Report – Mikel Arteta will face January transfer window restrictions

Mikel Arteta set for a tough start as Arsenal manager with the club not planning to sign players next month.

Arsenal is edging very close to naming Mikel Arteta as their next permanent manager, the former midfielder has emerged as the top candidate with reports claiming that Arsenal has been speaking to him.

However, The Sun claims that Arteta is set for a tough start to life as Arsenal manager as the club doesn’t plan to spend any money in the next transfer window.

The report claims that the club is instead planning to offload some of their flops who are on high wages.

Mesut Ozil and Shkodran Mustafi are the major players that Arsenal hopes to get off their books.

The former has been in poor form for the past two seasons, yet he has continued to cause the club problems off the field. Ozil recently criticized the Chinese government for their treatment of the Muslim minority in the country.

Mikel Arteta is a surprising pick by the Gunners but the major doubt is whether he can get this set of Arsenal players to play like Manchester City.

Ozil has attracted the attention of Turkish teams so far, but it seems none of them has the cash to pay his current salary.

There is a sense of deju-vu about all this. Wasn’t we told before the summer transfer window that there was a restricted budget? Though, it does make sense that the club is determined to offload the under-performing high earners.


  1. Rubbish no manager in his right mind would shutout be the boss . Without a chance to change certain players

  2. Big and unnecessary risk but I will support him if he is the new manager

    Of course he will have a restricted budget. This would be his FIRST head managerial job

  3. I DOUBT THAT KROENKE WILL NOT SPEND ANY MONEY IN Jan, no matter what is put about now. Unless we get at least one proper defender in , the so called “defence”(ridiculous term for a bunch of clowns stumbling around each game) will continue to pull us down the table. Arteta will not, nor can he be expected, to turn ludicrous and hopeless clowns into real defenders. I have said this truth time and again. No one can work this miracle. Not God Almighty even! WHAT ARTETA WILL BE ABLE TO DO IS MAKE THE MIDFIELD MORE SOLID AND NOT HAVE ALL OPPONENTS CONSTANTLY WALK THROUGH THEM, AS HAPPENS NOW. Realists know that what Arteta has to achieve, bit by bit,is dump a large majority of this hopeless squad and most of the normal starters need to leave. He will keep very few of the present squad I believe, once he has had at least two windows, I include both Auba and Laca who will I believe ,leave us. Arteta will only keep hungry and workaholic players , which means almost all will go, when possible. IN THE MEANTIME, ALL HE CAN SENSIBLY ACHIEVE IS A DEGREE OF SOLIDITY AND MORE EFFORT . Anything else is fantasy thinking, UNTIL he gets many new players in and the present frauds out the door. This takes time, as realists know!

    1. Lord Jon,

      I completely agree with you of course, I would like to add that Arteta would/could also bring the beautiful football back, or at least an identity/philosophy which we clearly lacked for the past 3 seasons.

  4. So we missed out on Pep, and Klopp, to keep Wenger. Now it looks like we’ve missed out on Mourinho, and Ancelotti to appoint Arteta. And they wonder why the fans are never happy!

    1. Why would Ancelotti and “The Chosen
      One” seriously consider the Arsenal
      job if the Kroenkes and the Board
      are unwillingly to support them in
      the January window? Neither of these
      gentlemen have EVER worked at a BIG
      Club where the Owner or President of
      Futbol didn’t financially have there
      back when addressing there squad
      defencies. Does any sensible Arsenal
      fan genuinely believe that JM would
      have given Spuds a second look if
      there first 11 resembled the
      collection of spoiled prima donnas
      currently underachieving @ the

      Arteta and Viera were the ONLY
      realistic candidates in the short
      term, time will tell if the Spaniard
      was the right choice.

    2. ThirdManJW.

      You just opened my wound with this comment, one of the reasons why I became so angry(trying to be mild here)with Arsenal and Wenger was the fact that Wenger was allowed or he allowed himself to stay for so long that we missed on Klopp

      Klopp would have definitely been with us if he Wenger did the honourable thing by resigning, IMO, Klopp is by far better than Pep, I could give reasons.

      However, am glad we didn’t appoint Ancelotti as he is of the old generation, is he going to have the zeal, commitment, fresh and modern coaches would have? I doubt it!

      If Arteta can get rid of the dross we have here and be well supported in the transfer market, who says he can’t be our own Klopp, I love this appointment!!!

      Arsenal has always been about being different from the others, and I credit them for the courage they have shown even amid all these crisis

      Arteta has also shown a huge boldness to have agreed to this, it shows he has character and strong believe in his ability and am quite sure the so called board would have given some assurances before he agreed to join, I would plead every one to support him

  5. I wouldn’t place too much stock in the Sun’s scoop on transfers. I can counter it with an equally valid “scoop” from earlier where young Kronke gave the impression that they would do something in the window.

