Report reveals Arsenal had the money to sign a striker in January

Arsenal’s decision not to sign a new striker during the January transfer window, despite identified concerns in that position, has left fans disappointed. Mikel Arteta’s team faced goal-scoring challenges in the first half of the season, prompting supporters to advocate for strengthening the squad with a new striker.

Reportedly, Arsenal’s reluctance to make a signing in this crucial area was driven by concerns about potential Financial Fair Play (FFP) implications. This decision disappointed fans who perceived a new striker as vital for the team’s ambitions in the Premier League title race.

Stefan Borson, a financial expert, offers insights into Arsenal’s financial considerations. Borson explains that, despite concerns about FFP, Arsenal might still have had the financial capacity to afford a striker. The decision not to make a signing in this position may have been influenced by a cautious approach to financial regulations rather than an absolute constraint.

He told Talk Sport:

“You have a combination of teams who have chosen not to spend, so that’s teams like Arsenal.

“Because Arsenal could have spent if they wanted.

“If they were to invest in the necessary equity, they could push their limit up to the £105m from the £15m that it is now.

“But they opted to stay out of the market. It’s always very, very hard to calculate the exact amount (they could have spent.)

“Certainly tens of millions pounds on a player – they could have bought the striker that everybody thinks they need.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

We spent so much in the summer and will do so again at the end of this season, that might be the best time to sign a new striker.

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  1. Fully understand not buying a player for obvious reasons

    Did we sell anyone thats a first team fringe player?

    1. Yes, they have money to spend but that doesn’t they must spend all money on 1 position. Then come in the summer, they will want to buy another players. Only spend when the price is right not spend money every transfer windows. Luckily they did not have you as their financial manager, else. Arsenal will gone bankrupt.

  2. Maybe, there was no one suitable for Arsenal available?
    Taking PJ-SA’s point, can anybody point out the best available candidates for transfer mid season?

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