Reports claim that Arsenal are still looking for a buyer for high profile star

Arsenal has no plans to keep Mesut Ozil beyond his current deal as he continues to earn more money than their other players.

The German has been at the Emirates since 2013, but his performances have dropped since he signed his latest contract at the club.

He was declared surplus to requirements under Unai Emery, but he has received a new lease of life under Mikel Arteta.

He has started all of Arteta’s league games in charge so far as the Spaniard gives him another chance to have a suitable Arsenal career.

However, he hasn’t done better despite being given a second chance and the Gunners don’t consider him a part of their future.

Sun Sports claims that Arsenal has no plans to offer the German a new contract when this one expires, although he has apparently said that he would love to stay with the Gunners.

Arsenal has lost some of their top players for free in the last few seasons, but they will attempt to find a buyer for Ozil in the summer before they consider allowing him to run down his contract claims the same report.

Ozil has also started attracting too much negative press and it would probably be better for the club and the player himself if there is a parting of ways.

That said, I am not sure how the Sun would know all this.

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  1. A J says:

    Does it really need the Sun or any other rag to “report” this ?

    Any serious fan with a modicum of realism , would know deep down we have been trying to offload Ozil for some time now.

  2. ken1945 says:

    Very simple answer Martin – the Sun “newspaper” doesn’t have a clue.

    What they do know, of course, is that Mesut Ozil is a cert for a sports page read, as they ( and others) continue to demonize the player that Arteta has selected for every single premiership game since becoming our coach.

    1. A J says:


      Do you not think M A is playing what he currently has as his disposal in numerous positions right now.

      I truly believe Mesut Ozil would not get near a TRUE Mikel Arteta side.

      After a recent exchange with you on here, I clipped a few articles as to how Ozil’s current position at the club is viewed at various levels.

      Raul S and his team – not “fans.”

      BFG – “disappointed”.

      M A playing him because he is ”really trying” in training? ( a world Cup winner “trying” – wow !).

      In reality you can bet your life, Ozil falls well short on Mikel’s list of “non negotiables” – not even close.

      After reading the above mentioned articles, I actually copied them and was going to paste them on here – they were pretty damming from people in the know at our place.

      But I simply couldn’t be bothered
      , we simply disagree regarding this player – that’s what’s makes football the game it is.

      Whilst at Madrid Mourinho once accused Ozil of being too keen to get to the dressing room to “do his hair” – enough said.

      Has Mesut Ozil been an unbelievable talent in the game, yes.

      Are his best years behind him, yes.

      Does he represent a severely damaging financial restriction going forward, yes.

      We must offload this very expensive luxury ASAP.

      Neves, Madison, Grealish …………… oh yes, and the vastly diminishing return of Mesut Ozil.

      We simply disagree on his value to the squad Ken.

      Take care, and stay healthy.

      1. ken1945 says:

        AJ take care also my fellow gooner.

        I, of course, could quote a similar amount of players who say how Ozil is respected and numerous people who have derided mourinho for his senseless quotes, remember the one regarding AW!?

        As for not having a choice regarding the selection of Ozil, Emery certainly didn’t hold back did he?
        Neither did he hesitate in bringing him back, when he started losing games without him, if you remember?

        BUT this was about the sun newspaper and it’s baseless claim regarding the player – which of course is just normal speculation as Martin indicated at the end of the article.

        1. A JW says:

          Let’s wait to see how this one unfolds, and like long standing “fellow Gooners” agree to differ.

          Take care Ken.

  3. SueP says:

    As a relative newcomer to JA, it took me a while to find out who likes who and who does not.

    When it comes to Ozil, I have now decided to leave well alone as it causes the same disagreements every time. Each person puts forward their points of view on him and he is either a greedy lazy git or still on top of his game.

    I have tried unsuccessfully numerous times to persuade the opposition to my viewpoint and failed. No point trying to preach to those who don’t want to be converted to my way of thinking.

    All of this I have said in good humour, but we all end up bashing our respective heads up against a brick wall.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      You are lucky we sold Iwobi. Now, he was divisive among the fans and I felt the debates over him git a lot worse than Ozil. I think one day I did an article about Iwobi and Ozil and it got vetoed, just too hot to handle the fallout. Which I think was a shame really that it got that bad.

      1. SueP says:

        Thank you Admin for your reply
        I really enjoy my time contributing, but it does get a bit out of control sometimes.
        I like to reply to posters in a manner that I would like to be treated, but in life not everyone takes that view.
        In the beginning I took adverse responses personally, and now I feel that I can stand up for myself. If nothing else I am stronger on here and in life.
        There is nothing to be gained in being just plain rude.

  4. A J says:

    Sorry have I missed something here.

    I thought the exchange of opinion between Ken and I re’ Mesut was constructive, and respectful at all times – I’ve read much worse on here.

    I always try to be respectful of others views, and always post in such a way I would expect to be spoken to.

    Opinion is often open to criticism when simply not agreeing with what could be seen as the populist view.

    Ozil is extremely decisive as we know.

    Why were these particular comments on this subjects considered “rude” & “out of control” .

    In fact have seen Mesut’s presence at the club likened to Cancer !!!!!

    I may be wrong, but I think ONE person commented on that !

    Is this site for certain posters only ?

    How strange..

    1. SueP says:

      I think you might be referring to my post
      The conversation between you on this article was conducted in a proper and considered fashion. There have been articles written that have caused a written scrap between those who like/don’t like Ozil and it gets unpleasant at times. That was all I meant
      And of course you’re right to be polite.

  5. A J says:

    For “decisive” read “divisive” – if in the slightest bit interested as this from an alien poster !

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