Is the reported Giroud interest welcomed by Arsenal?

Olivier Giroud is reported to be a target for Italian champions Juventus, and I for one am intrigued as to whether Arsenal would be willing to cash-in.

The Frenchman has been in-and-out of the starting XI this season, with Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck having enjoyed runs in the central striker role.

Fans have been calling out for a big-named striker to be signed in recent windows, although that urge was temporarily soothed early int he season, when Theo and OG were both in form and battling it out for a while.

Walcott picked up his usual injury, Giroud’s lack of competition either meant that he burnt out by playing too many games, or simply suffered due to being too relaxed with no rival.

Either way, his dip in form has coincided with our drop out of the title race, out of the FA Cup and the Champions League, and once again, we are left thinking we certainly are lacking in goalscoring options.

Welbeck has returned with four goals, and was selected to start the last two Gunners games up front, but I still don’t think he is able to keep that consistency going for a full season.

With Juventus apparently eyeing a move for Giroud this summer, with a fee touted as around £20-£25 Million, I’m curious whether Arsenal could finally be set to invest in a new striker.

Gunners fans have also been quick to jump on Giroud’s lack of form, but with 20 goals in all competitions so far this season, would we really be happy to see him go?

Is Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott good enough to play back-up to a new striker, or do we still need Giroud with the addition of someone new?

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  1. Bob or Admini, your question is difficult to answer as Giroud has been an asset to Arsenal forward line. But his inconsistency in scoring goals on a consistent basis for Arsenal has turned him to a soft target for criticism by a large section of Arsenal fans. Even Walcott too has become a culprit in this ugly episode. An episode that is almost costing Arsenal the title and has caused them the Capital One Cup, the FA Cup and the Ucl.

    I think the Boss should seriously think on what to do with these 2 inconsistent Arsenal goal scorers in the summer, even at the long run Arsenal won the title and the duo are not a major players in the run-in to Arsenal winning the title which we are still expecting to happen.

    My advice to Giroud is, he should cut down on his weight/size. The Giroud I see on my TV screen now is much bigger than the Giroud I used to see in recent past. I think his overweight is giving him problem with his goals poaching of recent. I think Walcott suffers from this overweight issue too.

      1. i appreciate giroud, but can we do better? yes…. if juve offered to swap morata for giroud who would say yes or no?

  2. Very much welcomed, they can take Walcott for free too … At least Wenger will not come and say we have enough strikers …

  3. 20 goals (in all comps) is a very good return for a good striker .. but it is an average return for the main striker in a team chasing titles. Especially so when the team depends more heavily on attacking prowess to win games.

    Giroud is a good striker to have. However he shouldn’t have been our “only good striker”.

    We have more a decision to make on Welbeck and Walcott. I’d suggest we start finding suitors that will be ready to collect Walcott from us.

    There really is no point in letting Giroud go. And I don’t think Wenger is done with yet.

  4. If the alleged £20-£25 Million offer comes up, then absolutely cash in even though that valuation is honestly a little bit over the top. But if not, he’s still a good enough to be a squad member and he does provide us with something different. In any case, as long as he’s not the #1 striker next season

    1. honestly, i wish giroud good luck. we need some fresh faces. and i dont want to see his grimace anymore . just saw a article on HITC: clear-cut conversion rates:
      MU: 54%
      tot: 46%
      WHAM: 45%
      LEI: 41%
      manc: 37%
      arsenal: 35%
      we’re above MU bec we *MAKE* many more chances; but of those we make, we also waste too many. giroud is a big contributor to that. we need a world-class striker. thank you for your service giroud.
      the giroud era should now draw to a close.

        1. Yeah I hear you, but IMO he’ll be a good squad member next season. I still feel we should keep him unless we actually get the £20 million

          1. Xan has basically said it all and I agree. Besides, which team has a second or third choice striker who is better than Giroud. Not only that but for me Girouds main problem is having the weight of the fans expectations on shoulders and he just can’t play with it. Maybe he would do better if he was not relied heavily on, and even if he still gives the same well like I said which team has a second striker who starts for France and scores about one in three.

      1. Welbeck and Walcott misses allot more than giroud but yet still we are willing to slate our best stricker if any should compromise its wallcott and Welbeck who should stay as wide options for now.

        ibrahimovic would be ideal as when he is ready to leave us then Welbeck and a new addition would fight it out for no.1 striker (giroud will be on the decline in a couple years)

        1. Must say I’m a little worried about Welbecks form, I want him to become better and help us win the rest of our games but I fear that would give Wenger an excuse to again not buy a new striker. I know fans wouldn’t put up with this, but will the board feel the same. it seems unimaginable he would think this way but I fear it all the same. He would think, something like, I knew they had it in them we were just unlucky. He would say I knew three (actually 4 including Alexis) of them would be enough but injuries hindered this for me and that could happen to anyone maybe even Barcelona. I don’t think he would say this but he would think it, and say something about luck and injuries playing a part. He needs to realise that if you beat Barcelona in pre-season, it doesn’t mean that you have proved you can also beat them in a cup final.

