Report – Italian giants want to sign top Arsenal man

The Telegraph is reporting that Napoli wants to sign Kieran Tierney after they missed out on his signature last summer.

The defender joined the Gunners in the summer of 2019 after a trophy-laden spell at the Scottish club.

Tierney’s first season wasn’t the best of campaigns, and it seemed that he would leave the Gunners.

He has now returned to form and is one of the best players in Mikel Arteta’s team.

The report says that Napoli missed out on a chance to sign him in the summer transfer window, and they are now prepared to make another move for him at the end of this season.

He is their long-term target, but they have plans to make a move, for the next six months at least.

Chelsea’s Emerson Palmieri has emerged as a short term solution for them and they will sign him this month for the rest of the campaign.

Tierney’s importance to the current Arsenal team means that Napoli will probably have to break the bank before they can land him.

The Gunners have made him a key part of their play, with the full-back bombing forward to create chances for his teammates.

Arsenal paid £25million to sign him, and they will certainly want to make a nice profit if they sell him.

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  1. Most ridiculous transfer story I have read for a long time. He was linked to napoli before he joined us.
    As a arsenal fan I would like to think he joined arsenal because we are the bigger club but realistically he joined because of the premiership and the money on offer.
    That hasn’t changed firstly napoli would have to compete with a lot of other clubs if he did decided to leave and secondly napoli do not have the finances to sign him.
    Personally I think it is a play for a new contract but his agent needs to think bigger if he is to get arsenal to act now.

  2. I don’t think his agent has anything to do with this story but in any case does anyone really think Tierney would be interested, no of course not.
    By the way, he didn’t join the Premiership, he left that back in Scotland and joined the Premier League😜.
    Ok, I’ll change my name from Declan to Mr Pedantic.

    1. Declan, How about Mr Accurate instead. A pedantic person sounds so bossy but it only means insisting on accuracy inlanguege, the lack of which leads to endless misunderstndings . At government level it even lead, arguably, so some say, to the start of World War One . So why not think of it as being a truth seeker instead of a pedant? Words carry prejudicial meanings to some folk but accuracy just ensures truth.
      It is one reason why I am so wordy when writing.

      Now to the important bit though, why on Earth would a young Scot living in London , part of a great world famous club and a likely next club captain- next season IMO – want to go to horrible Naples! He would not and will not.

      1. Jon, as you chose to bring it up, below is an example of me being pedantic:
        You mention accurancy, a subject supposedly close to your heart. In your post there is a space after “in”. The next word should be “language”. Ether add an “s” after “lead” or insert “may”, “could” etc after “it”. That is just in your first three sentences.
        Perhaps the wrong time to criticise others whilst praising yourself?
        “Accuracy just ensures truth”? Hmmm…

        1. Guy Clever dick but I am ahead of you. Though I did not know YOU would reply (I assumed Declan would, as I’d replied to him) I deliberately misspelt language to see if he came back to tell me he d seen it.
          You have got me on to the other typos though, so well done! You now have free entry to the Clever Dick Pedant Society and get to sit next to the chairman, me of course, at meetings.

          A shame, for you, that you do not take the actual point of my post though. I stand by my comments in all seriousness as accuracy in langauge is truth. Typos and spelling mistakes though are mere nothings, only of interest to non thinkers. My whole point, which you clearly missed, is about the accurate MEANING of language, not typos and spelling nitpicks.

          1. Not entirely. Bad grammar is prevalent in society nowadays Jon – both you and I are of an age to understand the pride we take in writing correctly. Blame schools no longer enforcing good grammar or the rise of texts and casual e-mails. But grammar along with spelling are still appreciated by many as a sign of education, politeness, intelligence and taking pride in what you do.Bad sentence structure, punctuation, spelling can all change meaning and endorse “accuracy is truth”. “Examples?” I hear you cry…
            1 “We’re going to learn to shoot, boys!” versus “We’re going to learn to shoot boys!”
            2 ‘A woman, without her man, is nothing.’ versus ‘A woman: without her, man is nothing.’
            3 ” I love my parents, Kylie Minogue, and Kermit the Frog” versus “I love my parents, Kylie Minogue and Kermit the Frog”
            4 “What’s that in the road – a head?” versus “What’s that in the road ahead?”
            Accuracy is truth. QED

          2. Sorry Jon I’ve only just seen your reply and the various comments after it. Unfortunately, as you have mentioned yourself previously, there are so many articles on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up.
            I love language too and am proud to join your new group with the acronym CDPS. Stay safe, stay vigilant my friend. (Thumbs up emoji)

  3. Napoli are not an Italian “giant” and never have been.There are only three giants in Italy and they are all based in the North of the Country.

  4. i really feel that tierney is here with us for the long haul, he will be our captain, in the future, and there is no doubts about that.sure,napoli would love to have him, and so would many more clubs, but he was there for the taking a while back, so tough luck !.i suppose we must listen to thunder.

  5. Christmas is over, and Santa isn’t delivering no matter how much one wants or begs. Tierney is irreplaceable in my opinion, and no club with a hint of ambition would consider selling him.

    If Tierney wants to test himself, he is in the best league in the world already. He is destined to be a captain, and I hope it is with Arsenal and soon.

  6. Yes Durand. Its isn’t Christmas and April is three months away too! 😁 But if they still want a def, we have lots to offload. They can buy one and get one free!

    1. Kola will be available for free transfer this Summer; perhaps they should set their sights on more realistic targets.

      I feel that Tierney is perfectly positioned; a team rebuilding using their talented youth, a head coach eager to make his mark, and he is well suited to be named captain in the future.

      I mention captain as he seems to have the respect of his teammates, the coaching staff, the club, and the fans. He articulates very well, and makes his point without condemning his teammates.

  7. Admin Martin states that Kieran Tierney had a poor first season, yet fails to explain that he came to Arsenal unable to play due to recovering from a hernia operation and then suffered an injury.
    His second season has shown his true form. Should Arsenal try to sell Tierney, there would be open revolt by supporters.

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