Reports claim Arteta’s mind is made up on Lacazette’s contract

Reports in France claim that manager Mikel Arteta is completely convinced that Alexandre Lacazette is deserving of a new contract, but are willing to wait until the summer to agree terms.

The Gunners have flourished in recent weeks, banishing any thoughts that we would struggle to deal with the departure of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who left in January to join Barcelona, and now look on course to return to the Champions League for the first time since taking a hammering by Bayern Munich in 2017.

You could argue that our team now plays with much more passion, and is very-much more difficult to beat, but we could well be set to change the dynamic of our side in the summer. Lacazette has been central to much of our goal threat, albeit by his movement and interchanging as much as his actual finishing, and while he is continually linked with the exit, there is clearly argument for him.

Jeunes Footeux now claims that the manager is fully convinced that they should agree a new deal with Lacazette, but state that they are willing to wait and see if they secure Champions League football before agreeing terms.

The report hints that he will be offered a deal in excess of one season, whilst included a pay rise from his current terms, but Arsenal are not expected too be dragged into the trap that saw them have to pay both Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang off to leave the club after they took a dramatic decline after signing monster deals.

Do you agree that Lacazette is fully deserving of an extended stay at Arsenal?


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  1. The way Lacca is playing, why wouldn’t you offer a new contract. He plays with enthusiasm and knit the team together. We still will need another striker but that it another issue. Lacca would take a great deal of replacing but adding would make us better.

  2. Sorry but he isn’t the answer to propel us forward now or into the future. Hasn’t the club learned about players over 30 on high wages?

    I don’t think Laca would agree to less games as a Plan B and a reduction in his wages.

    Arteta said himself we need a striker that can score goals in the PL; sorry but that is not Laca.

    This Summer is the perfect time to complete the cleanout and finish the building project. Let Laca and Nketiah go along with ElNeny, and transfer Leno out along with Xhaka.

    Bring in a proper Striker and a Plan B backup, and 2 midfielders. Cedric is capable backup RB for another year, and Mari, AMN, Leno, and Xhaka transfers can add to the transfer kitty.

    1. I would keep Laca on his current deal but on a 2 year deal or yearly deal.
      I don’t think he will ever accept the yearly deal but who knows.
      Because right now I don’t see any strikers available that we can sign. It would be better to get in a new striker but keep Laca as plan B or insurance just to help out if the new striker needs time to bed in.

      I am conflicted, one moment I am happy to let Laca go but then the next minute I am thinking to myself “Where are we going to find this spanking new striker that will come in and hit the ground running?

    2. I would suggest that we keep Lacca even8f its for two years,DONT forget the role he plays on and off the pitch (Captain). Its evident that all the young lads love and respect him…He might not be scoring goals but his contribution on the pitch is superb. He is playing a role of a false nine like Faminho(Liverpool) and others like in Man city…We still need his services as a captain and a threat striker…

  3. No, I do not think Laca deserves another contract. I see little in his game that warrants it. He works his socks off , as we can all see, but that apart , he is not a scorer and is slowing down massively.
    Yes he has some assist this season andlink with the others well, overall.
    But next season I believe we will be in the CL and if we have to play LACA we will not prorgess far, for certain. We need far better than hinm and I think we will get someone far better. WE DEFINITELY NEED IT.

    Unhelpful fan sentimentality for a fading player is unwise and IMO will be ignored by the club anyway, as it should.

  4. OT: Everton stinking the place out at Spuds. 46 minutes sgome and Toffees losing four nil and heading for the Mother of all hidings! GROAN!

    1. Yes Jon
      It’s never too good an idea to do anything more than take the proverbial ‘one game at a time’ method. Those – Declan definitely- who reckon on Spurs being our closest rivals are looking good for their hunches on this showing tonight

          1. I could weep! I did think this season could come down to goal difference and an Everton drubbing isn’t exactly helping the cause.

    2. How much to get Kane to come home and bring Son with him?
      Where would Spurs be without them or the impact of Conte on reinvigorating their partnership?

  5. He deserves a new contract why ditch him if leads us to top four. I think we should keep him as our experienced striker and sign a young striker to compete with him cos his aggressive style of play will be needed in many ocassion to win games.almost all strikers are not aggressive so bringing in another who will know what he’s up against to displace a player like laca will know he’s in for a serious fight so he will be ready whenever he gets his chance.i’d rather have laca as our experienced striker next season.

