Report – high number of Arsenal players want to leave the club

More than half of current Arsenal players want to leave the club.

Arsenal has had a disastrous season until now and their problems don’t look like ending any time soon.

The Gunners have been without a permanent manager since they fired Unai Emery, yet things haven’t gotten better.
Interim boss, Freddie Ljungberg has won just one of his five games in charge.

The club is reportedly close to making former player Mikel Arteta their next permanent manager, but the Spaniard may have to bring in his players.

A report from The Independent claims that over half of the Gunners’ current players are looking to leave the club.

The report claims that the list is headed by Alexandre Lacazette and Granit Xhaka who have both been struggling for playing times this season. Apparently, there are several sources saying it is a feeling spreading among “half the squad”.

The same report also claims that club top scorer, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has already decided to leave the Emirates.

Arteta will have to be backed significantly in the next transfer window if they lose these key players.

Aubameyang has been Arsenal’s top scorer since he joined the Gunners and the Gabonese attacker has scored most of Arsenal’s league goals this season.

Lacazette has been on the bench for much of this season and Ljungberg can’t seem to pair him with Aubameyang.

Xhaka fell out with the club fans earlier in the season and remains close to the exit door.


  1. Though hardly new news , this want away must be welcomed. I am thrilled to think that many or hopefully ALL of the non tryers and half hearted “turn up if I want to but not otherwise” frauds will be gone. Hurray. Be joyful and rejoice as it is precisely what we need. In fact it is the main task and must be done ASAP. Other clubs, lesser clubs too, are packed with all out tryers and that is the FIRST requirement in anyone who regards themself as a professional. I have champagne on ice ready to open when Ozil, and all the “defence” clowns leave! HALLELUJAH! Go to it MA AND POST HASTE!

    1. Jon, that champagne for Ozil must be out of date by now, didn’t you say with 100% certainty that he would be gone by July of this year?

      Anyway, while agreeing with you that we have players, both pre and post AW, who need to go, the thing your not addressing in your desire to open that bottle is, how do we replace them, IF AS YOU SAY, kronkie will not open his wallet…or if he does, it will be peanuts yet again?
      That is the realism that we face and do we even think kronkie will give any of the money raised to buy replacements anyway?

      It will be interesting to see if raul etc keep to their word regarding transfer listing anyone who refuses to sign a new contract – at the moment it is just another load of hot air from this new regime of ours.

      1. Ken, The actual truth was that Ozil left us about five years ago, even though not in person. As to the replacements, it will be softly softly catchee monkee. MA will make a decent start in getting the clowns and frauds out the team and eventually of the club too. I do expect one proper defensive newcomer in Jan and he will give the youngsters a real chance. I see Martinelli and Sako becoming regulars with E S-R played more often and Caballos back in when fit again. He will improve us, I have little doubt but no rational fan should expect miracles, considering where we are. Some, though very few, fantasists still predict top four. I pity their naive optimism. Like us all, I await his team selection at Everton with baited breath.

        1. Jon, actual truth is that you still haven’t opened that bottle old friend, meaning???

          As for your future vision, there is nothing wrong with that, as we all know there are players who need to be moved on, but there are others who need to have a coach/manager to man-manage them properly and bring back their self respect.

          UE was not that man, and I only hope Mikel will be…Torerria, AMN, Holding, Chambers are examples of players who could progress under him.

          So many times it has been said we have very good players, the danger is that we lose them in the kind of free for all clear out fans are demanding before seeing what Arteta has to offer.

      2. Ken, I agree some players need to go. The first would be Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. I believe he is the reason for the dressing room unrest. He did not cover himself with glory with his behaviour at his previous club. I also think that the majority of the current on-loan players will sold,if the price is right, to their loaning clubs. What also amazes me is the wish list players wanted by some fans, without taking into account the cost of players, knowing full well that big money is not available. Clubs do not sell their good players, let alone their top ones for peanuts. I think that, as Arsenal is supposedly a self-sustaining club, any money from player sales would go back into the coffers. However it will not be enough to buy the wish list. I am ever the optimist but I think Koenke may stump up a bit in January.

        1. patH, exactly correct regarding the wish list sentence onwards – it seems as if fans live in parallel worlds when discussing kronkies meanness and the wishlist of players – one opinion completely out of sinc with the other!!!

          I hadn’t thought about abua in the way you have, regarding his last club and thinking back, didn’t their manager warn about long term consequences when we bought him?
          Excellent point and with lacs as his, reported, best friend that could explain his behaviour as well.

