Report – Juventus will sell Arsenal target for the right price

Arsenal lost to Juventus in the battle for the signature of Manuel Locatelli last year.

After his heroics at Euro 2020, the Gunners wanted to add him to their squad, but he turned them down to move to Juve.

The midfielder was the creative head of the Sassuolo team before he made the move, but he has not been effective in Turin.

The Old Lady’s pragmatic style doesn’t seem to suit him, and he might need to change homes.

Arsenal has since built their midfield around Martin Odegaard, and they even signed Fabio Vieira in the last transfer window.

However, reports claim they still retain an interest in Locatelli, who is only at Juve on loan from Sassuolo.

Calciomercato is discussing the interest and Juventus’ response, and they claim he is not a key player for Max Allegri.

If Arsenal can offer a fee that covers what they will pay to redeem him from Sassuolo, he could be allowed to move to London.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Locatelli was in stunning form at the Euros, and it is sad to see him struggle at Juve.

He would certainly enjoy his game better at Arsenal, but we have bolstered our midfield already, and he might not be a regular if he joins us now.

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  1. Lacottelli is a Juventus player so he is not on loan there, it cost the old lady somewhere in the region of 35 quid to acquire his service and that’s 10 quid more than what we bid for Douglass Luiz a far less accomplish player.

    This would be a good signing the team needs

  2. Websurfer I see things a little different.

    Arsenal should not just sign players that want to join us.

    It is Arsenal responsibility to make our program so interesting and compelling that top players want to join.
    Please note that’s exactly how we are looking now so Edu job will be a lot easier selling our programs to potential top players.

    Even our harshest critics will admit Arsenal is building something special

    1. Sorry to disagree, but if things start going south at the Emirates, those players will be the first to want out, just like Locatelli at Juventus. I agree with Websurfer

      1. But you must agree not all the players that wants to join us is good enough or fits our style of play.

        Its the gaffer responsibilities to coach the team to play in a particular type of way hence it is his call to sanction the purchase of players with a ceetain skill set in his opinion that will make the team clicked.

        Now that player in question may not be intrested at first, it’s the gaffer responsibility to convince that player that’s his future is in North London.

        It was Wenger who convinced Henry that his future was in the Red Half of London and the rest is history

        1. The case of Wenger and Henry is a different footballing era. Nowadays, the only thing that matters is money. Overmars was back in a job barely two weeks after being sacked for an atrocity. Self-confessed murderers are in charge at Newcastle. Man City embarrassed UEFA in court over a deserved champions league ban because they have money. UEFA wants to implement the super league scheme in the champions league to protect the big clubs and the less said about PSG and their adherence to FFP, the better. It’s all about money.
          Look at James Rodriguez at Everton. The moment Ancelotti (which was his only attraction) leaves, he disrespects the club and forces his way out…to the middle east…for the money. That’s why I’m wary of us signing Mudryk given that he publicly calls Brentford a small club after they tried to sign him and yet praises Arsenal as a club he cannot reject. When Madrid comes one day, he will disrespect us. So I believe we should look out for players who want to be here as much as possible and not those who just see us as an escape route after blatantly rejecting us

  3. I agree to a large extent, strongly agree money is spoiling the sport.
    It may take fans to take to the streets in a similar manner like against the super league, there is nothing owners hate like an empty stadium

    When we choose a player and the player his self is a boyhood fan of Arsenal that’s a bonus, not all cases will be like Thomas Partey, who said a year before joining us that he would like to play in a midfield with Xhaka , getting Partey was like deal made in heaven.

    Maybe Jesus would have preferred to remain at City, a team that guarantee trophy, but the gaffer may have sold him a project where he will be the main man with guarantee playing time, a similar playing style, playing in the city it self and that may have convinced him his future is in North London

    But the gaffer is making Arsenal very attractive, wouldn’t you agree?

    1. There is a reason Madrid has decided not to sign Mbappe unless the player himself reaches out to them after he snubbed them. We should not show players who snubbed us that they will be accepted with all their underperformance. If we do, they will come and becomes primadonnas. I prefer a less talented but hungry player than a very talented but uninterested player. Remember Pogba at United. Given the way United went back for him after he chose to leave them, he became a primadonna and never really gave his best consistently

  4. We need a large squad to compete in the EPL , not just a large squad but a quality and efficient replacement for each position at that.

    Look at what Halland is doing at present , 14goals compare to Jesus 5goal.

    We need a proper goal scorer and A DM who can play 38games on his feet un-injured … Yes partey is good but he can’t play 5games in a row let alone 20games all season.

    Declan rice is a player that has a big presence in DM, rice is a proven EPL player with proven match fitness all season , week in week out + he’s under 24years and he fits in to home grown player … why can’t we spend the money once and for all and have partey as his back up … let go of Mo-Elneny at the end of the season.

    We need a proper goal scorer who can Guarantee us Goals every week , a Striker who has a presence like Halland , who will be a night mare to defense and Dusan Vlahovic fits in well with that description, he has work rate , his movement combined with Jesus will be devastating … Vlahovic is a box 18 striker that doesn’t need 100% chances to score a goal , give him 50% pass and he will turn it to a goal for you . … Did you guys saw Kelvin Debruyne pass to Halland for the second goal , that’s Vlahovic movement for you.

    Imagine how Arsenal is doing well currently , injury/Knock to Jesus can end the juicy celebration coming out of emirates … a team challenging should have proper replacement for a striker and we don’t have that currently …

    Arsenal suppose to rest Martineli for the fourth coming Liverpool game but he will play in Europa because no adequate player to replace his position with the same end result … we need mikylo Murdryk , skillful , powerful runs , pace , assist and goals .

    Dusan Vlahovic

    Declan rice /Locateli

    Mikylo Mirdryk

    If we can get this guys in , Do whatever it takes plus The squad Arsenal has currently , then Arsenal will be untouchable at least next season.

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