Reports say Arsenal are in positive talks with Ben White

Arsenal hold ‘more positive talks’ with Brighton man

Arsenal have held positive talks with England and Brighton and Hove Albion defender Ben White, according to the DailyMail.

As reported earlier, the Seagulls have slapped a fee of £50 Million on their academy prospect, by which they hope to put off his admirers, which include the likes of Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain.

Leeds United made three bids for the English defender last summer, with the third and highest a whopping £25 Million, all being rejected by Brighton.

Fast forward a year and the 23 year-old will demand an even higher fee due to a year’s Premier League experience, and with being called up to England’s European Championship squad.

The reported £40-50 Million pricetag is hardly going to be sticking point for the Gunners, who appreciate him massively and are thought to be preparing a “concrete offer” in the coming days.

Arsenal’s interest in a right-sided centre-back has been well documented since David Luiz’s departure was confirmed a month back.

Although William Saliba will report to the Gunners’ camp next season, Mikel Arteta clearly wants a more experienced head in that position.

Switching to a back three looks possible given we will have three solid options in Gabriel, Saliba and Ben White, if he does end up joining.

DailyMail further reported that the former Leeds’ man is keen to join the Emirates Stadium, and Brighton are believed to be open to the idea if their asking price is duly met.

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  1. Imagine Arteta and Edu signing yet another CB before a midfielder. Hoping this rumor is false; CB is not an issue, and IMHO Saliba and Mavroporas better players than White.

    Arteta looking every bit like a checkbook manager.

    1. Really hope Arteta knows what he truly needs. He has so much about what they intend to do during transfer in preparation for next season. But Arsenal still seem slurggish to buy quality players.
      Still waiting and watching though.

    2. I hope this is just media bullshaaat as I believe otherwise I would lose faith in Arteta in upcoming season before we even kick a ball. This boy has nothing on Saliba

    3. when will this cycle of asset mismanagement and ill-timed “luxury” purchases ever end???

  2. Arteta can buy whomever he wants,he can even buy 3 more goalkeepers if he feels that’s what the team needs to succeed but he should be ready to face the backlash if the team starts underperforming next season

    1. Exactly my point. It’s okay to make questionable decisions…… Just have the results to justify such decisions

  3. I’m baffled by this transfer. Okay he looks decent, got called to national team but what about Mavro and Saliba? Msvro was statistically one of the best CBs in Bundesliga and Saliba was among the best CBs shortlist in Ligue 1.

    Surely Holding/Mari needs to be sold before either one of them?

  4. Just too much talk and nothing happening? Does he really have the funds? By now they should hav e already moved concretely with at least 1 signing.
    So frustrating this Arsenal

  5. This tells me there’s no adult in the room supervising Arteta and Edu.
    If they really think spending 50M for White is the best use of the club’s money at this time, despite having both Saliba and Mavraponos, then we are in real trouble.
    We could be in for another version of the worthless 30M deal for Willian.

  6. The midfield should be given priority follow by the fullback positions. Anyone or two of logonga, bissouma, de Paul or locatelli should be sign asap! A new goalkeeper in onana a most. Personally I prefer lacazette to auba cos he sync well with the younger attackers around him; open to keeping him over auba.

  7. It’s obvious Arteta is just experimenting with Arsenal! Why another center back when the midfield is a joke! Mavrapanos and Saliba are ok.

    1. Ben white also plays as a defensive midfielder. That might explain why Arteta desperately wants him

  8. This rumour is a total joke IMO.

    Important areas to shore up/upgrade ASAP
    – Back up LB
    – RB (optional as we can utilize AMN while letting Bellerin go with Chambers & Cedric as cover).
    – DM (crucial)
    – AM (crucial)

    CB position, we’re pretty good here considering our performance this past season + Saliba & Mavro joining the team.

  9. Arsenal are ‘thought’ to be putting together a concrete bid
    This is guesswork and until something actually positive happens on him and anyone else come to that, it is just that – guesswork
    I don’t know if Guendouzi has matured or if Arteta thinks Saliba has a future at Arsenal. Again it is all suggestion and speculation
    I’m really looking forward to something happening but no inward transfers are in the pipeline yet and only Xhaka appears to be leaving. ‘Appears ‘ is another great word.

  10. Just to inject a note or realistic perspective into these constant rumour articles we read on JA several times each day. Firstly, IF EVEN a tiny percent of them came true , we would have a squad of a hundred or more and be bankrupt in no time at all.
    The vast majority of these constant rumours can be quickly and correctly dismissed by rational thinking fans as nonsense and only designed as space fillers on JA.

    In the case of White, I DO belive we are interested and may well have made an initial contact with Brighton.
    BUT, when you factor in the likely price, the name of our owner,(clue: he is the leading character in Charles Dickens”A Christmans Carol”), the other clubs who will also show interest and the need to make Kroenkes allowed peanuts stretch to so many needed imports, it quickly becomes plain that White will not be wearing our shirt next season.
    To be fair, this rumour has at least -and at most- the likelihood that we are at least, keen on him. THEORETICALLY!

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