          I don’t believe there is a clique of senior players, but I do think that what went on under UE drove them together in complete agreement regarding his lack of any coaching credibility.

          Has it gone too far for Arteta to resolve? That will be the real test and he most definately needs kronkies support.

          Good shout on the loaned out players, bit I think Nketiah will be recalled, especially if auba and lacs go.

  2. I hope Arteta comes in and gets rid of the big egos. We need to change the culture of the club. We need a complete reset with players who are hungry and desperate and play for the badge. We don’t need any Big Egos.

    Transfers I would make for the summer.

    -If the rumours of Real Madrid wanting Auba for Jovic & cash we must take it. Or try to get Jovic and Cellabos with no cash.
    -Sell Laca for $50m+
    -Sell Xhaka (& Torreira if he wants to leave) to anyone to buy Thomas Partey & Ibrahim Sangare/Denis Zakaria
    -Buy Upamencano & another CB (Kamara)
    -Buy a right back
    -Sell the deadwood – Ozil, Miki, Elneny etc

    1st team
    Bellerin Upamencano Salilba Tierney
    Partey Sangare/Zakaria
    Martinelli Cellabos Pepe

      Given our defensive problems Arteta should call up Jack Rodwell. Jack Rodwell is a free agent and desperate for a club. Bring him in for trials as he can play in the defensive midfield position and central defense. He cannot do worse than what we currently have and it will cost us nothing if we decide not to sign him. Arteta should know him well from his Everton days.

    2. Great minds think alike Roshan! I
      would literally be Over the Moon if
      AFC were able to bring in the likes
      of Sangare(Absolute Midfield Monster)
      Partey, Upamecano and Jovic in the
      next 2 windows. Each are youngish,
      yet established 1st team talents that
      individually as well as collectively
      have the prerequisite DNA to be
      Arsenal STARS for years to come.

      I would also bin Bellerin and bring
      in either Max Aarons, Gervino Best,
      or Youcef Attel at RB. Any of the
      three would be an immediate upgrade
      on HB and could hold down the
      position for YEARS to come.

      Add H. Aouar from Lyon @ CM and
      MA would have quite a young, dynamic
      squad @ his disposal


      1. I am a fan of Max Aarons too, hope he signs in the summer. For all those who see doom and gloom because our “stars” want to leave, remember Arsene gave us some good football in the 2000s with young players – Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Sagna and we were competitive except that we needed a good goalie and CBs. We will rise again and it is in our club DNA that we make stars, so a good rebuilding over the next 2 -3 windows, and who knows, Mikel could be our Arsene 2.0 and stay with us for 22 years, he is just 38! Just kidding!

  3. Sell the players who want out! Auba, Lacca Ozil Xhaka Socrates Mustafi ,they should release enough funds plus what kroenke allows
    for Arteta to buy a new defence and midfield.

  4. Let them leave. Alexander Hleb, Alex Song, Mathieu Flamini, Fabregas all left and hardly ever reached the heights they were at Arsenal. One negative with arsenal is that very few players have left the club and went to greater heights. I am wishing those who want to leave well but they should ask how many players have left the club for greater things. Not many.

    1. For every Hleb, Song, Flamini there’s a Van Persie, Oxlade Chamberlain, Nasri. Oh and Fabregas didn’t flop after leaving arsenal, he won the Prem Twice with another club!

    2. I don’t know about all of them, but Hleb was forced out when the offer from Barca came. He said he cried when Arsene told him he had to go.

    Given our defensive problems Arteta should call up Jack Rodwell. Jack Rodwell is a free agent and desperate for a club. Bring him in for trials as he can play in the defensive midfield position and central defense. He cannot do worse than what we currently have and it will cost us nothing if we decide not to sign him. Arteta should know him well from his Everton days.

  6. Those guys you mentioned they should all leave please, I hope Luis,Sokratis,Mhki,Ozil are all among the players that want to leave.
    They’re such a disgrace to the badge.
    They all don’t play or contribute anything, other than PEA who we’ll miss, but RVP aslo left when we needed him so I ain’t surprised.
    Let them all leave.
    The players hungry to fight and turn things around should stay.
    They leave, then the better for Martinelli and Nketiah.
    Hopefully Guendouzi,Torreira very young guys would improve under Arteta the way Sterling, De Druyne did.
    PEA,Laca,Ozil,Xhaka,Luiz,Sokratis, can all sod off.
    Their seniority brings zilch to the club anyway

  7. I agree totally. The sooner we dump the current bunch of deadwood the better.

    Arsenal had a clear-out in the Summer, some because of age, some because of lack of ability and effectiveness.