    We just went through our summer that would have no business but low and behold we spent.

    Bottom line, we don’t know what will happen. They may spend, they may not. Maybe we unload people and maybe we don’t.

    Lets just hope that somehow some dynamite is lit under the current crew’s collective backsides so that they show up and work. I know that they aren’t good enough, but they are better than they have been playing.

  6. Obviously we all need to support Arteta from day one, but I honestly think he’ll be more of a divisive appointment than Mourinho. Because for all those fans that cannot stand Mourinho, in the back of minds they would be fully aware that he is a serial winner, he get us competitive again, sort our number one problem of defending, give the players some discipline.

    With Arteta, it’s complete guess work whether he has anything to offer!

  7. no argument TMJW! It is a bit of a guess and it could end badly. Like you, I am hoping for the best and that this appointment is a really pleasant surprise. Maybe there is real steal under Arteta’s smile because that is what he is going to need.

    I think that Arsenal may have to send one of our two strikers out the door to send the message, and perhaps raise cash to help out at the back end. Some type of strong message will be needed.

  8. Arsenal need to go for atleast 3 or 4 players singing to save there season. Bruno Fernandez, partey , upamecano and loan cazorla for the remaning season. And get rid of socratis , luiz ozil xhaka chambers.

  9. Welcome to the world of kronkies Arsenal Mikel.

    All I hope is that you are as successful as AW was under this owner, given the meagre transfer kitty you might possibly have.

    UU has said he wants to take time out after the unbeliievable pressure of being Arsenal coach, just as AW has done…at least you haven’t got gazidis to worry about and I hope you haven’t made a mistake.

    As for Freddie and per, thanks for trying gentlemen, you are both untarnished, in my opinion, by the mess this new regime has put our club in.

    1. Its the Kroekes and the board members to blame for thinking negatively about transfer especially ltaking long to decide on buying a player after identifying a talented player which always give chance for our oponents to benefit from our scouts hand work and yet the board knows very well how the current market is suiting up words.They always want to buy top players on chip , Who do they think think will accept that?

  10. We wont be buying anyone of note and we will try again to jettison the wenger bagage of Ozil, Mustaffi and xhaka. Maybe if we got a few million quid back from the jumble sale we may be able to spend a couple of million on someone but January buys are usually notoriously bad. Its not rocket science, we aren’t shelling out any money in January.

  11. Most clubs do not buy in January. Most players as well do not like making moves halfway through the season unless they are really desperate to Sanchez and Aubameyang. I don’t mind if we save in January to spend at the end of the season.

    1. Yeah, it’s actually not smart right now because we need to offload defenders plus buy new ones. Doing that with attackers is one thing, but defence needs time to settle.
      Wouldn’t mind selling Xhaka, though, and getting a replacement on loan at least.

      1. Can we get Emre Can? Am seeing reports he is struggling to establish himself at Juventus..he could be open for a short term loan. We really need to clear out our midfield and get reliable players.

        1. Emre Can would be a great addition to the Arsenal Midfield. A trio of Guendozi, Toriera, and Emre Can will bring magnificent energy and hardworking to the Arsenal midfield though questions may arise on the lack of creativity all the three players have.

  12. The Sun? Do they quote reliable soirces? Since when do we go gaga about an article in the Sun? PLEASE! We’ll wait and see what happens. Nobody predicted the previous transfer window spending (£40m available, remember?according to INFORMED sources). Let the new guys responsible for player management get on with it.

    1. Sensible comment, I very much doubt that the hierarchy at Arsenal have personally contacted the Sun’s reporters and told them of their plans for the transfer window. Also, we have been trying to offload Ozil, Sokratis and Dhaka for a couple of transfer windows now so don’t expect to do so in January.

    2. If you track that £40 million rumour you will find it did not start with informed sources or even tabloids. It started very close to home

  13. Arteta, Arteta, Arteta????
    Where is the guy?
    Why is it taking so long to announce?
    I was thinking that he probably would be in charge of Saturdays game at Everton? Have had atleast a few days training with the lads or something?
    Why re we not just decisive?
    Clubs do their businesses sharply but the arsenal would continue to be the arsenal …
    All these news and propaganda are everywhere because we are not decisive and that’s why the club is where it is…

  14. The Sun will claim anything to get a reaction.
    Also, I believe that Arsenal will sell Aubameyang to either Real or Barca in January and use those funds to buy a top defender and a promising midfielder. And with that, Arteta can work and get us back to the EL. Then, next season, one can hope for the CL. Don’t forget, a top defender is joining Arsenal for the next season.
    BUT, if this doesn’t happen, we’re out of Europe next season and hopefully still in the Prem.
    It is blatantly obvious that having both Auba and Laca and having shayte midfield and defence means 10th-20th, nothing better.

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