Report – Mikel Arteta wanted by Spanish giants

Mikel Arteta is only in his first full season as a senior manager after Arsenal appointed him at the halfway point of last season.

He won the FA Cup and the Community Shield within a year at the helm, and he has continued to help the Gunners remain relevant.

His team is struggling this season, but they still have a good chance of salvaging their campaign by qualifying for Europe again.

Whether or not he achieves that, Arsenal will have to prepare to fight off interest in him.

This is because a report claims that the former midfielder is a target to become the next Barcelona manager.

The favourite to become the club’s next president, Joan Laporta has reportedly made him one of his targets to replace Ronald Koeman, according to the Spanish radio station, RAC1.

Laporta enjoyed success as the club’s president between 2003 and 2010 and that has made him the favourite to win the position yet again.

Although Arteta is just starting out, Laporta also trusted an inexperienced Pep Guardiola during his first stint as president and it paid off very well.

Koeman is likely to remain their manager until the end of this season and that will give Arsenal the chance to scout for a replacement before the start of the next campaign.

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  1. Goonerboy says:

    My manager is going nowhere!

  2. Jd says:

    Big Lol!! Is like saying arsenal is looking at buying neyma

  3. Durand says:

    Honestly not too concerned either way. Arteta hasn’t exactly set the PL on fire with his array of managerial skills, but he has organized the team and improved the defense.

    There is an arguement to be made for both staying or leaving.

    Losing Arteta but gaing Nagelsmann wouldn’t sting too much. He will eventually leave Leipzig, so why not come here and test himself in PL.

    1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

      Nagelsmann is the only manager left on my list of desired managers for our club, prior to Arteta’s appointment, now that Tuchel went to Chelski

      1. PJ-SA says:

        Id still love Diego Simeone. He has also peoven he can manage on a bit of a budget.

        I think he’d sort out a lot of our issues with our soft underbelly.

  4. jon fox says:

    Perhaps we can save him from Real Madrid, that regular sack a manager per year club, by getting a reference for him from HH, ICW, MOBELLA OR PHIL. They are bound to speak ill of him,as they have been doing for ages already. And sod the actual truth!
    Even being serious , if ANY manager goes to that self entitled club- with their white handkerchief waving “loyal” fans, then God help him and his future career.
    Pep was the exception that proves the rule.
    RM is a truly low class club with even more low class fans!

    1. Phil says:

      Jon Fox- what actual truth are you talking about PAL. Try this one

      Played 26
      Won. 11
      Drawn. 4
      Lost. 11

      How’s that for a comment PAL

      1. jon fox says:

        Are you even capable of posting any comment without the word PAL? Seems not to me! I also wonder how you mean it. You told me a while back that is is not as it sounds, as a bullying, bruiser boy, hardcase, use.

        And no one on here save perhaps Ken , is actually your pal. So then what DOES it mean? Do tell us all!

  5. Armoury says:

    I’ll be happy if he leaves

    1. Jimmy B says:

      That’s because you don’t understand the first thing about football.

  6. Declan says:

    Look on the BBC, it’s all kicking off at Barcelona!

  7. Wes says:

    Anybody heard from Grandad?

  8. Vokeh says:

    Arteta must stay in arsenal fast like Wenger

  9. Websurfer says:


  10. A J says:

    Not surprised, and expected this from one of the Spanish “giants” at some point.

    M A’s attributes are obviously recognised IN the game, and I’m sure Barca are firmly in the Arteta out brigade.

  11. Timi says:

    Fake news planted by his agents looking for a new contract as his 3 year contract almost enters the last year with nothing to show for it!!!

    No serious team will hire a coach who has lost more football matches than he has lost. Only plastic Arsenal fans celebrate and hero worship individuals whilst romanticising failure! Everywhere else this is a result based business especially at top clubs like Barca! They don’t have time for playing in mud like Arsenal does.

    Laporte has already denied this as fake news and it did not come to me a surprise.

    1. Timi says:

      “…. than he has won”

  12. A J says:

    Being honest, some of the comebacks of late on here make me sick.

    So you are a “PLASTIC” fan if you have a view which does not agree with yours.

    Having following our club for over 60 years and counting, guess what ….I happen to have opinions like other long standing supporters on here – we actually still have brains.

    Does length of support make such opinions any more valid…… no.

    But being labelled “plastic” because of an opinion ????????

    I , and others like me, have seen more Arsenal games that those who too easily tap out such rubbish will ever do (games in the flesh, not exclusively from the comfort of an armchair either).

    There is logic behind my opinion on this article, that I won’t waste my time explaining.

    Grow up.

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