Report says Alexander Isak is still available, but Arsenal would have to break their transfer record

Despite his injury troubles last season, Alexander Isak was a standout striker in the Premier League. In just 30 appearances, the Swedish striker scored 21 goals and provided two assists. Only Erling Haaland (27) and Cole Palmer (22) have scored more goals.

A team competing for the league title would undoubtedly feel confident having a player like Isak on their team. His goals could undoubtedly provide an advantage in the title race.

Arsenal have been linked to him. Yes, there have been links to strikers like Benjamin Sesko, but it’s important to remember that a few weeks ago, he (Isak) was reportedly our first-choice striker target. According to the Guardian, Newcastle’s asking price is £115 million.

So, should Arsenal go all out to sign their hitman for that amount?

He’s one of the finest strikers, but I don’t believe we should break the bank for him; he’s too pricey, and he’ll only disrupt our summer plans.

Additionally, Isak earns £120k per week at Newcastle and will not accept anything less than £150k per week if he decides to join another team—that’ll only burden our wage bill. I also think his injury history is concerning; we can’t expect him to be a 40-game-plus player like King Kai Havertz.

And, with everything pointing to Havertz being Arsenal’s first-choice striker, would he be willing to deputise the German striker? I don’t believe he would. Isak’s transfer to Arsenal for £115 million will not happen. If it does, I will be shocked.

Daniel O


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  1. My days you lot are like broken records. He is not for sale! NUFC are not selling him! he does not want to to leave! Did nufc confirm in email to the guardian they want £115 million absolute rubbish. I can tell u first hand nothing below 200,000,000. You don’t have that kind of money. Go away you like a rash

    1. calm down Toon!

      this is just reporting a rumour, our author states “Isak’s transfer to Arsenal for £115m will not happen”

      and with an output of a paltry 24 non-pen goals in 52 Premier League appearances is perhaps a tad over-rated

      with just 3 assists in that time, perhaps add selfish to that

      imagine thinking 27 open play goal involvements in 52 PL games is worth £200m, who’s delusional now?

      you know where the door is…

      1. Overrated that’s why all you ass fans have been twerking for him. He’s million miles better then anyone you have and have not stopped article after article on him. 1st season mainly injured second season 24 in 30 starts get your facts right.

        Now stop your twerking and shut the door on the way out

        1. Premier League website a reliable source of facts

          2023/24 16 non-pen goals in 30
          2022/23 8 non-pen goals in 22

          oh and don’t forget the 3 assists in 52 games!

          it is there in ‘black and white’

          did you like that Toon, or Too subtle for you

          bye bye

  2. There’s this young and exciting US international number 9 that plays for Monaco. Hasn’t had the best season but currently with the national team is showing very high potential and scoring goals at Copa America. Similar age profile and style to Isak.

    We could probably get him for cheap.
    His name is Flo… Oh wait!

    1. while tongue in cheek a good point

      in 2022/23 season, Jesus first for Arsenal, he scored 11 goals and 6 assists in 26 games, extrapolated to a full 38 PL games that is about 25 goal involvements

      and at the end of the 2022/23 season Arsenal sold Balogun who had just scored 21 goals in Ligue 1

      selling an in-form very decent back-up striker in Balogun suggests that in 2023 summer window Edu/Arteta were not actually looking for a striker at all as we had Jesus bought just 12 months earlier

      i know it is very easy to look back in retrospect so narrowly missing out to Man C and Jesus form nose diving, and Balogun for that matter

      but nonetheless with the facts available at the time, and the action taken by Edu/Arteta, it suggests Arsenal were not in for the big name striker we are allegedly now in the 2024 summer transfer window

      1. You belittled Isak above and you praise Jesus?

        What are you talking about here? Have read your post thrice and still can’t get what you are saying.

