Report reveals the truth behind Arsenal’s interest in Brazilian youngster

Palmeiras youngster Endrick has emerged as the next top Brazilian talent catching the attention of the world’s best clubs.

The attacker is just 16, but clubs around the world are monitoring him and he could be committed to playing for a European giant before he even turns 18.

Arsenal has been the best breeding ground for top talents worldwide and Mikel Arteta has continued the tradition of giving chances to players who are good enough regardless of age.

This should make Endrick pick the Gunners as his next club, but contrary to reports that they have made contact with his present employers, Arsenal is not in the running.

Esportes reports Arteta’s side only contacted Palmeiras because of Danilo, who they wanted to sign in the summer.

They never showed an interest in Endrick and are not one of the clubs considered a potential destination for him.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Endrick is a top talent who will end up in Europe in a few years, but it will be hard for us to sign him.

The youngster is already on the radar of several clubs worldwide and Arsenal will not be able to compete with some of them to sign him.

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  1. We keep saying that we cannot compete with clubs in Europe for players. This assumption is based on what? How many clubs have a £30m goalkeeper or will be willing and able to pay €85m for a striker (Vlahovic)? My point is that if we want him, we can get him as we are capable of paying the €60m Madrid is being touted to be willing to pay. It just boils down to how interested we are and it seems at the moment we are not interested. Shame cos I would have loved to see him at Arsenal. He’s a bonafide future world class striker who has a significantly higher ceiling than Jesus

  2. Both players are welcome with open arms, like their work etics.

    The challenge with Endricks, the gaffer needs a finish article in that position now and the youngster is more for the future.

    But if a bold bid is made to acquire both, my support will be sure as that’s what big clubs do.

  3. Even with the present state of things, Arsenal cannot compete? I don’t get that.
    Many youngsters admire us right?

  4. Given the conclusion this article makes, why does it even mention him at all?? Seems to me like the biggest non excuse for a so called report, aka space filler, for a very long time!!

    IF JA is now really reduced to picking a name at randon, simply to then say we will NOT be getting him, then why not choose me, or any other of the entire male population on the planet.
    THAT WAY JA could fill space with utter nonsense(as in this case) to their hearts content!

  5. With your experience and wisdom…and considering your age..I’ll say £50 million will do for you

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