Reporter identifies a key difference between Arsenal and Tottenham

Arsenal’s decision to release Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the January transfer window and not replace the striker has been blamed for their recent failure.

The Gunners were beaten 2-0 by Newcastle United last night, a result that almost certainly brings an end to their dream of playing in the Champions League next season.

The Gunners had pushed their luck all season considering that Mikel Arteta’s side isn’t as equipped with quality players as Tottenham and Manchester United.

They still gambled on letting Auba leave in January just to rely on the goal-shy Alexandre Lacazette and the inexperienced Eddie Nketiah.

For some weeks, it seemed they could fire Arsenal to a top-four finish, but their last two games have revealed that they are not good enough.

The Daily Mail’s Craig Hope writes in his column: “Tottenham have Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min. Arsenal have Eddie Nketiah, a rookie with nine Premier League goals across five seasons. Out of contract, he will also likely be leaving the club this summer.

That was the hand Mikel Arteta chose to play when, without a replacement, he allowed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to leave for Barcelona in February.”

He adds: “It said much that Alexandre Lacazette – another ready to leave the Emirates – was the saviour they sent for when Newcastle took the lead before the hour. He has two league goals from open play this season, and the last of those was in December.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Our lack of goals should be blamed if we cannot make the top four at the end of the season.

We should have signed a replacement for Auba when he left the club in January if we are serious about pushing for a place in the top four.

Our decision not to do that has proven a poor one and playing football on Thursday and Sunday night next season will be the price.

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  1. “Poor” doesn’t accurately reflect the magnitude of the decision to ditch PEA without finding a replacement. I would say: major blunder, strategic mistake, school boy error – all deserving of the ultimate penalty – his job. Arteta’s main priority was slashing wages to impress the owner; top 4 clearly was not part of his plan.

    1. Can’t believe there was absolutely no one available in January. That sounds like the Wenger excuse.

    2. @Reggie
      Exactly. It’s not about our strike force or lack of. It all about the tactics or lack of, from our manager. His ineptitude showed when he took off Gabe, but left Xhaka on. It was obvious he had no plan on how to break down Newcastle, yet weakened our defence anyway.

  2. The rebuilding process should include some tough bodies not ballerinas that get pushed around. We have the skills but not the strength. Hope the recruiting takes this into consideration.

  3. Yeah let’s blame the manager for getting rid of a player for consistently breaking the club rules and virtually downing tools 🙄

  4. What hype would that be RFrancis ? Being late for the North London Derby, late back from France, late for training, and hardly scoring ?

  5. It is debatable whether we should have kept Aubameyang who may well have become a disruptive influence. Unfortunately, he had not been playing well so the case for keeping him is not that strong.
    The big concern which several of us expressed was that we let him and several others go without adequate replacements. The lack of depth has been most striking in our most recent games. However, the absence of a top class striker has been a problem for most of the season.

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