Report – La Liga club contacts Arsenal about signing flop

Nicolas Pepe could be on his way out of Arsenal after an underwhelming spell at the Emirates.

He was one of the main signings Arsenal made after Arsene Wenger left the club in 2018.

We expected him to thrive, having arrived at the Emirates for the start of the 2019/2020 campaign following a stunning term at Lille.

To his credit, Pepe has shown his abilities in some matches, but the Ivorian has been a poor acquisition for much of his spell at the Emirates.

Mikel Arteta has given up on the winger ever becoming good enough for his team, and we do not expect him to play a key role for the club this season.

Dario de Sevilla reports that Sevilla wants to add him to their squad, and they have contacted Arsenal over a transfer.

The report says the Spanish club is willing to offer the Gunners 15m euros for his signature, lower than Arsenal’s 25m euros asking price.

Just Arsenal Opinion

If we get a chance to offload Pepe in this transfer window, we must take it because the Ivorian is holding us back.

The winger has been nothing but a poor buy, and we must cut our losses and allow him to leave sooner than later.

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    1. Agree NY, how on earth can a player that was scoring regularly and just been dumped be accused of holding us back. Surely the manager ( and he proved it this season) is holding us back far more than a player he just has never played. Pepe was scoring freely and was benched to see us struggle to create chances and score under this manager. We are in the bottom of the league at scoring goals last season. Wether he should or could be sold be sold has nothing at all with Pepe holding us back. He will go to another club and start producing again, be quite sure about that. We will see who or what is/was holding who or what back.

        1. Really!!!!!!!! But he was our highest scoring wide player and was the highest scoring wide player for years and then benched. You make no sense.

            1. Well Yes!!!!
              Answer my point that he was our highest wide scorer by a wide margin when Arteta came and then was benched? At least i do actually make a point, which many avoid, just snipe!!!!!

  1. Remember in Arteta’s first full season(2020/21) as coach, Arsenal was as low as 15th(while experimenting with Willian) before Pepe was given more opportunities towards the end and he finished with 10 goals just like Aubameyang. Lacazette scored 13 goals and Saka 5 goals. Pepe also scored 5 goals In the Fa Cup too. In 2021/22 season, it was mysterious how Pepe was treated by Arteta. Like several others, Pepe was poorly managed. And let’s not forget that Pepe did not force the price tag of 72m pounds upon Arsenal. He should not be blamed for Arsenal failure last season and he is not holding back the team. Players holding back Arsenal are Holding, Cedric, Mari, Torriera, Maitland-Niles and Runarsson, as they are not good enough, hence MUST BE SOLD NOW.

    1. No it’s still pepes fault, if he is so good as you all claim, why isn’t he playing regularly?
      ….wait, he isnt the manager who selects the team

    2. Pepe’s all round game is not good enough; hence he gets benched.
      There is nothing mysterious about it. If he is to play more regularly it would mean sacrificing Saka whose all round game is better.
      This very simple fact seems to a cause of such difficulty for fans who continue to insult the manager and those who do not share their view.
      If Pepe was as good as people seem to be making him out to be why aren’t we seeing top teams from around Europe seeking to sign him. How can they all be blind to his incredible untapped potential?

      1. David Your obvious and pertinent point escapes the understanding of such as Reggie and those who fondly imagine Pepe is some sort of ill treated superstar.

        Truth is that Pepe is unsuited to Prem football,and is far too careless, laid back and LAZY
        He was a disastrously bad buy with about £72 mill completely wasted, less the pittance we MAY eventually get back, when some club is foolish enough, as we were, to buy him!

      2. I think he does have a lot of potential – he’s fast, has quick feet and is a very good finisher (a rare ability ability) but I agree with you – he’s struggled to adapt here, so why would it be easier somewhere else?

      3. David because we have devalued him by the way we have handled him. He was very well suited to the prem when he was banging goals in before Arteta came but like so many other strikers we possess have become fruitless. He is not current now because we kept him benched, while all the players playing were knocking all the goals in, NOT!!!!!!

        1. I do not agree that we have devalued him. He has not demonstrated sufficient all round ability and consistency to justify a regular spot in the team.
          If he was as good as you seem to think there would be other top teams looking to sign him based on the strength of his performances when he was selected more often.

          1. David, we have devalued him, thats why teams dont want to pay for him. Big teams buy current talent that are currently producing, they dont take chances on history. He was scoring as mainy goals as our strikers before Arteta came then zilch.

  2. Flops, deadwood, outcast – just some of the derogatory terms we use constantly to undermine and berate the reputation of our own players. It’s no surprise other clubs are refusing to pay fair market values when we put them up for sale. Bellerin, Torriera and Pepe – just three examples staring us in the face.

    1. Exactly @Rfrancis.
      We always use derogatory words to describe our players. I bet you, if G.Jesus and Zinchenko were to be Arsenal players, maybe by now a cross section of the fans would’ve called them flops.
      Just look at how Pep managed them and their market value is still high. Look at the way other experienced managers handle their players. Keeping their market value high. In our case, it’s very poor.
      Look at Bellerin, Torreira, Guendouzi, Auba, their market value crashed. We almost did same with Salliba.
      Mikel should sit up and learn how to manage players in a better manner. It’s costing the club some good money.

  3. Not for 15 million. Pepe can play in cup games, early Europa stages, and sub in games.

    The extra exposure can drive his price up, besides not like we have a lot of choices in attack. His goal tally was decent when he got game time 2 years ago.

    Arteta and Edu have to make some changes to get more value from players on our books. Can’t keep giving players away or accepting low ball offers.

  4. There are clearly faults on both sides ,but his lack of success with Arsenal highlights the yawning gap between the standard, and pace of the game in the French league and the EPL.I doubt if any other Premier League Club would be interested in Pepe despite his undoubted talent in view of his high wage although I have heard that Newcastle might be interested.What about offering him to Villa as a direct swap for the future star, Carney Chukwuemeka who will be the next Bellingham?

  5. Pepe is not holding us back. The only person holding us back in the man in charge of team selection – the apprentice.

    Dude is abysmally poor tactically and man management.
    Dude can’t even manage his own ego, talk more of others.

  6. It sad that we can’t make use of his talent nor able to sell him at reasonable price to get a decent replacement. For 15m you can’t get any player in any position to play for Arsenal first team. It is just crazy that we can’t sell any of our players at reasonable/market price.
    But when it comes to purchase we are paying at the higher end of the market price.
    It was not the case when Wenger was in charge. It just the immaturity of the management and coaching staff.

    1. Our transfers were getting progressively worse since David dein left – wenger didn’t have to deal fully with the Ozil mess, but we got forced into a lot of suboptimal sales – fabregas, RVP, sanchez, Cole (and subsequently lassana diarra), Alex song, adebayor, clichy, sagna and others were all sold for far less than their value. People blamed city for buying all our players, but we didn’t bleed as much from them as we really should have given the quality and experience of the players they got.
      Others were let go for relatively little after not fulfilling their potential at the club, despite plenty of chances, such as bendtner and notably szczesny, and then there’s gnabry.
      This is not new – all of this was under wenger. We have been inept with contracts and player sales for some time

      1. I shudder to think what would have transpired regarding Ozil had wenger stayed on. He’d probably still be here and on 1m pw!

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