Reporter hails Trossard for incredible stat after Arsenal beat Palace

Leandro Trossard has been arguably the best signing by a Premier League club since the turn of the year, as he makes some incredible contributions to the Arsenal team since he joined them from Brighton in January.

After his hattrick of assist not so long ago, the Belgian assisted Granit Xhaka for his goal in Arsenal’s win against Crystal Palace this afternoon.

It makes him the highest assist provider in the Premier League since he moved to Arsenal in January.

CBS Journalist James Benge is impressed and reveals on Twitter:

“Since making his first start for Arsenal a month ago, Leandro Trossard is by far and away the Premier League leader in assists with six. Mohamed Salah is the only other person to have reached three.

“He is also by far the leader in expected assists with 2.6, mostly open play.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Trossard has been an impressive signing since he moved to London and it is even sweeter to think we got him for half the price we could have signed Mykhailo Mudryk.

We need help in the second half of the season to maintain our lead at the top of the table and the ex-Brighton man looks prepared to help us achieve our goals.

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    1. They were indeed. I particularly noticed Holding today as he isn’t usually a starter and he made life very awkward

      There wasn’t a poor performance out there. I’m a huge admirer of Odegaard who worked his socks off and applauded us all after the final whistle

      We all sang in praise and respect for PV today. What a fantastic Mother’s Day treat

  1. “HALF THE PRICE?” Oh no, more like a quarter to a third only!

    I have to say in long for the day when no Gooner bothers writing about what might have happened, had we signed Mudryk instead. FACTS SAY we did not and we signed the excellent Trossard instead.

    By all means do discuss players we DID sign.

    But for goodness sake, STOP writing “what if ” pieces about Mudryk, as they did NOT happen!

    I cannot possibly be alone in finding articles that do not apply to us, to be boring,tedious and pointless.

    1. I’m not against hypothetical articles in general, but i agree in this case primarily because it comes across as strangely bitter. Articles that came out early on, after it had become clear that trossard was fitting in well, we’re understandable, but it’s been a while now and it seems a bit harsh to be bringing up a young player who’s struggling at another club.

      1. Davi You put it so diplomatically and therefore have my admiration. I have not the inate ability, nor the desire, to be so diplomatic, generally speaking.

        I much prefer plain speech, even though It makes me unpopular with many. I always prefer to speak plainly but I admire those who, like yourself, put it so politely.

    2. Jon, I thought you had basic education in your portfolio – “I have to say in long for the day”????
      Back to the basics Jon and join the ranks of the unwashed and uneducated dullards.

  2. I called him a second-tier AFC player but he’s up there performing alongside our best performers. I was a little underwhelmed by this signing in the beginning, but am glad to be wrong, way off

  3. Me personally I loved him so much coz he could always make life hader for us while playing Brighton his celebrations wow

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