Report – Italian club reject Arsenal’s £51million bid for their player

Arsenal has fallen in love with strikers from Serie A and it will come as no surprise if their next frontman comes from the Italian top flight.

In the last year, they have targeted the likes of Dusan Vlahovic, Gianluca Scamacca and Victor Osimhen.

They followed the latter from when he played at Lille in France and have continued to trail him as he does well in Italy.

The Nigerian scored 14 goals in 27 Serie A matches last season, and at 23, he will certainly get better.

Arsenal has seen enough potential in him, and they are now looking to add him to their squad.

Il Mattino claims they have just tabled a bid worth around £51million to Napoli for his signature.

However, that offer was rejected out of hand with the Italians waiting for around £85m.

They signed him for £69m and they will certainly want to make a profit before selling him to another club.

Just Arsenal Opinion

If we want to sign a top striker like Osimhen, we must spend a lot of money.

Strikers who are young and reliable are scarce, so the clubs who own these individuals will only sell them for top prices.

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  1. Mental performance from him earlier today as he bagged quadruple of goals in his country’s AFCON qualifiers in a 10 nil win.Against a low quality side though,but the fact that he’s ruthless enough to punish a side that much for their blunders is what excites me the most,wonderful player.

      1. No, that’s even worse than Arsène Wenger bidding an extra pound to activate s player’s release clause.Arsenal expect Napoli to make a loss of several millions on s player they bought 2 years earlier who is performing very well.

  2. It’s only normal if we get Osimhen, with pool having Nunez, city Haaland, and more to come,

    We must show we are hungry 😋 for a place in the top 4,

  3. Out of reach for us I’m afraid
    Cold hard facts that some fans cannot digest .
    Quality player when he was plying his trade in France and apparently Wenger tried to bring him in before he moves on .

    1. As I said before,I reckon that Napoli played us.they made us believed that Pépé was their main target and were readying a bid of 90M(according to the Athletic,the decision to bid for Pépé was taken by Arsenal officials during a barbecue at Kroenke’s ranch, apparently they’ve heard rumours of that “bid” and had to act on it)just to have a free go at Victor.

  4. Rediculous offer, he isn’t interested in us and Lazio have made it clear to everyone interested they wont listen to less than 100mil. Either not true or a throw away offer.

  5. only our administrative lightweights would offer a team almost 20M less than Napoli just paid for the player in question or roughly half of their asking price….of course, I would suspect they would take much less than the 100M being bandied about, but certainly not this sort of “insulting” offer…as such, I would suspect this was another Vlahovic-like ruse, in that they want us to believe that they’re seriously interested in top tier recruits…I would go so far as to suggest that our management team would have collectively sh** their pants if Napoli had actually said yes

  6. I don’t get it…..I thought it was rumoured we tabled €90m for him some weeks back which was rejected?

    How come it’s €51m now….

    Someone explain what’s going on……cos we need a marque signing and we must not forget Chelsea need a striker, they may highjack him

    1. What’s going on is typical Arsenal transfer window complete with PR spin and hesitation, followed by excuses and dithering.

      Is Tielemans the midfielder to get us to next level, or filling a position for 25 million?

      Nketiah won’t help us get anywhere, neither will ElNeny, but they sure fill 2 positions don’t they?

      How about a DM we have been lacking for a decade or more?

      Everyone and their mother know the positions we need filled, but club will likely do It’s typical;
      Underbid massively
      Make excuses
      Sign inferior player and try to spin it as a win

  7. Plz let us try n get him some that can score goals any time any were is what we need he can use is head n is legs and very fast

  8. Oh dear!!! Remember the “insulting, ridiculous, embarrassing” claims made about the club’s offer of £40,000,00 plus £1.00 made for Suarez?

    It seems that the same has just happened here – so who is to blame this time?

  9. Lining up the normal excuse just to show that we attempted but it’s just a blatant lie…..incoming at the end of the window:

    “Well we really tried to get in a lot of quality players but didn’t manage to get the deals over the line”

  10. He just scored 4 goals in a 0-10 win for Nigeria. Could have made it 5 but gave the penalty to his team mate who was yet to eat to have a plate on the table. Ruthless striker and great team player.
    4 goals 1 assist in Europa 5 Europa league games. 14 goals and 3 assists in 27 Seria A games in an injury hit season for him. With Nigerian he has scored 15 goals and 8 assists in 23 appearances for the international side. Surpassing Arsenal legend Kanu and also the great Jay Jay Okocha.

    Sign this dude. He is the real deal. No penny pinching

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