Reports suggesting that Bissouma is desperate to join Arsenal

Arsenal target is “mad” about Arsenal

According to the reliable The AFC Bell, Arsenal transfer target Yves Bissouma is “mad” about the North London side.

The Brighton and Hove Albion midfielder has been exceptional since his switch to England from French club Lille in 2018. The Mali international has been one of the most talked about transfer targets in the Premier League this year.

Liverpool, Arsenal and many other major European clubs are interested in acquiring the services of the 24-year-old. AFC Bell, who is extremely famous amongst Arsenal fans, reported that the player hopes a deal can be concluded between Brighton and Arsenal.

The report, which you can see here (press ‘translate’) said, ‘Bissouma told those close to him that moving to Arsenal was at the top of his list of priorities if the two clubs could reach an agreement.

‘The player’s agents are in continuous, uninterrupted communication with Arsenal, and the player is following developments via text messages with his camp. There is no talk of an official bid yet.’

That will be music to the ears of the club’s faithful, as they dream of the Bissouma-Partey pivot at the Emirates Stadium next season. Arsenal clearly have the upper hand over other clubs when it comes to landing the former Lille man.

The Malian is believed to be a huge Arsenal fan growing up, and has continued to follow the club. Bissouma’s former Lille teammates Nicolas Pepe and Gabriel Magalhães are reportedly still in contact and can become influential pieces in turning the head of the Brighton midfielder.

Although no formal bid has been launched by the club, that is expected to change in the coming weeks as Granit Xhaka edges closer to a move to Mourinho’s Roma.

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  1. Arsenal should sign this player, he is proven in the Premier league,an Arsenal fan and definitely will give his all for the success of his beloved Arsenal.The central midfield has never been the same since the combative and talented Viera left the club and now Arsenal has the chance to sort this out with Partey and Bissuma bossing the midfield.

    If Arsenal sign Bissuma and Buendia the midfield will be a notch higher, Bissuma will provide power and tenacity which will be vital defensively and Buendia will improve the attacking third.

    1. The same was said for Thomas Partey, and lo, he plays some games like an academy novice on trial. The London life coupled with no urgency to win anything, no pressure, hefty weeky wages, agent fees, no European games, fan pamperings, etc, I wish I was a 24 year old, I too would love to play for AFC! The real warriors – Tierney, Gab M., Saka, ESR, Holding find no excuses and no one to blame for an off match,
      Better we try a look out for a decent player at half the costs – wages, transfer fee,etc. Big name / fee signings have failed to get us UCL glory or EPL title or even the Europa Cup- Ozil, Laca, Partey, Willian, Xhaka, Leno,Pepe. Search and sign the next Kante, rather than relying on overpriced playes who have given us the 8th spot for the last two seasons

      1. Personally, I don’t place Bissouma in the category you describe at all.

        Not at all sure why you would look at Bissouma as having a different attitude to say Tierney for example ?

        For me Bissouma is the type of player we have lacked for many years – bite, aggression, desire and no little ability in the middle of the park.

      2. Arteta did not help in the integration of Partey. Take a look at our second match against Villareal ‘why would Arteta play only Partey in the central midfield. His master did so in UCL final against Chelsea, played only Konduga in the central midfield and what was the result?

        1. Abul.


          We clearly have not seen the best of Partey yet, for more than one reason.

          Next season we expect a lot more, which I’m sure we’ll see.

          1. jon, LC normally writes sense; this must be an aberration where he has “run off the rails”.
            I too agree with Abul and AJ, that injury and team selection/formation did not help him.

      3. LC, you make a good point about certain players having desire and certain players NOT having it. HOWEVER, neither Partey not Bissouma can seriously be claimed to be in the NON DESIRE CATEGORY OF PLAYERS.

        IN THAT YOU ARE PROFOUNDLY WRONG and I much agree with AJ ‘s post.

  2. Praying this one happens.

    At last with an incoming signing we will actually SEE an UPGRADE in QUALITY, with the added bonus of a “prem fresh” player coming straight into the side ready to make a difference.

    A Partey / Bissouma pairing WILL excite us (Josh).

    One down (hopefully), 3 or 4 more to go.

    1. African players have a special bond with Arsenal due to the fanfare in their continent.

      1. No Chelsea Owns Africa…….and please Arsenal is a top Club which every player wish to play for, same with the other big 4, it has nothing to do with “Their continent”

    2. Speedy, Not true that “EVERY PLAYER WHO HAS PLAYED IN FRANCE” does want to join us. But a decent number do want and the obvious reason is the long standing French connection, starting with AW.

