Report – Unhappy Arsenal will sell expensive flop in January

Arsenal has been unhappy at the returns that Nicolas Pepe has been delivering and the first half of this campaign might be his last with the Gunners.

Arsenal broke their transfer record to sign the Ivorian from Lille in 2019 after they chose a move for him over Wilfried Zaha.

The Ivorian had ended the previous season in stunning form at the Ligue 1 club and Arsenal needed a winger.

Pepe has not proven to be a good buy and Todofichajes claims the Gunners are fed up with his performances.

They have offloaded the likes of Willian and the report states that Arsenal will do the same with Pepe.

It claims that he has this first half of the campaign to save his Gunners career or he will be put up for transfer.

Interestingly, the report also says that the winger still has interest from top clubs including Barcelona and others, despite his poor form for Arsenal.

If he does well for the next few months and a suitor emerges with the right price, the Gunners may still sell him, regardless.

He has appeared in two of Arsenal’s three league matches this season, yet they haven’t scored a goal in the competition.

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  1. Not fantastic but hardly a flop to be honest.

    Play him on the LW and actually coach him a bit and he’ll be decent

    1. Remember when Theo was always suppose to perform better in a different position when it turned out that he was just bang average. I have that feeling about Pepe..

        1. Please don’t diss Theo. He scored loads of goals for us and currently no-one in our squad can compare with him.

      1. Walcott was never “bang average.” We expected too much from him.
        He balled for us but we took it for granted.
        In this current league, a player of young Walcott’s caliber can easily boss it.
        We put too much weight on youngsters and suppress their growth.
        Not every young player can play like Mbappe or Neymar.
        Same might happen to Saka or ESR and we will term them “flops.”
        Meanwhile, Pepe is a flop!

  2. I won’t be surprised, if Pep drops an “agent” tweet in the future, just like Drogba did recently. 😶

  3. In Arsenal we stilll gonna buy and sell players with no difference to the overall performance. Pepe didn’t do well since his arrival. We need to replace Arteta first and make an observation of all players. Besides Saka and Tierney, no other player is performing well

    1. Pepe is best suited as a false 9, place him just behind the main striker and see him win fouls and penalties, score goals and commit the oppositions.

    1. ..and perhaps the 10th on Pepe. We are still in Donald Trump, I regret to say, where stories are concocted to shock rather than inform the reader. At least this one doesn’t speak of the player’s sleeping habit.

    2. Declan you know as well as I do that JustArsenal is a sounding board for Arsenal fans that want to put their opinions up for discussion.
      Give it a few weeks after 4 wins in a row and the tone will change. I have been running this site for ten years so I see the tides changing with the wind…

      1. @Admin Pat.
        Mixing metaphors is one thing but to state out right lies is a disgrace.
        “Tides do not change with the wind”.
        Tides are set by the moon’s gravitational pull 🙂
        Nor do fans attitudes change with the “wind”.
        No they change with the “wins” 🙂
        Agree though 4 wins will turn most around …
        until the next win change.

    3. I wonder!
      Let’s stop providing fuel for the haters. Let’s encourage and love our team, like the other big teams do.

    4. I believe Arteta always make the wrong decision at the last minute. Example Leno hasn’t been doing well. And yet time and again he’s between the sticks.

  4. I don’t understand how people can blame him for his fee!according to the Athletic,the decision to pay 72M was taken by Arsenal executives during a summer barbecue at the Kroenke’s ranch ,they heard rumours of Napoli preparing a substantial bid,I wouldn’t be surprised if they already had a few by then!

  5. In Mikel Arteta’s reign you can bring a forward line of Mbappe, Lewandowski and Messi and they’ll all struggle to score goals and will be deemed as flops,not working hard enough.

    Pepe can’t score, a proven striker Aubameyang who was next to neck with Lewandowski in Bundesliga, golden shoe winner at Arsenal can’t score, Lacazzete doesn’t score, Mkhitaryan couldn’t score, goes to Roma, scores, assists.

    Yet we’ll say the problem is with these players and not our manager.

    1. Odd isn’t it? Players deemed as “underperforming” get shipped out or on loan, yet “underperforming” manager gets endless patience and excuses.

      Be cheaper replacing manager than endless turnstile of players eh?