        1. thanks HH for taking such interest – three times is more than I have read it – dedication right there

          it is simple enough, after Jesus first season with Arsenal his output 11 goals and 6 assists in 26, with a general feel good factor about the mentality transformation he and Zinc brought

          so at the end of that first season (2022/23) then summer recruitment plans by Edu/Arteta probably did not include a striker upgrade

          along with selling Balogun who would have otherwise been a good back-up option if they had striker doubts

          now in hindsight, which is too easy to do, we see Jesus did not replicate that goal involvement form so lot’s of fans saying “if only we had bought that big name striker last year”, but at the time there did not appear to be a big need

          that’s all

          and then with Isak just trying to rid this Arsenal fan site of non-Arsenal fans which Toon clearly is

          that’s all

          there is in fact nothing to see hear, but thank you again for your careful attention to my posts, I’m flattered

          1. I still don’t understand. Try to say more with less words. It’s challenging for us non native speakers but practicing gradually will help eventually.

            1. apologies HH, i had no indication of non-native-english-speaker

              with that in mind

              Arsenal’s big signing in transfer window summer 2022 were Jesus and Zinc, £80m at least

              both coming from Man C, Edu/Arteta strategy was to add quality in their individual positions but also agents to transform Arsenal mentality

              transforming Arsenal mentality was a massive success we can all see

              in terms of individual position, Jesus came in as our #9 striker replacing Lacazette

              lock that away Lacazette

              when Jesus arrived as our #9 he was a revelation in terms of energy, chaos and goals

              some JA have too short a memory, just 2 years ago the transformation Jesus delivered

              at the end of Jesus’ first season with Arsenal we finished a surprise second, i say surprise because no one predicted us to finish in the top 4 let alone be title contenders – think back, that is the truth

              at the end of Jesus’ first season, which Arsenal paid £45m as our #9 just 12 months earlier, delivered 11 goals and 6 assists in 26 games (knee injury prevented more), that translates to 25 goal scoring involvements in a full 38 game PL season

              so at the end of the 2022/23 season when Edu/Arteta are looking at recruitment for the 2023/24 season Arsenal are in good shape on the #9 front (Jesus recruited just 12 months ago), so the big-name big-money striker upgrade on Jesus just was not in Edu/Arteta mind (having spent £45m on Jesus 12 months ago and the return being decent)

              added evidence that Edu/Arteta had no goal scoring striker concerns at the end of the 2022/23 season was that Arsenal sold Balogun, who as an acedemy product (so free), had just scored 21 goals in Ligue 1, so a perfect back-up plan for free if they had #9 goal scoring concerns

              based on the above, evidence suggests, Edu/Arteta did not have a ‘new striker’ in their recruitment priority in the transfer window summer 2023, i.e. last year

              the reason that is relevant, to the debate in some quarters of the Arsenal fan base, is that some claim Arsenal recruitment priority in the summer 2023 transfer window was a ‘new striker’, and all I am saying is that based on the facts at the time (and please remember that as it critical to my point) Edu/Arteta were not prioritising a ‘new striker’ and why would they given the sensational 2022/23 season Arsenal had

              that’s it – at the end of last season, one year ago from now, a new striker was not a priority for Edu/Arteta

              not that controversial i would have thought, but perhaps JA will tell me otherwise…

        2. Isak is highly overrated, I just don’t know what the fuss about him is all about, and to think Newcastle fans think he is CR7 is just unbelievable. We don’t need Isak.

    1. highest number of goals scorer by an Arsenal team ever in a PL season – that is what can be said – what about you…

      1. Blimey still crying about Isak. If he is overrated tell the arsenal fan websites to stop the ridiculous rumours then. You’re trying to compare Jesus to Isak. He couldn’t lace his boots. You took your stats off the PL websites exactly for just PL goal involvements. He’s a striker he doesn’t need to assists while your wonderful strikers all together still couldn’t out score him. At least we finally got an arsenal blog to more then 10 comments 😂 cheerio now stop crying about Isak like a weird EX

    2. Arsenal is not rich in the striker department but that doesn’t make Isak the answer to our problem, who scored more than Arsenal last season if I may ask? If we are to upgrade, spending more than a hundred million pounds, I tell you buddy, Isak is not the man.

      Save this comment for future reference.

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