    Cech, Koz, Monreal, Lichtsteiner, Jenkinson, The Mik, Elneny, Iwobi, Welbeck.

    The trouble is we replaced them with another, cheaper, load of deadwood. Thanks Mr Kroenke. Time to forget your LA Lambs and focus your money on Arsenal. Your Lambs can’t get relegated, but Arsenal might!!

    This is the biggest problem Arteta will face, replacing the current bunch with some actual leaders, instead of moaners.

    I wish Arteta the best of luck, and have my fingers crossed for the future of Arsenal.

    He can do a lot worse than playing the kids. At least they try.

  8. Other than Laca, I honestly wouldn’t
    lose a minute of sleep if Arteta
    told the likes of Ozil, Auba, Xhaka,
    Socratis, Luiz and Bellerin thanks
    but please dont let the door hit ya
    on the way out in January. Arsenal
    DESPERATELY NEED a collection of
    players willing to sacrifice
    everything they have on the pitch
    and for the badge atm, not a
    group of underachieving prima donnas
    who feel by some divine right they
    should be playing CL futbol( And
    ironically they would be playing CL
    futbol if they wouldnt have been
    bottle jobs at the conclusion of
    last years EPL season as well as the
    Europa season). I understand the
    necessity of ssessing there career
    ambitions but quite frankly Arteta
    and Co. dont have time for such

    If AFC were able to conduct this
    business in January and allow MA to
    reinvest this money in the next 2
    windows I would be more than content.


    £150M of disgruntled dead wood to
    start the inevitable rebuild.

    1. Sod off ny.gunner give a rest about Wenger how about players bought in after he left wot or shit like lac socratis Luiz pepe cellabos and bighead pea get rid of the lot

  9. Life (& Arsenal FC) go on… I just want to see our players play their heart and soul out for that badge! And earn their millions! And anyone who can’t be arsed, then ship them out… I’m sure there are plenty out there willing to take their place!
    We’ve suffered enough and I think it’s about time we saw some decent performances from the whole team, not just the same 2 or 3.

  10. I hope they that will be good for arsenal a lot of players out there who wanna play for arsenal…ozil pea laca xhaka,Luiz socratis,Miki,eleny mustafi all out…buy few and promote more u23 lads…bring back nekitiah buy partey grealish bring in players who can help arteta let the deadwoods leave after all they aren’t going to be better elsewhere (•‿•)

  11. I have been so excited about the imminent appointment of Arteta, and this news is an icing on the cake….I can’t wait to see the back of them!

    Bellerin..Upamecano….Saliba… Tierney

    …. Partey….Doucoure

    …….. Pepe……Ceballos…..Saka……

    …… Martinelli……..

    Bench: Martinez, Holding, Dunk, Guendouzi, Torreira,, Emile Smith Rowe, Nelson, Eddie

  12. Emery wanted Ozil Mustafi Mkhitarian Elneny all gone when he arrived in 2018.
    Mustafi wanted to leave but no club would pay any where near what we paid for him and no club was gonna pay Ozil’s 350k p/w or Mkhi’s 177k p/w let alone pay a transfer fee as well.
    Emery got stuck with them.
    Emery wanted quality central defenders but got Luiz Torreira and Pepe instead.
    This season Arsenal was in 3rd a point behind Sheiky.
    Emery had been freezing Ozil out but got bashed by the fans who demanded Ozil play.
    So he put Ozil back in and we dropped down the table and so Emery got the sack.
    Sanhelli and Venkatsham are useless and should have been sacked instead of Emery.
    Last season Emery made the EL final.
    Arteta must win the EL this season.
    If Arteta gets central defensive reinforcements in January
    then he must get top 4 also or be sacked in June.

    1. It seems some do GB and can’t wait for it to happen, announcing those they want to take the places of these “deadwood” players, while they expect the club to get top money for, despite them being “deadwood” and the new players, who’s clubs will be commanding top transfer money and the players similar high contracts to come here.

      Furthermore, these fans also blast kronkie for not spending any money, want him out (as we all do except gotanidea it seems) but then think he’s going to do all this for the love of the club and the support we are showing him…cloud cuckoo land – cloud cuckoo land.

