Reports say Bellerin is winning the battle to terminate his Arsenal contract

The Spaniard Hector Bellerin has been with Arsenal for the best part of a decade and has been a long and loyal servant until a long term injury deprived him of much of his famed acceleration, and now it is quite clear that he is no longer in Arsenal’s plans and is happy to enter into semi retirement at his boyhood club Real Betis.

He spent last season on loan there and helped them to win the Copa Del Rey, but it is certain they could not afford to match the wages that Arsenal have been paying him for most of his career, and perhaps Betis are not willing or able to pay any transfer fee either, like most of the clubs that are willing to take our unwanted players off our hands!

Now it is being reported by the @tvdellosport and Calciomercato expert Rudi Galetti that the talks are progressing amicably to simply terminate the contract and make Bellerin a free agent…..

That all seems fair to me. Arsenal will save a whole years wages on someone that is very unlikely to play for us, and Hector gets to live and work in the place that he feels the happiest.

Good luck to him I say….


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  1. I do not agree. I say the ethical thing is that BELLERIN HIMSELF SHOULD PAY US A SUM OF MONEY, to agree to cancel his contract.

    My thinking is thus: Bellerin has played as a regular for many years and has received a very considerable fortune and become a multi millionaire in the process, unless, which I much doubt, he has wasted his money on drink, wanton women, manay expensive cars and a reckless life style The evidence is that he has NOT done these silly things and therefore he can easily afford to pay us to be released in order to sign for his supposed “dream club” Betis, a club who just happen to be broke

    Other clubs have enquired dabout him and some it appears have been prepared to pay a fee. But he does not want to go to THEM.

    So, morally and ethically speaking , he himself should pay our club , as he wants his cake and to eat it, at our expense too!!

    Life does not work that way and as supporters of the club, presumably way above any individual , esp one who is no longer good enough for our needs, we ALL should take our own clubs side and therefore expect Bellerin himself TO PAY FOR HIS RELEASE.

    IF Gooners differ in their views, than all I ask , in fairness, is that they give full reason why they differ and explain in full, as I have done in this post, WHY they take this players part over and above that of the club they, presumably, love!

    After all, I have given full reason for my view . All I ask is that IF they disagree ,they do the same as I have done here , so we can all read it and decide which side of this matter we are, individually on.

    My own life long view as a Gooner since early childhood and I am now 71, is that in every single case ever, when it comes to choosing between the clubs welfare and that of any player, NO MATTER WHOM, I have always done and always will come down on the clubs side.

    I call that being a SUPPORTER of our club. Players come and go but the club is always there and REAL SUPPORTERS know which means the most to them, club or merely player!

    1. @ Jon Fox
      Fair argument made by you. I also have to think of the club first. Only problem is that AFC cannot force a player to go where they get a fee. This would mean a compromise from both sides. AFC terminate the contract and don’t have to pay 5 million in wages for the final year and there should be no loyalty bonus if it was in the contract and HB gets to play for his boyhood club at a reduced wage. Win for both sides albeit reduced income for both sides.

    2. A reply to Jon Fox:

      In 2016, when Hector Bellerin was being looked at by both Barcelona and Manchester City, the club decided to offer him a long term contract from the 21st November 2016 until 2023.

      Note the length of the contract and ask yourself WHY it was such a long contract?

      Simply because the player was playing some of the best football in his career and the club did not want him to leave,especially to a PL and CL rivals.

      At that time, both those clubs mentioned were at the very top of their games and, logically, they were looking to strengthen their squads by raiding (yet again) our club.

      However, Bellerin had made it very clear that he regarded The Arsenal as HIS club, despite Barcelona being the place he started his footballing career.

      So both parties were very happy to sign this legally binding contract and, if one takes the time to look, so were the fanbase – after all, a player had turned down two big clubs in order to stay at our club.

      Compare that to the likes of Fabregas, RVP, Nasri and Sanchez and you will understand why that loyalty was met with such enthusiasm.

      A terrible injury to the player, that took away his greatest attribute, speed then robbed him and the club of his services.
      One assumes that this injury would have been covered by the clubs insurance policies, but Hector never regained that level of playing which saw him being pursued by clubs like those I have mentioned above.

      As is his right, Mikel Arteta decided that Hector would not feature in his future plans on a permanent basis and it was agreed last season, that he would go out on loan to Real Betis.

      This loan spell was very successful for both Hector and Betis, culminating in the club winning the Copa del Ray – yet another honour to add to his career stats.

      At the end of the season, he returned to the club and it was assumed that Betis would trigger his signature, but they refused to meet Arsenal’s valuation of the player… and a very fair valuation it was in my opinion.

      Bellerin’s form at Betis attracted interest from other clubs, but he wanted to control his career himself, as is the wish of every individual, and offered to take a significant wage cut to help facilitate the deal.

