus money swap deal.
    Sanchez Ramsey Ozil Mustafi Socritis cost the club in excess of 250 mill in transfer fees and salaries and the club got in return a big fat zero because they all ran down their contracts and left on a free.
    Arsenal are stuck with too many players who cost the club a fortune to buy and pay. But in the post covid financial meltdown all these players will either do an Ozil and leave on a free or demand a Willian /Aubameyang type contract extension.
    Torreira is another one who will cost the club millions.
    The next 2 years will see the club
    having to loan players pick up low wage freebies and promote youngsters while senior players run down their contracts and leave on a free or get sold at a huge loss.
    Sanchez Ramsey Ozil have shown everone how to run down your contract and leave on a free for a huge salary at the next club.
    And there is sweet FA the club can do about it.
    The agents will see to that.
    Every one thought it was smart to sign Kolasinac and Willian on a free but we have paid dearly in the long run.
    And did I mention Guendouzi and Saliba both snubbed by the club but still clutching their guaranteed contracts they can hold the club to ransom.

    1. So true and guess who fields the brunt of criticism for not making some of these sows ears so called players into another MAN CITY! None other than poor MA himself who is entirely innocent and not responsible for these ludicrous deals , save Willian, for which he is at fault.


      Few care at all for truth! But I will always stand up for it!

      1. MA with these same players is doing worse than his predecessors.
        If we speaking truth, he surely can be blamed for that.

        A rookie coah out of his depth and should be sacked end of season.

      2. jon, all I want to see is a consistent equitable and fair approach by Arsenal to players, managers and associated staff at the Club.

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