Report names four clubs that want to rescue Aubameyang from exile

Juventus, Newcastle United, West Ham and Barcelona are all looking to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this month.

The striker has been banished from the Arsenal first team and the first team hasn’t exactly missed him.

He might still have a future at the club, however, it remains to be seen if he can find a new home this month.

Other clubs are paying attention to the developments at the Emirates and names those clubs as suitors who are keen to add him to their squad.

The report says all of them want to secure his service because they need a better second half to their campaign.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Although Arsenal has coped well with his absence in recent weeks, the striker’s experience is still needed in that dressing room.

The current group of youngsters proved too inexperienced in the game against Manchester City.

The team was crying for a leading player to help calm everyone down, but that never happened.

If Auba was on the field, he may have helped but is that enough of a reason to keep him?

Mikel Arteta will decide that, but Arsenal might give a helping hand to any of these suitors by paying some of his current wages.

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  1. Non è giusto il trattamento di AUBAMEYANG. Non gli ha aiutato ARTETA purché sua mamma è malata quindi psicholocagicamente Aubameyang soffre e serve sostegno. Non si tratta così un capitano che ha dato la coppa d’ingliterra

    1. good deal. but if Auba was on the pitch we would have been down 0-2 before the break, no red card and so need of his “leadership” qualities when he has lost his footballing qualities.

  2. Auba is not our saviour sir!

    He approved that especially this season, he didn’t show any potential of improving and MA kept pushing him in as a CF and on the side, nothing has changed, with only 2 or 3 games we saw the improvement of Marti+Laca and not to forget ESR!

    YES, I hope he comes back with the mentality of winning and making something for himself, but if he is leaving, I hope we can get some cash on him so we can strengthen our team.

  3. “The team was crying for a leading player to help calm everyone down, but that never happened.

    If Auba was on the field, he may have helped but is that enough of a reason to keep him?”

    What absolute garbage. When has Auba EVER affected an arsenal performance based on his leadership? I’m not talking about goals or assists, but him actually verbally inspiring his team mates or even giving them a rocket if they’ve slacked off. he’s quiet as a mouse and invisible. He “led by example” when he was in form and scoring for fun. As soon as that dried up he has been about as useful on or off the pitch as Andre Santos. At least that guy rocked up to training though.

    He could still be a useful player in a slower, less physically demanding league like Italy. Juve can have him for free as long as they take all of his wages. For the record – I’m not upset he got his big contract. He earned that large salary based on his performances up until that point. But once he got it, he shut up shop and stopped caring. That’s football business I suppose. I don’t blame Auba necessarily.

    But what I AM upset about is the fact he was ever named captain. Anyone who’s ever player team sports could tell you he was never the right personality type for such a role within the team. It hindered us and him.

  4. Leadership qualities were the least of Auba’s talents and I agree with LC above especially as the results have improved without him.
    It can’t be easy losing that extra yard of pace as an ageing player but I feel that having been training alone PEA is on borrowed time at the Arsenal. He was a magnificent goal scorer and I salute him for that but time and tide wait for no man

  5. Out with the old & In with the young.

    Auba since his form has dropped is now in that category of players that are aging not contributing enough or on too much money for what the service they are providing.

    Auba, Xhaka, Elneny, Bellerin, Kola, Leno, Pepe & Laca (id keep) are all replaceable and need to be if we are properly doing a rebuild.

    Eddie, Lucas, Dino & Matteo (AMN also) are unfortunate not to be apart of this rebuild at Arsenal and possibly should be apart from Lucas. Saliba will return to this squad.

    Another clear out in the next two windows along with a few younger talented signings aged 25 and younger, still need experince.

    We need to move in from what we were doing years gone by to what the project is now in youth with talent.

    We all didnt think we would be anywhere near the top4, we are & we will be in the mix come may. After ydays performance we have a blueprint to work off and we will see Arsenal thrive again when we get a few more new faces in to replace the outgoing ones.

    RB, CM, Attacking Winger & a deadly CF would transform this team to maybe reaching Top4 to challenge for the title in a 2023/24 season.

  6. What always frustrates and even annoys me, is when people who you might otherwise conclude know a thing or two about football, call for players, such as Auba, who are plainly halfway or more down the hill leading to nowhere**, to come back and magically improve our fortunes.
    How good it would if these oddly unreal fans could magically become realists instead.

    ** “Nowhere” arrives far quicker too when you are plainly idle and unmotivated.

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