Report – Midfielder agrees personal terms with Arsenal despite Chelsea interest

Reports suggest that Moises Caicedo has reached a personal agreement with Arsenal, as the Gunners continue their pursuit of the talented midfielder.

The Ecuadorian has attracted interest from Mikel Arteta’s side, as well as several other clubs in the Premier League, due to his reputation as one of the most promising young midfielders in the league.

While Brighton declined to sell Caicedo to Arsenal during the January transfer window, the situation may be different this time around, as they will have the opportunity to secure a replacement for him.

Chelsea is also said to be interested in Caicedo, but according to Mirror Football, Arsenal has already reached a personal agreement with the player, with only the need to strike a deal with Brighton to complete the transfer and bring him to the Emirates.

Just Arsenal Opinion

This is one of the finest pieces of news we can get this week as we get serious about adding new men to the squad in the summer.

Caicedo will improve our middle and seems more than happy to join us over his other suitors.

However, we have dealt with Brighton in the past and we must know that they will demand a huge transfer fee to allow him to leave.

If we fail to meet their demands, he could be shipped out to another top club before we are ready to act.

Now the season is over, it’s time for the summer Arsenal quiz from our friends at Dublin Arsenal – It’s always a laugh and helps while away the time while we wait for Arsenal’s first signings to come in!

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  1. Good indeed!! Now we have one hand On a trophy. Which one remains to be seen. Rice next then its virtually gauranteed.

  2. Almost certainly complete rubbish but even if by some miracle it is true it means nothing. Agreeing a price with Brighton is what matters. As for Declan Rice, the idea that he is talking to anyone, Bayern or us, before the final is ridiculous.

  3. Arsenal meeting personnel terms with Caicedo kid is the easy part, time will tell if Lee Dixon is right.

  4. Read between the lines Kevin. The only reason Brighton didn’t sell in January was bcoz they did nt have anyone to replace him with. i believe the price was already set in January. All the signs are there that he is coming. Cant Wait!!

    1. His transfer request meant money to Brighton and Hove but for him it was more about his dream move. I need Pop 🌽 now. I’m more confident on this one than the Rice deal

  5. To my understanding, we’d need to have permission from Brighton to talk to him, which usually means we’ve given them enough reason to believe we will come to an agreement. Hope it’s true, but we’ll see.

    1. Arsenal is never a serious club interms of buying players, Brighton scout already got players on check and they’ve signed 3players already… Arsenal on the other hands will be monitoring player I dunno if they want to monitor the players destiny I just dunno then before you know it there will be price war I will pay 25 no pay 27 etc and a serious club will just come and pay 27 why do we keep making same mistakes all the time and this always hurt us later. Hazard suppose come arsenal, mata also, infact they already printed out cristiano Ronaldo jersey, yaya toure, murydrk now cancelo

  6. Though it was reportedly said that Caicedo later apologise for his Martinelli’s ancle breaking at the Emirates. Which as a resultdid see Martinelli got sidelined for the rest of the Arsenal’s last season campaign.
    But knowing fully well in the back of his mind that Arsenal could come back this summer to possibly sign him. Caicedo ought not had broken Martinelli’s ancle with that his atrocious hard tackling that he applied on Martinelli’s foot.
    Well, as a Gooner what else can I say other than to take the unfortunate incident on the chin and move on to hope for a better than last season campaign in the Epl for Arsenal next season. That will see them to unexpectedly and incredibly win the quadrupled next season. With another Arsenal Invisibles season to it Which is a possibility that can become a reality for Arsenal if they vigorously pursued the wins relentlessly to win them next season.
    In this wise, if Arsenal will have money sufficiently to revamp their midfield with better options signings this summer to have an incredible outings in all the four competitions they will play in them. I will encourage Arteta and Edu to go all out for the signings of Caicedo and Maddison by Arsenal this summer.
    But the club can as well sign Declan Rice too if West Ham will not delay Arsenal from signing him in time before they go for their pre-season. But only to see West Ham sell Rice to Man Utd, Chelsea or Bayern Munchen to maximize their sale profit making on him.

    1. Samuel – you just really frightened me when you said Martinelli’s ankle is broken.
      I had to look that up because I wasn’t aware that the injury was so serious.
      Anyway just to let you know, his ankle was not broken, it’s a ligament injury. Having said that, ankle ligament injuries can be worse than a break, but I shouldn’t imagine that he won’t make a quick recovery with the great treatment on offer today. I was out for 6 months in the 80’s with ankle ligament trouble so it can be problematical sometimes. Don’t frighten me like that again please.

      1. EvGunner, sprained ankle ligaments was whot I read too; no bone fracture.
        SAA, I hope Arsenal doesn’t have an “invisible” season!

        1. OG – yes the guy really frightened me with his mis-diagnosis. I thought”bloody hell has Martinelli really done that”. Needless to say very relieved it wasn’t a break, but as you know ankles can be problematical. Harry Kane had a couple of seasons with ankle issues.
          What do you think will happen in the Ashes ?

  7. If AFC get Rice,Caicedo and Calcado from Man City then its been a great transfer window.
    The three of them will cost 200 million but if you release Balogun (35),Tierney (35) Xhaka (15),Mari (6) plus (45) for finishing second in the league and an extra (25)for being in the champions league well theres 161 million and all of a sudden we have three world class players added and we have lost Xhak who is no where near as good as Rice and Tierney who is without doubt a top class player but does he fit Artetas idea of a fullback that is more than a fullback.

  8. Personal agreement dont mean anything, once the club agrees to the fee its a better news than personal agreement. Lets act accordingly and remember what happened with mudryk, and not get hopes hightened for nothing

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