Report – Mikel Arteta wants to sign this €70M attacker

Mikel Arteta wants to keep bolstering his Arsenal team in the summer and he has identified one attacker that he believes will make an impact at the Emirates.

The Spaniard has been overhauling the underperforming Arsenal side he inherited in 2019 and the club is impressed with the work he has done.

Having lost a key player like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a major rebuilding job needs to be done in the summer.

The Gunners will look to bolster their squad with some offensive players and Todofichajes claims Christopher Nkunku is one of their main targets.

The RB Leipzig attacker is having a very productive season at the German club, and he has caught the attention of the Gunners.

However, Arsenal will have to spend a lot of money to land him, with the report claiming he is valued at €70M by the Germans.

The Gunners will spend a lot of money in the summer, but it remains unclear how much they will invest in one player.

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Nkunku has been in great form in this campaign, and he could take that to the Premier League if he moves to the Emirates.

However, he is not the only player we want to sign, and we probably will not splash most of our budget on just one player.

Video – Mikel Arteta post-Brighton “It’s time to criticise ourselves”


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  1. Talented, versatile, fits age profile, and we were willing to spend that on Dusan in January.

    Better choice than Isak for sure who looks 1 season wonder compared to another productive and improving season from Nkunku.

    Let’s move quickly in the Summer

  2. Let’s see if he gets us top 4 before giving him more handouts for little return .
    The players that will be gotten will depend on which European competition we are in which looks like going down to the wire .

  3. Cheque Book Manager, end of!

    Can’t think of 1 player that’s needed coaching that has actually gotten better under his “coaching”…Pepe, Eddie, Flo, Tavares, Lokonga just a few examples.

    Don’t even need to mention players that were decent, became bad and them miraculously become good again after leaving.

    1. @PJ-SA if given the job, would you do better, obviously; never,
      Here you are criticizing blindly,

      Tavares was never a first team player in his former club, you might need to read about him, he’s very raw and talented and was benched Because of his poor form

      Nketiah had been sent on loan and was never better than what he is now, despite all the chances he got,

      Folarin needs a lot of playing time and that’s what has been done,

      I’m so sure Arteta has personally handled Pepe,

      My only grief with Arteta over Pepe, is he’s not been tried in the CF role,

      Just because Aubameyang is performing doesn’t mean Arteta is bad, Some players need new adventures to thrive,
      Aubameyang hadn’t played well in almost 2 years and here you are complaining, please as a company owner , what would you have your manager do?

      If Arteta truly learnt from Pep, then I believe he needs to train harder, they need to shuffle more, get more physical and build the midfield, because that’s where the battle is truly won.

  4. “ The Spaniard has been overhauling the underperforming Arsenal side he inherited in 2019 and the club is impressed with the work he has done”
    The underperforming squad he inherited finished 5th the season he took over then went 8th and 8th ,fair enough the first season was half his and half Emerys but that statement makes no sense to me as I’ve seen no improvement this season either ,same old same old and this is after him spending 250 million in 18 months ,how much more money should be thrown at him until enough is enough ?
    Also how do we know the club is empresses with the work he has done for the outlay but as of yet little return .
    I cannot see the club giving him endless funds if we weee to finish out of the top 4 as financially it’s not viable on the long run .
    If top 4 is not achieved he should sling his hook because this could go on for years waiting to get us back up there with him in charge .

      1. Watching the top 2 go at Kev ,we are miles away mate .
        I honestly think no matter where we finish we are stuck with him for the foreseeable ,which for me is a depressing thought .
        Like we both said last night ,I just want to be entertained.

        1. Yeah Dan I think I said that on a previous post that we will never reach that level not under the matabore anyway! What really annoys me the most is the endless amount of excuses he gets, anyone would think he’s a club legend or maybe it’s because his buddy Pep talked him up and these gullible fans actually believe it? The whole club is just terribly run mate, we have an absentee owner, a clueless board, clueless CEO, clueless TD and an inexperienced assistant turned manger who’s just learning as he goes.

          1. Hit the nail on the head mate
            The whole club is just going through the motions and aslong as they aren’t losing cash then alls fair .
            Being going on for far to long ,wengers last 5years and ever since but now the same fans that castrated him now have a different view of what should be achieved from the Matabore

            1. Can you imagine Wenger in charge today with the same results and performances Dan ? fans would call for his head but under Arteta the crap boring limp displays are seen as progress and fans revering him as some kind of messiah. The Arsenal photographer called him one of the elite managers in world football, are we missing something? Personally I have nothing against Arteta mate he’s probably a nice chap but the man is totally out of his depth, and these Jürgen Klopp comparisons make me laugh, Klopp won the league with Dortmund and took them to the champions league final, Arteta will never get to his level in a million years.

              1. That’s the thing mate ,if you criticise Arteta you have an Agenda ,for me I comment every game no matter if it’s a win or lose (same can’t be said for his fan club)and like I’ve constantly said I’ve judged him the same as Wenger and Emery who I both wanted gone ,but still I have an agenda,makes me laugh TBH .
                Out the three Arteta is without a doubt IMO anyway is way below what I expect of an Arsenal manager ,and this is the support and cash backing that the other 2 did not get .
                Complete waste of 2 years in our history and probably the next 2 as well .

                1. Dan I’ve done the same thing, I’ve praised Arteta when he deserved it and even layed off the criticism during our decent run even though the football was just ok although there was patches of good football. Maybe some day he’ll be a good manager, not in my opinion top level though. I completely agree mate and I’ve said before, the longer this continues the longer it will take for the club to recover and it’s already miles behind, top ambitious clubs seek out the very best coaches in world football we chased after Man city’s come collector! A guy said on Aftv the other day do you know who City’s Assistant coach is now, and the answer was no idea and then he said would you hire him to be our next coach and it was an excellent point, sitting next to pep doesn’t make you an elite coach.

    1. Now boss whom do we turn to if it’s the one & only one Mikel Arteta #in life we have ups and downs.

  5. First thing Arsenal should do is to replace Arteta with a proven manager. Even Patrick Viera would have been a better choice. Proven good players like Pepe, Auba, Nketia, and Lacazet have all under performed. He is throwing away a great opportunity to make the top 4 by loosing to Crystal Palace and Brighton.

  6. If wishes we horses,beggars would ride. Will Edu get this deal done expediently? I have no confidence in his negotiations skill. Nkunku ,Nunez and Tchouameni should be our top summer targets, but, with Edu leading the transfer team,l doubt any quality players will be bought. Firstly, Edu should be working on deals now for the unwanted players at the club , so as to raise some funds to help acquire these quality players that arsenal need. But, l do not see Edu doing that. Instead, at the close of the next transfer window, half of players needing to leave will still be at arsenal. The same old story. Still living in hope of change for the better of Arsenal.

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