Report links Arsenal’s terrible performance to target’s decision to move elsewhere

HITC have hinted that Tammy Abraham took a decision to a move to Roma after watching Arsenal lose to Brentford in embarrassing fashion yesterday.

The striker has been strongly linked with a move across London this summer, but with the likes of Folarin Balogun, Eddie Nketiah, Gabriel Martinelli, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette all vying for the central striker role at present, an exit would likely need to come first.

The Frenchman has been tipped as the guy to move on with less than 12 months remaining on his current contract, and at present, no visible intention to extend that deal.

Gianluca Di Marzio claims that we are looking likely to miss out on the Chelsea striker’s signature however, as he moves ever-closer to Jose Mourinho’s Roma side, and ‘almost definitely’ closing the door to the Gunners.

HITC seems to link our loss to Brentford to the striker’s decision however, with a mere matter of hours between the result and the latest update from the Italian journalist.

Missing out on Tammy will come as a painful blow with Lacazette’s contract running down, and with Folarin Balogun failing to impress on his Premier League debut against the Bees yesterday, and as if we wasn’t already down, both Laca and Auba remain doubts for next week’s match also.


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  1. This is not a blow. We need way better than Tammy Abraham. Another Chelsea reject. No thank you.
    Even though we currently are a mid table squad with a mid table manager( being generous), if we do sign anyone else it must be someone to excite and bring our squad quality closer to those in the top 4. I.e players like Maddison in no.10, Martinez up top, aourar in no.8, a new RB (trippier if possible) can’t see any of these moves happening so mid table will be best for this season I fear.
    Why are laca, xhaka, Willian, elneny, holding, bellerin, soares for example still at club?Would any of these make it into any top 6 side. Not for me. I appreciate it’s a tough time to sell players but Roma wanted xhaka for 15 mill for example- that is more than enough if we as a club are serious about rebuilding and changing our lazy club culture. We are for now being left far behind the top 6.
    Only hope i have now is that Arteta gets sacked before year end and a decent manager can get a tune out of the squad to then push for top 6 in second half of season and start the rebuild next summer.
    Hard to understand my own thought process when this years summer is yet to pass

    1. Well, when a “lesser” player like Abraham rejects you in favor of much less wages and moving to Italy, it tells you something huh?

      1. And who would want to work with arteta ? Huge mess. Hesitations all the time. Now we hear that he want to sell auba. What the hell? Why waiting 1st game of the season to start understanding things? He plays balogun but why not having give him at least some minutes last year in PL instead of these olders guys (willian, auba…). Thats very very concerning….

        1. Joke. Auba and laca might be starting to revolt so arteta may want them gone. Apparently tuchel mentioned when coaching auba before at Dortmund that he needs to be handled a certain way I.e don’t bench him for turning up late in a crunch derby match. This is the difference. Arteta is just too inexperienced. He is learning his trade at arsenal-not good enough and yes very concerning

    2. “Why are laca, xhaka, Willian, elneny, holding, bellerin, soares for example still at club?Would any of these make it into any top 6 side.”(sic)

      Barring Willian, all those players you’ve mentioned were part of a top 6 team in the 17/18 and 18/19 seasons. And Willian joined us from a top 4 team.

      1. Granted (well not in all cases but I won’t go into it) The question remains. Would any of them make it into a top 6 team now? Hence the need to replace all – not just 1 or 2.

        1. Except Xhaka, none of those players set foot on the pitch in our defeat against Brentford yesterday. Why do you want to replace players who played no part in the game yesterday?

          1. Pointless. It’s not about yesterday or 1 match. None of them are good enough to be part of a squad for arsenal football club and they have each proven that over the years. Squad being the main word above. Look at yesterday as you say – what options had we from the bench apart from saka. Most of the above named players filled the bench. Hence not a good enough squad. That’s all I’m saying and i think that’s a fair comment

    1. Lol. Sold for what? 7m with add ons ? The guy will be better there than working (being benched) by our rookie manager

  2. We should have signed Patson. But but Laca should have been gone first. 50M wasted on rubbish striker by an utter rubbish Wenger. 35M for Xhaka, 72M for Pepe.Over 100M and we cannot even score 1 goal. Our rivals Villa replied back with 2. Sack Mikel if you wish to but his replacement will get sacked by Jan too with the utter rubbish we accumulated over the years. As I said earlier, Xhaka will see the back of Mikel too it seems like.

      1. Not his fault at all but.. there is a but… it was the beginning of the difficulties we are now confronting and the inability of the highly paid executive level then to act soon enough whenever necessary to avert the crisis

        I loved the Arsenal stability and was slightly surprised at the Abramovitch attitude. It has certainly paid off for Chelsea in their pursuit of success and we are left in their wake

      2. Ignorance is bliss, @Fat one.

        The length a few so called “supporters” of Arsenal go to ungratefully besmirch Arsene’s reputation three years after he’s gone.