      Betis continued to play hardball and The Arsenal said, quite correctly, NO. Pay what we want or the player stays and sees out his contract…. something that Bellerin seemed to agree with.

      I have no idea what Bellerin’s contract consists of, but the general belief is that it will cost roughly Β£5,000,000 in wages to do this…. about the same figure that it seems Arsenal want for his sale.

      But I believe, in this case, the club needs to be strong in their actions and stick to the contract or sell him at the asking price.

      It’s not as if he’s completely unusable, as he captained the side in their first friendly AND was taken on the tour of the USA, where, if pictures are anything to go by, he was part of the squad enjoying pre season.

      Another point put forward is that he has been paid handsomely by the club – a complete red herring to bolster the argument put forward by JF.

      During his time at the club, we have won numerous fa cups, charity shields and been a consistent top four side… funnily enough until his injury.

      Just take a second or two to work out the revenue that those two factors have brought to the club and how much it is costing us by being out of the CL since!!

      But, finally, it’s the moral side of the argument that bothers me with Jon Fox’s argument.

      If we are to demand that every player who is deemed as not being part of the managers plans (whoever that might be) it is the right of the club to demand that the said player ignores the agreed contract, signed in good faith and in mutual respect, and buy himself out of the contract – despite being told that he is no longer part of the plan.

      Let’s take it a little further and apply that scenario to Mikel Arteta, who is being paid, it is reported, over Β£3,000,000 more a year than Bellerin.

      If Mikel doesn’t achieve top four, CL and / or win a trophy next season, does Jon Fox deem it acceptable that he has to buy himself out of his legally and consensual three year contract?

      The same goes for EVERY player that has a contract of course… so tell me, what player would even CONSIDER signing for our club if that was the case?

      No, Arsenal have played this one correctly – named a price for the player (too low in my opinion) and will not budge – sending out a message, at long last, that the club have finished giving players away.

      Bellerin has also played it correctly, by honouring his contract, making himself available, keeping fit and deciding his own future after being told he can leave the club.

      In fact, that’s how I hope this case ends, with Hector staying and helping the club fight in the four competitions we are in this season and when it ends, the two sides shake hands on what will have been a twelve year partnership and walk away respecting the other.

      Of course, this has nothing to do with putting player before club – that’s just a load of old BS – it’s to do with what our club and it’s implications for the future.

    3. Have you ever been made redundant jon?

      If you have i am sure you did not pay your company to make you redundant?

      After 10 years plus of giving us his young career and helping us to win some silverwhere, why not just cancel his contract. If we can manage to do more for mercenaries like ozil, ramsey, mustafi and kolasinac, why not do less for Bellerin, Torreira and Mari who are simply being pushed out of the club anyway. I say cancel all 3 contracts immediately saving around Β£290k a week. Unless there was a catastrophic amount of injuries, none of them will ever play first team football again and if they did would be holding up the progress of players like Norton-Cuffy, Walters and Matt Smith.

      Why should any fan care about the club making a measly fee on any of the 3?


  2. Let’s just get it over with. Lucas Torreira will be next. All or nothing episode 1 belongs to Mikel for escaping the sack after losing the first 3 games, Josh kroenke for giving Mikel the support he needed and the Ramsdale family for their thick skin. Can’t believe all the abuse Ramsdale got was from Arsenal fans.

  3. Seems like we must have set a record for most contracts terminated. Thank goodness the quality of our signings seems to be improving of late and the fact that we are signing younger guys should make moving people on easier in the future.

    Could be I’m just blissfully unaware, but I can’t ever remember a team having to give so many guys away or pay them to go away. Outgoing business aside from Joe Willock, Alex Iwobi and Emiliano Martinez has been an absolute disaster.

    1. You are blissfully unaware, it happens to clubs all over the world. The players have control once they enter the last 2 years of their contract.

      As well as the 3 players you mentioned, how about the money we stole off Everton for Walcott? Liverpool for the Ox? Derby for Bielik?

      Just take a look at how many players have left premier league clubs this season on free transfers. The list is easily found on the PL website unders transfers summer 2022.

      Palace had to release 12 this summer, chelsea lost Rudiger, Christensen and Drinkwater for free. Brighton, Bournemouth, Forest have all lost big numbers for nothing.

      I would rather let the 3 leave for free and promote 3 youngsters. They walk for nothing in less than 10 months anyway.

  4. So players finally want out of this club after pledging fake loyal attitude towards the club. Am not surprised. Ozil, Sanchez, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Leno, Fabregas to name a few and now Bellerin forcing their way out of the club means that players IMO should never give players whose initial contracts expired a new one talk more of an improved wage. I feel Saliba, Zinchenko, Martinelli will follow same path as the above mentioned.

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