Report- Manchester United man is considering Arsenal’s offer claims Arsenal has made an offer to Marcus Rashford, and he is considering it.

The striker struggled in the last campaign following a surgery he had earlier that summer.

His poor form contributed to United’s bad campaign, and they could offload him now that they have a new manager.

Erik Ten Hag is expected to ring the changes, and Arsenal wants to take advantage to sign Rashford.

The Gunners need new attackers, and the England international will provide them with ammunition in that department if he joins.

The report claims he has an offer from Arsenal at the moment which he might accept.

Barcelona is competing with the Gunners for his signature as well and both clubs will hope he can choose them over the other.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Rashford has shown his class at United in some seasons apart from the last one, but he is not as accomplished as many think he is.

Arsenal needs an attacker that will guarantee up to 20 league goals per season, and Rashford can hardly deliver that.

We can add him as another squad member, but he shouldn’t be our main attacking signing.

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  1. It just gets worse doesn’t it?
    Arsenal not signing anyone would be better than signing these two…

  2. Is there some reason why we can’t play pepe up front? He has a decent shot and is tall enough to get on the end of crosses so why not give him a go in pre season, arteta clearly doesn’t fancy him on the wing so surely it’s worth a go considering how much we paid for him
    Just an idea

    1. Agree he’s technically the or one best technically gifted players we have fella but he falls short on his decision making and more importantly zero physicality which you need, to varying degrees, in the EPL.

    2. He’s just not a striker. He’s a one dimensional winger and that’s it. Can’t make an apple into an orange.

      1. Thoughts of T Henry spring to mind.
        Winger turned into devastating striker – obviously Pepe does not have his pace or skill but he might do something.
        Certainly better than Rashford who is too busy making sure the kids get their veggies…

  3. Say it’s true…
    It could be a brilliant move. Get him firing again and Bob’s your uncle
    It could be the opposite of course …

    1. Rashford had a good first eighteen months when he broke into Manchester United teM ever since hes been barely average too much hype for an an average striker bit like Jack Wilshere at Arsenal had moments but on the whole very average Stuart

      1. Wilshere had a great season but was overplayed and was out for over a year and kept breaking down. If has remained injury free he would still be playing for Asrenal

      2. It’s certainly a good idea to try Pepe at the centre striker position. But considering his contributions while operating both flanks, he fell well short. Every one knows he is a deft left footer! (So every one knows how to deal with him). Plus he doesn’t have the physical strength. To me, this can only be Plan C.

        We are now all waiting for Plan A to materialise. Does anyone here think any of the Plan A stars will shine at Emirates? A big question mark if you ask me.

        My honest heart tells me that realistically we would more likely be working on Plan B in the coming season. What is Plan B? Allow me to continue after my breakie, please … :p

    2. I’m with you SueP. I think he will have a big bounce back year. I’m intrigued to see what he could do at Arsenal although my suspicion is that Ten Hag will want to have a good look at him next season so unless a silly money offer comes in (which would be risky given his output this season), I think he’s back in ManU colours to see out his contract.

  4. Absolutely NOT!….His political diversions aside he’s looked a busted flush for two seasons now…Nobody yet knows where his best position lies…He’s not a natural goalscorer he’s not a winger and our resources would be much better used elsewhere…as longvas “elsewhere” doesn’t include either Morata or Sterling…

    1. Yes he has. What a disappointment to contribute over 20 goals in two previous sessions.

  5. either this is just more rumour mill fodder or we’re the biggest organizational wh**es in the TW, who clearly don’t have a definitive plan when it comes to recruitment…maybe it’s a bit of both

    1. It’s not just recruitment, who the hell is negotiating some of these contracts allowing players to leave earning the club nothing yet paying them hundreds of thousands a week.

  6. Some people or club’s like using Arsenal for marketing there players knowing that any thing we are interested in is always good so they are taking that advantage to attach everything to us. Our transfer team should be careful.

  7. Well I don’t mind having rashford, he’s decent , can play anywhere up front, and can score goals. In a market where strikers are few and far between or old and overpriced, Rashford is a welcome addition.

  8. ….and the unbelievable thing is these players are happily accepting less wages at the clubs they move to why we give other clubs unwanted players pay rise.

    1. 100% I agree with that attacking 4 arsenal will be title contenders. Buck up Arteta and Edu, make it happen.

  9. We need to rotate players due to injury and Europa League, maybe FA Cup final, so Rashford would be a good addition I think…

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