Report – Mikel Arteta targeting at least five new signings

Mikel Arteta is facing a big summer, and the Spaniard is likely to spend as much as he did at the start of this season.

Arsenal outspent their top-four rivals at the beginning of this campaign, but they might still fall short of reaching the next Champions League.

The team is being rebuilt, so spending on new players will be continuous and we expect some new names to join again in the summer. has now revealed five positions that the Gunners will strengthen when they get another chance to buy players.

The report claims Arteta wants a new centre-back, a full-back, and a right-winger so that he can rotate Bukayo Saka. He will also add a new defensive midfielder so he can rest Granit Xhaka and Thomas Partey.

The Gunners will then sign at least one new centre-forward, and they have Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Victor Osimhen and Gabriel Jesus on their radar.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We need new players and we can trust Arteta to make the right signings because most of his buys have done well so far.

The Spaniard has spent another season with this team and he knows what is missing.

Now it is over to the club to support him in closing that gap so that we can challenge for silverware next season.

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  1. Centre back -Saliba 🤔 there you go saved Arteta 50 million

    Personally I would be going for Bowen (love the way he plays )and one you have mentioned in osimhen.

    Wan bissakas available .

    CM-save the money as we all know Xhakas undroppable .

    Easy ,maybe I should start playing football manager again .

  2. You mean five new kids? At how much? It is an embarrassment the level of mismanagement currently going on at Arsenal. You look at a club like Arsenal and you can’t help but laugh at the way this club is being run. Nothing has changed, nothing. You think 5th is progress playing one game a week? lol.

    You don’t send a boy to do a man’s job; truth be told this job is way bigger than Arteta. The biggest mistake the board made was to make him manager. What a mess!!! Arteta manager of an asset worth billions? What pedigree does he have? What has he achieved? Got his coaching badges yesterday and today managing such a great asset. Miracles may happen but there are certain positions in life that require experience and expertise. Two things Arteta lacks.

    How can a club of Arsenal’s magnitude be paying players such as Auba to leave, Ozil to leave just to name a few. Auba is a brand, Ozil is a brand, they will attract more sponsors and deals than the likes of ESR and Saka( though they are both branding up). You look at Arsenal, no star names. We used to have them in surplus, but all we have now is a bunch of kids being promoted by the PR department as the next messiahs. Joke!!!

    We can’t even attract stars. Where you expecting Vlahovic to come play with Nketiah and Sambi? Gone are those days in Arsenal when players came because of other players. “ I look forward to playing with Ozil”, “I look forward to playing with Sanchez”, “ I look forward to playing with Carzola” all gone, you don’t hear players say that now a days too often with Arsenal. What you hear is “I look forward to playing with my new teammates” lol.

    When it comes to asset management Arteta has massively failed. How much have we made in player sales? Almost Zero. How can the management ridiculously allow Arteta and Edu pay players to leave. What!!! Not one not two. It is now a routine. That’s criminal. Unacceptable at any level of football. You mean you didn’t make a profit from a player such as Auba? I don’t care how disruptive they are(blunt excuses by the way) , just manage them well. How many players have we let go for close to nothing, that is unacceptable.

    Now to the buys!!! I’ll start with the Fans cute boy. How many Goals has Ramsdale conceded again? Don’t tell me it’s not his fault, He is part of the defense so if I’m blaming others I’ll add him too. Conceding goals Leno would have saved. And White? Did we get him for 50? Joke of a club. White doesn’t even play as a 30mil CB. Saliba there and we wasted money we should have bought a midfielder or striker on White, what an opportunity cost. They say he can play good passes? Lol pass what, go watch David Luiz. All I see is someone who runs into midfield whenever he feels the opponents are weak only to get dispossessed. Lokonga? It’s unbelievable that some on here thought and still think he was/is better than Guendouzi. Boy needs a loan. Cedric? Don’t get me started and Tavares? The less said the better. Tomiyasu always on the treatment table. Partey same. Of all the Arteta buys only Partey is world class. Maybe we could only get him because he had a release clause, if we had to compete I don’t trust Edu and Arteta to do anything.

    He should never have been made manager and Edu too should never have gotten the job. The team we have now is worse than we had and that’s a fact. Arteta has successfully chased out all big names leaving the kids. He won’t win anything with them. They never won him anything before now and never will. Should I talk about the coaching aspect of Arteta? Clueless tactical genius, the Matabore.

    I have been hearing the next big thing is Joel Lopez for how many years now? But we have a youth project without the academy getting a sniff, lol. Who are they deceiving? Certainly not me.

    One thing is certain, the gross mismanagement is catching up with Arteta, e.g deciding to trim the squad so thin thinking a first 11 gets you through half the season. Now he is certain to loose the CL spot.

    More gross mismanagement will catch up with them and since he lacks the coaching ability to help cover his inability to manage he will eventually get the sack. They can decide to give him a new contract tomorrow, one thing I know is certain is that his inexperience, lack of tactical nous and vindictive attitude will get him the sack.