        1. surely you must understand that the only reason Arteta was both appointed as MANAGER and been given a far lengthier leash than his immediate predecessor, is as a result of those within the franchise and fanbase who see within Arteta, rightly or wrongly, something that reminds them of our former manager…whether it be the similar narrative, albeit a considerable stretch, regarding the notion of a relatively untested, seemingly cerebral figure(visa vie his connection to Pep and the aforementioned Wenger) leading us to the promised land, against all odds, or the fact that Wenger’s exceedingly long tenure suggests that we simply mustn’t become another quick hook Chelski, either way, the fact remains, if these specific experiences weren’t a fundamental part of our DNA, Arteta would likely never been given the opportunity or, if he was, wouldn’t have survived beyond Christmas last year…just saying

  3. Why are we so dramatic, ‘this comes as a major blow as Folarin Balogun fails to impress on his first premier league debut.’
    Oh no he didn’t have a great game on his first game we better sell him and sign Tammy Abraham, and then when he does well at his next club we can slate the management for selling him.
    You have to be patient with young players and give them a chance to actually get into the groove of starting big premier league games. Too many young players are dropped after one bad game to only be used sparingly and never really show true potential. And then when they are sold to a club that actually use them regularly play well and shine.
    Yes it didn’t really work yesterday but arteta needs to give the young lads time to adapt to the big stage and start really playing together.

    1. Yes we have to be patient but we can question the management. Why was he not given minutes last year. Zero minutes in PL. Why ? To give them to willian and strikers that mikel dont want now. Now that season started. So stupid.

      1. Exactly! Martinelli always benched and Balogun wasn’t given any EPL experience last year. Now starts under massive pressure.

        Terrible management, like usual.

  4. Unfortunately, it seems Arteta doesn’t have the time or the luxury to play the youngsters.

    I fear his job will depend upon how well we play between now and XMAS.

    Should he be fired, I have been giving thought to who we might bring in (or worse who would actually accept the job) to replace him. I have thought of no real candidates so far.

    They would inherit all the same problems faced by Emery and Arteta (The Kroenke Family).

    What would make it worse, I suspect we will have no money in the pot to buy more/different players, since we seem to have blown it all in this transfer window.

    I have mentioned the downward spiral Arsenal would find itself in before, but if Arteta does not get it right this season, that downward spiral could well be in a Toilet Bowl.

    I am not a great believer in Religion, but I am praying to the Football gods that Arteta can make a fist of it this season!!!

    1. Ten Haag from Ajax. Used to working with youngsters, used to limited budget and coaching up players he has, and plays a more attractive attacking style of football than Arteta-ball.

      Also did pretty well in CL with team he had. I know he extended his contract, but Byern spent £30 million to pry Naggelsmann from RB Leipzig, so we should also consider it to get a proper manager to arrest our decline.

    2. Ljungberg ? Vieira might have been a good manager too. Contrary to arteta, he already coached and proved being at least decent in Nice. He climbed the ladder little by little and he might deserve one day a coaching role at the higher level. I think emery was doing well until the club did not back him. He lost the dressing room but that would be interesting to know who were the leaders of that shit….

      1. Well, I am guessing that some of those who have now been dispatched were the ringleaders and blinking good riddance As for the peerless Vieira, he has yet to prove himself in the EPL but as an admirer of his contribution to our club I hope he takes his chance

        1. Johnze and SueP, Arsenal had a very good head coach/manager in Unai Emery. The problem was the muppets in the Board and senior management didn’t back Emery in instilling discipline in the recalcitrant German clique or support him in the transfer market, to the same degree as they have Mikel Arteta.
          They backed “the wrong horse.” Unfortunately Emery was and is respected by his peers in football management in Europe due to his experience and success. They have seen how he was treated and replaced with a learner manager. They would be reticent to come to Arsenal should Arteta depart, concerned about the mess they might find, with inadequate funding to fix it.

  5. A potential Arsenal target IMO:
    Kasper Dolberg scored 2 goals in Nice away win vs. french champions Lille.

      1. May be your right. 🙂 Sometimes it takes time to adapt to PL.
        But Dolberg was Denmarks topscorer at The Euros 2020.

        1. Sorry I can’t help this one…. How long did it take the Brentford players to adapt to their first EVER EPL game?

        2. Websurfer.. I didn’t mean he’d take time to adapt. Look at the firepower we have and the number of goals we’ve scored (or not scored) tells you everything you need to know!

  6. Well, I am guessing that some of those who have now been dispatched were the ringleaders and blinking good riddance As for the peerless Vieira, he has yet to prove himself in the EPL but as an admirer of his contribution to our club I hope he takes his chance

  7. I can’t see Arteta lasting more than four more games,as we are gonna lose them,the players don’t seem on board with his tactics anymore ,this is always a slippery slope. I just hope we don’t get relegated right now

  8. Absolute nonsense. Why would he not believe he could make difference at Arsenal, especially if, as stated everywhere, he would prefer to remain in London.

  9. Arteta is asking cows to do the horses work. Xhakas brilliance in pass accuracy does not really translate to good midfield play, he plays it safe all the time with no intent of playing defense splitting passes, as of Auba he is past it, Chambers might have struggled but that could be because the player infront of him is waste. We have lost pace in midfield bar aside esr, bukayo. The other thing i am noticing with Arteta is that he appears to be a grudge holder, aouar should be here, maybe Maddison. Tierney to play in front of Tavares.

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