      A little bit of realism for Arteta please, this is life under kronkie – not jkrowlands.

  13. Yes there are many players who are not good enough to play for Arsenal and hopefully they will leave. BUT…the zeitgeist and atmospherics around Arsenal are due to Kroenke and Son. They have no understanding of the driving force and passion behind football success. A half empty Emirates is a symptom of Stan Kroenke’s insidious, absent, greed ridden ownership. All his heart and money is in his massive LA project. I’ll say it again, in this country a man can only own one club for obvious reasons. Kroenke owns may clubs around the globe and the USA and they are all diluted. It should be illegal to own many clubs. The reason is obvious too. David Dean and even Wenger had Arsenal in their very blood. Sadly Danny Fiszman and others sold their shares to Kroenke and unknowingly sold out. Now we have the Kroenke curse. He owns the whole club….everything. Until he is gone Arsenal will suffer….he is like the Tin Man to Arsenal….no heart, no passion. Even if we had Messi and Ronaldo it wouldn’t take long for their spirits to sink and now we can’t even get a top manager because Kroenke chooses the cheap option.

  14. It now looks certain that Arteta will be our next head coach. I ask myself why he would leave his position at Man C when he appears to be the heir apparent to Pep in about 18 months and more or less guaranteed Champion’s League football in the near future. I hope he realises the scale of the problems at AFC and the reluctance of the Kroenke’s to invest in the club.

    There are no short term fixes, the whole team requires a major overhaul which will take time and money and very little chance of us getting back to the top 4 anytime soon.

    In reply to the post, if any player wishes to leave we should hold the door open and have a taxi waiting. I know one thing for sure, this pampered lot won’t know what’s hit them when they join a new club. We need to have players who WANT to play for our club even if it means playing the youngsters. It would great to see an Arsenal team playing with purpose, energy and pride again and I hope Mikel Arteta can bring that back.

    1. There’s no guarantee for Arteta at City. There are a couple of other names mentioned as potential successors to Pep. And if Pep goes, City might go with someone with experience…

  15. This is all made up stories, did the players go on any sort of protest or have given any indication in any interview? Have they been not following manager’s instruction or going against any club policy? Stop with this no reliable source bullsh*t stories just to get click bait. For once Arsenal fans need to use their brain and don’t believe things which come from unreliable source ….stop with our own player abuse and stepping on them. Some of the players mentioned like Laca n Xhaka …you can see their passion n effort when they play bar their ability. I don’t think I have seen any commitment or effort issue from out first team players it’s just they are so low on confidence n team is struggling so much they are scared to play.

  16. Im not sure the report is accurate, all clubs have players wanting to leave for varying reasons, its not new and its not just Arsenal. Players for me can leave if they are not happy and we can reinvest and we can all move on. The next messi,ronaldo, neymar, mbappe or whoever is out there waiting to be the next flavour of the month, let go and find them.

  17. Apathy spreads like a cancer. It starts with the senior players. When your most expensive player does not give 100% or even 50% at times it spreads through the whole squad. It has been Arsenals biggest issue since late in Wenger’s tenure. A rebuild starts with the release of players not willing to give a 100%. We all know who they are and it has to start now.

  18. Sell

    Mustafa Sokratis Luiz Kolasinac
    Elneny xhaka
    Mkhitaryan ozil aubameyang

    Bellerin chambers holding Tierney
    Torreira guendozi
    Pepe smith-rowe martinelli

  19. I doubt this report

    Much More than half of them aren’t good enough to play for the top 6 teams and won’t get a better salary anywhere else

    Aubameyang, Lacazette, Torreira, Tierney, Guendouzi, Pepe I can understand wanting to leave

  20. I stoped reading at “Manager”, Arsenal last manager was Wenger, everything after that is Head Coach ;).

    When shit hits the fan, everyone want’s out, so there is truth in that players wanting to leave, its just natural. The fact that the board want’s to sign Arteta as head coach, just adds fuel to the fire. Most of our so called starplayers probably hoped that they would go after a “bigger” name. But who of the available would like to come to a club like ours, where they will be hampered by the background staff (Raul, Edu)

  21. I only disapprove the transfer of Lacazette. He must stay and be played for the rest of the season because Aubameyang will definitely be sold in January. I wouldn’t take cash+player unless the cash is in the region of 70 million euro/quid.

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