    2. Spot on Loki…it’s clear that the amateur hour tactical naivety of our shoehorned manager has been the predominant reason why we have struggled so mightily in the final third

    3. Loki, Pepe is being made a scapegoat. His output over his seasons at Arsenal improve each season and compare favourably with players in similar positions across the EPL. Pepe has been disadvantaged by non selection following goal scoring performances and not getting a run of games. Like the rest of Arsenal’s forward line he has been encumbered by the poor performances of the midfield in providing a goal threat themselves and opportunities for the forward line.

  6. To be honest,I am at the stage where I think that any experienced manager would get more out of this team than MA,as long as he plays the players in their right positions and stick to the same first XI or close to and not constantly chopping and changing,the same goes for tactics, keeping it simple.

  7. If Pepe shaved off those stupid mutton chops sideburns/beard, he would be more aerodynamic and get better peripheral vision in certain angles. The extra speed and vision would make him as good as Arlen Robben was in his prime.

  8. What an awfully scewed article. Pepe while not having a great start under Arteta, actually produced some excellent figures in scoring and assists compared to our other under performers in a negative style team. He is what he is, he is talented and he needs a better system than we have to work in but to say he underperformed compared to other players and our manager is stretching it a bit. Non article again.

  9. Pepe, just like aubameyang and others can’t score. But is Pepe not scoring? Last season he surpasses his goals/assists tally of his first season despite being frozen out by Arteta who started playing him halfway through the season. He’s an inside forward but our coach doesn’t seem to value his talents much to play to his strengths. He’s out most clinical winger. He doesn’t have the footballing brain of Saka but he’s surely much better at end product which is really what counts at the end

  10. Arsenal should not dare to sell Nicolas Pepe! It is his inexperience and lack of winning mentality that is causing the team; Not the players.
    Pepe is a great player; you don’t know how to pair the players to get good results. Since you came, everyday different lineup, different players and different formation. How will you win game. You sent Lucas Torriera out but you were brave to keep Mohammed Elneny. You sent William Saliba and Mavripanos out and keep Callum Chambers and Rob Holding. You have Lacarzette on the bench throughout and use Balogun to do a man’s job, when Aubameyang is struggling get goals. You have sent Bellarin out for no genuine reasons. Now you want to sent Pepe out for another stupidity.

  11. Poor form?! He’s been one of the only bright sparks outside of Tierney and Saka. Goal and assist output is higher than Saka and ESR per minute on the pitch. If he had any movement or runners around him, and a decent full back behind him he’d be mustard. His dribbles that go nowhere are a product of having nothing going on around him, so he’s forced to try and make something happen.
    If Arteta was more than just Pep’s cone and bib carrier he’d get more out of the whole squad. I hope Pepe outstays Mikel.

  12. Pepe was one of the best players for Arsenal towards end of last season. If played in his right position Pepe is a good player. The huge problem is Arteta who doesn’t know how to get the best out of the players at his disposal.

  13. This article is probably wishful thinking and just there to test the waters. There’s is little probability of Pepe leaving in January. Firstly, Arsenal would not want him to lose his motivation especially at a time when they have limited match winners. Then there is the issue of who would take him. Even at half price he would be a liability. In terms of what he has done at Arsenal, I agree with those who have argued that although he is not exactly a flop neither does he inspire a great deal of confidence. He can come up with a few magical moments but we are talking about a ratio of one game in three and inbetween these he can be downright underwhelming. There are days when neither he or Aubamayang show up and Arsenal may as well be playing with ten men.

  14. He is not the only one.Torreira is another one.The epl us very physical compared to other Euro leagues.Raw power counts.
    For many years Arsenal have been bullied.Why?
    Physically they are no match for the other
    teams. We need a few Pv 4 to add steel
    Wr need to add brawn mot ballet players.
    As for Pepe he hangs on to the ball too long.He can easily neutralized if two defenderz stay near him

  15. What a rubbish of a story. Looking for likes as everyone knows the troubles at Arsenal right now to write crap to get some fame in the bash Arsenal party. Pepe is currently Arsenal’s top attacking threat. If the others can do as him they will be at a position. He is a baller. The way he takes on people he will lose the ball at times,. But when he does not as we have seen. Defenders backs are on the wall hoping for a miracle.

  16. Why can’t the management open their eyes and see the truth? The truth is that tge players aren’t poor, what is poor is the coach. Arsenal will fire all the good players and only discover that they have been fighting the wrong enemy. Get a good coach and all the good players will be happy.

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