  5. Both Giroud and Walcot are useless, but Giroud is better… You will never see walcot involved in d team build up play nor see him hold the ball up under pressure from the opponent…he cant hold d ball, he has cost us so many goals when being dispossessed easily….he is just interested in running….i just dont know how he made it this far in Arsenal….is better he get sold now or never….i will advise he joins Usain bolt in Sprint sport…..campbell, ox are far better than him

    1. Wenger probably gets great satisfaction tricking people into believing a boy who cant play football is going down in history as an England International and a highly paid professional. He gets so much applause when turning bad players into good, good players to very good and great ones into the best. So he must of thought I know what I can do next, Ill see if I can turn a non player into a highly payed International. Well done Mr Wenger, this is maybe your greatest achievement, but I don’t think the England manager Mr Hodgson will find it funny how you hood winked him so easily. Sly and coy Arsene with his socialist sense of humour ..bravo.

  6. I think everyone agree that neither Walcott nor Giroud are good enough to hold the #1 spot at the top of the attack!! It is the reason why Wenger is finishing the league with Welbeck and relying as less as possible on both.
    Look Giroud is a good player who has done good things for AFC this season & can be a squad player with great impact but if a club is willing to offer that much I would go for it. Use the money that you get & buy a genuine striker!
    Walcott should go 1st, really nothing positive to say about him this season!Got the contract stopped performing & it’s a fact!

  7. i’d say welcome to this Transaction………if they are willing to pay good money and if we have an upgrade…… Anybody knows Giroud is hitting 30 soon?
    It’s only a matter of time before we have another snail on our hands……and i really dn’t like his flicks, hold-up play and back to goal stylee

    i see the attributes of a true striker in welbeck, but not yet competely manifested…..but hezls welcomed to stay, would take him over every other person we have in the department for the role

    and walcott, really isn’t cutting it ….his chances are drying up and our patience is running thin….time will tell

  8. Nice to hear the penny drop on Walcott …. To be honest he should be ahead of giroud in the group that needs to be hurded towards the exit …. And that needs to be a big group if we are to be genuine contenders at home and abroad … With wenger at the head …

  9. No club will offer 20-25 mill for Giroud. We will not even get 15 for him by the time he leaves.

    He is utterly useless.

  10. As some have mentioned already Giroud is a good striker just not a top striker. Either him or Walcott will leave this summer for a new and much better forward. I hope it is Walcott as Giroud at least helps the team when he is not scoring and he can assist. Walcott has been invisible during so many games and Campbell, Iwobi and even Ramsey do a better job at RW. Between Giroud and Walcott one will definitely go and i hope Le Prof makes the right choice.

    1. I think it should be sanogoo and theo. if he goes wenger will target a pacey fwd (aubameyang / griezmann/ rues/ lacazette) this would also mean on some occasions we will have a quality player on the other flank.
      if giroud is sold then expect an up and coming pure bred striker (icardi/morata/de jong)

      arteta/rosicky and flamini can be replaced by an up and coming all rounder (neves, teilemens, saul or rabiot) the reason why we only need one player it opens opportunity for the likes of elneny, Wilshire to transition into the squad and opens doors for zalelem/maitland/toral ect…

      debuchy and Jenkinson should go making way for a world class all rounder such as aurier

      1. @mgermain – I would sign my name in blood to get any of the players you mention (Aubameyang, Griezman. Reus, Lacazette) but we had the money last summer to buy any of those, what makes you believe Wenger will buy any of them this summer?

        You think he now realizes his mistake? That does not seem like the Wenger I know.

  11. Juve have Dybala, MOrata and mandzukic… why they would wan’t to pay over the top for giroud???

  12. Giroud stats are not bad. If you take number af goals in PL minus penalties against minutes played. Kane, vardy, ighalo and giroud are all about the same 170 to 180 minutes played per goal. Lukaku is better on 142 minutes and Aguers best on 118 minutes.

    Also giroud is fairly immune to the arsenl disease (injury) s oppose to welbeck who eems to hve cught it. I say keep giroud, get a WC striker nd hope welbeck develops in to. Consistent scorer.

    1. I would love us to get lukaku. everton will finish midtable and although they have bigmoney to spend would lukaku resist arsenal?

      we could offer them theo Walcott (18m) and sczezney (6m) as part of the deal.

      25m + szezney and Walcott = a deal worth around 50m

  13. If Juve is offering £25 million for Giroud then I think we should jump at the offer. Giroud is 30 and by next season may begin to decline sharply so I think this is the right time to cash in on him before he turns into deadwood in our hands. Besides he is not the WC striker we need to get us where we desire to be. If we want to win the EPL and strongly contend for the UCL we desperately need to invest heavily on quality strikers and Abumayang should be our prime target with Lukaku or Morata as back up and competition while we can have Welbeck as third option. This will come at a steep price but that is the kind of investment we must make to get to level we desire.

  14. We should keep Giroud as a second string striker (try saying that when your Drunk) but the player we should sell without further hesitation is Theo Walcott !!!!!!!!!!
    He has delivered next to F@ck all season after season and he had the temerity to demand a higher wage for doing so.
    He’s NOT the player we were promised he would be he’s lazy and injury prone and his bottle has gone, sell him and let him work for his money at another club where they would quickly demand that he either turns up or can F@ck off he’s had an easy ride off of us for far too long

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