  6. talk about your lowered expectations…sorry but if this is part of the “process”, as it pertains to properly addressing our serious Striker deficiencies, the future of this position looks rather bleak…now if he was willing to take a one year deal at a vastly reduced rate, with the understanding that we’re bringing in a bona fide starter and he will be retained for coverage purposes, then that wouldn’t be the end of the world, but we all know that would never be an acceptable situation for Laca, unless no one in the footballing world offered up an alternative option

  7. I’d love to retain Lacassist, but not at all costs. It needs to be AS WELL AS a top quality striker, and in the understanding that there is no guaranteed game time for either – merely the best man for a particular game, or the form player to hold their place. I don’t see Laca arguing, as surely that’s how all sensible managers choose their teams.
    I get the impression that he wants to stay and unlike Auba loves it here and gives everything. He seems really excited to be part of it, and now that we all understand he will perhaps never score another goal we are judging him on the things he does bring to the team not obsessing over what he doesn’t, and liking what we see. He is a pretty unique package – tough, determined, great hold up, awareness and short passing. Unselfish, integrated and popular with everybody.
    His best days as a full striker have definitely gone though, and those are the ones who get the really big bucks, so to keep him I’d maybe match but certainly not increase his salary for 2 seasons max. But I’m biased because I think he’s essential to our style, and I love the guy!

  8. Laca should get a year extension on his current deal nothing more, his contribution to the team goes unnoticed most times I think

  9. People can’t see that any new striker we buy will need assistance we can’t play one striker that never played with the team in CL Premier league and all the cups. I rather have laca as a back up striker than DCL and Watkins. Let’s buy a real striker bring back balugon and keep laca

  10. Erling Haaland – Kroenke to come good on his promise to provide finance and Martin Odegaard to talk to his good mate.
    How good is Mikel Arteta in selling the “Arsenal Projest”?

    1. 100% agree what a player but seems to be injured alot too though, would love him at Arsenal tbh but not in a million years he will unless Øde can really tap him up as I don’t see any other reason he would come here even if we do have UCL as he has the pick of the clubs he wants to go to in Europe when his release clause comes into play this summer, £60m or something around that. I think everyone club will activate it and he will choose whoever he likes.

      Mbappe to Madrid so he’s not going there, Barca may come for him aswell as will Munich as Roberts future isn’t certain at Bayern, same with Gnabry at Bayern, plus Man City where his dad played & Pep is there with a dominating squad winning league titles every other season.

      If there is 3 players I would love in this Arsenal team come the summer to Join Saliba if we finish in Top4 that is;

      Serge Gnabry – he has unfinshed business with us plus Pepe could be sold to fund this deal, plus Eddie & Laca leaving too.

      Christopher Nkunku – What a beast! Goals/Assists every game this season, complete upgrade on Xhaka when he departs this summer too, along with Elneny. Unai wanted him too 🤦‍♂️

      Haaland – abit of everything for a CF, just a worry over his fitness but a different sort of animal up top. Power House, Deadly Finisher & his hold up is immense, does all the little things Laca does too.

  11. Players over 30 should be gave 1 year contracts and if they deserve another 1 year keep giving it to them but keep them on the same wages,
    Some players like auba, willian, ozil relax when they sign long term contract..

  12. The way I see it, it’s going to be very hard to replace Lacazette, I also think Balogun will grow to be like Lacazette, A strong, unselfish, motivating, likable, relentless and passionate player,

    Lacazette needs to be around for another season to nurture the new striker,

    I believe the key to replacing Lacazette is in the midfield, get players like Nkunku and Ascensio,

    Well here’s to hoping Arteta and Edu wow us with the summer signings,

  13. I like him. I would love him to stay around. 2years contract isn’t bad IMO. The only problem with him is his finishing. A new proven striker is required to compete and or complement him. Laca can hold up and can also play when our game is fast, he plays well with the boys. Why can’t we keep him? Besides, he shows passion.

  14. From day one, I have been vouching for extending Laca’s contract. Its not that exactly the goals you score are important, although I agree they are important, but also more important is your contribution to the team cause. Laca’s overall game play, his link up play, his press and above all his leadership are all important to the Arsenal cause. He draws defenders and cretes space for our other attackers. Keep Laca, allow Nketiah to leave and sign another striker and we are done in the striker department, with both Biereth and Marcelo Flores available in the Academy if necessary.

  15. I would rather see his talent somewhere else where he could be a scorer, than a provider. His whole stay at Arsenal has been a wierd deal, starting with his first game at Liverpool under Wenger. If he is good staying at Arsenal, I am glad for him.

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