    1. You can apply to take over from Arteta, you seems very competent. Please submit your resume asap. Man is planning for the future and you are here judging his young players after one season. Throwing money around is not the answer either, go and ask Man utd. I’m disappointed howbthe season panned out but none of us here was expecting Arsenal to finish 4th at the beginning of the season. The club has decided to go with a young team which is always characterised with inconsistencies, the major Job Arteta has done for this club is getting rid of those rotten core, we could have been abject like Man utd. Not because we don’t have good players but because they have stopped being hungry for the game. Right now, he has zero tolerance for payers with attitude no matter how talented you are, if you can’t get along, you move on. And the club is backing him else he could not have been able to do it. Thats how to change the model and discipline at a club, it’s costly for a while but absolutely necessary. He cannot single handedly sell off a talelnted youngster like Guendouzi if the club is not behind him. I don’t see any player Arteta sent away that could have made a difference anyway.

    2. Fernabache has gotten rid of your almighty brand Ozil as well. So stop this your fantasy football management.

    3. @Chapo, it would be wise to nominate you as the new Arsenal head coach, since you better than lampard, Ole and Sean,

      You acting as though Arsenal lost so much money, do you think change is that easy, after being with a coach for more than 20 years,

      Chelsea owed 1.5billion, how did that happen, they’ve also bought lukaku for a 100m, yet he’s been terrible,

      My friend, Arteta has made some mistakes but he’s done well,

      New technics, new owners are springing up every day, it ain’t easy keeping up, unless we can spend hugely the way Man city , Liverpool and Chelsea spent during their rebuilding process.

  3. We bringing in new 5 players sound good.
    Knowing some of them will be back up players.
    But here is the issue, some of them will take time to adapt and we shouldn’t expect all players who are excellent this season should be next season. We can only hope they are as good or better.
    It depends on the quality of players who are brought in, but all in all, I am afraid the expectations of top4 next season won’t be match as well.
    However this is football, anything can happen.
    After all, a certain ex player see us being the champion in 2years time.

  4. Does anyone see our squad improving enough to overtake City, Pool, or Chelsea? yeah, neither do I.

    How about fending off an improved Conte-led spuds team? same, neither do I.

    Sadly, we will have our hands full fending off a rejuvenated Man Utd with new coach, West Ham, and possibly others.

    Top 4 looks harder next year, and top 6 will be tougher next year as well.

    But hey, “Patience” seems to be the chant, rather than “Ambition” so don’t sweat it too much. After all, top 4 hasn’t been the standard in 2 1/2 years, so another year out won’t matter, right?

  5. Surely we need two new strikers if Eddie’s leaving? They should get dcl off their radar.
    I think I’ll lose it if we get another CB – haven’t we bought one in every window since arteta joined? How many do we need?

    1. As many as it takes to stop leaking goals!!!
      Durand – love your sarcastic wit my friend.
      At the end of next season, it will be five years since a certain manager left and I wonder if he will still be the source of all our problems?
      You forget to mention Newcastle by the way, so that means there are only eight or nine teams in it – we blew it for certain this year!!!

  6. So he gives away a bunch of players for peanuts/free, get almost no revenue for them when we definitely could’ve recouped more and now he wants 5 new players after already getting over 200 mil?

    Looking more and more like a cheque book manager isn’t he.

    1. What most of you dont put into account in the sales of our star players and non profit from most is that Arteta era began with a pandemic which has not been experienced before and most clubs in Europe were broke and unable to pay transfer fees, even almighty Barca face the meltdown costing them Messi for no fee also.

      Arsenal has been out of Europe for a long time and most of our players were slated by our huge fan base thereby reducing their value just as what is happening in Man U, no club will pay 30M pounds for Maguire. We did same to Mustaphi he is still finding it difficult.

      All am saying is that, we have hit ground zero and rebuild which the board agreed to that it will cost them but yield a better future. So trust the process, we made progress this year with the youngest squad in the league but were only out done by injuries to our senior matured players.

      1. Sam Pedro
        “Arsenal has been out of Europe for a long time

        Not true mate ,we had been in European competitions for 24 years ,Arteta is the first manager in 25 years to not get us European football ,this is on top of being given 250 million to spend in 18 months .
        Credit for winning us the FA cup (which personally is when I saw something in him
        )but then getting beat by our ex manger 10 months later by playing a set up that he hadn’t played before (ESR as a false nine ) really showed him up for what we I see today and that is when I start led lhaving those doubts and it’s gone downhill ever since in my eyes
        But Maybe you are talking about CL ,if so then ignore my post .
        Also the pandemic excuse is just that mate ,every manager went through that .

    2. Letting auba go in the manner we did looks terrible, but in hindsight, he made himself very difficult to sell. His wages were massive, and normally players don’t take significant pay cuts. On top of that, he’s over 30 and had been playing poorly for 18 months, so I can’t imagine who’d be willing to pay money for someone like that – I wouldn’t have. I honestly think we were in a no win scenario with auba and I think the only way we could have avoided it would have been to sell over the summer, but even then we wouldn’t have been able to get much of a fee..

      Ozil was very similar except that there was more of an overt push from our side, but again, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay a transfer fee for him regardless, and a big party of that was ozils performances on the pitch.

  7. With it looking almost a certainty of us playing europa league football:
    (BACKUP ST)Giouri-£20
    (MAIN ST) Toney-£35M

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