      Even though I am among the many who wanted AW to leave long before he did, not to recognise his aura , his influence and his achievements would be plain silly.

      HE, plus the likes of Henry, Vierra, Petit, Pires and certain others also played a key part in attracting French players and to deny that fact would be wrong.

  3. Watching Brighton played in the just concluded 2020/21 season, Bissouma is a player that excite me… his recovery rate, tackles, ball distribution and confident are natural qualities he possesses that if well managed could birth an exceptionally good world class player.

  4. Buendia, Bissouma and Partey in a midfield 3 will be explosive!!!

    Please, Kroenke. Make this happen please. With 80 million pounds we can get this 2 good midfielders.

    Our attackers will have no reason to fail if the midfield behind them is this perfect.

    There will be no excuse for not finishing top 5.

    1. SJ, I agree together with Joe Willock,Arsenal would have a completive midfield at last.
      Why is it that Arsenal dithers and dallies, wasting valuable time? The Club should have been aware of the deficiencies to be addressed (we certainly are), but continues to “root around like old molls at a christening” as the transfer window elapses.

  5. In England there’s the big six but in Africa there are only big three Arsenal -man utd- and Chelsea. Of which at least 85%are Arsenal fan so it’s only normal for a black African player to have Arsenal as his first choice, when it comes to transfer

  6. A very strong midfield! With saka and esr on the outside balogun, auba or martenilli up top. Niles/chambers saliba gabi tierney across the back…

    1. We 100% need a new rb and 2 out of the 3 strikers listed are better on the wing and dont suit our lone cf role and the other is 18. We desperately need a rb cm and a cf. Buendia would be ideal but after we have got the other roles filled.

  7. I’d rather get bissouma than waste money on buendia when we already have ESR and saka who can both play CAM. Better use that limited fund to get a great RB to complement tierney on the left and allow both winger to concentrate on more on attack.

    1. Saka has never played CAM and 100% cannot play there. So you would place all the creativity we lack on the shoulders of a 20-year old who has played half a season for us? Did you not watch us play at all past season?

    2. So we should leave Buendia that have double digit Goal/Assist for the past three seasons in favor of an untested teenager. What are the achievement of ESR? What if he turns out to be a half season wonder? Buendia is the championship player of the season, Buendia created the 4th most chances in the epl 2019/20, completes more dribbles than most midfielders. Maybe you have not watched him that is the reason you are comparing him to ESR. ESR will be very great but Buendia is levels ahead.

  8. Big teams have at least 2 quality players for each positions. It helps for healthy competition and capable cover for injuries.

    Getting Buendia and Bissouma for the midfield will be a great statement of intent.

  9. Exactly SJ.This explains why we always have patches of great performance but no consistency due to lack of depth in our squad.

  10. Aubameyang.

    Saka. Buendia. Pepe.

    Bissouma. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. Saliba. Aarons.


    Aubameyang or any striker up top will have plenty of opportunities to score goals. I see speed and technique all over in this dream lineup.

    In order of need for me is –

    CM – Bissouma – 40m
    AM – Buendia – 40m
    LB – ?? – 20m
    RB – Aarons – 30m
    GK – Ryan – Free

    150 million pounds should be enough to give us the necessary players to lift us upward the table.

    A striker and winger is not really necessary. Any addition in that department will be a bonus.

      1. Buendia doesnt hamper the development of anyone, hes actually played Rw for Norwich and is just as good at Acm. The fact ESR and Saka can both play anywhere behind the striker means we have 4 top class players vying for 3 positions. The main person in threat of missing out is Pepe but hopefully he can carry on his impressive form and he could easily push 20 premier goals next season. Regards to Bissouma it’s a massive yes however if we sell Xhaka we would still need a creative dcm as none of the current ones are good enough, however I feel chambers could do well given the opportunity. Celik is also a better option than Aaron’s and getting Onana is leagues above Leno. If Kroenke is serious about getting the fans off his back signing of Koubaly and Andre Silva to compliment the 4 others would be a good start.

  11. The thought of having Partey, Bissouma & Buendia in a three man midfield is mouthwatering for me and any good fan of the game who really understand the quality the above midfield combination poses won’t argue as I see strength, technique, electrifying energy, ball control & retention and the eye to spot a killer pass even in a tight defence in this trio combined.

    I totally agree with Jon Fox on the French connection brewed by AW’s influence & achievements for AFC.

    However, I disagree on @Samson’s claim that Arsenal has 85% fan base share in Africa as Chelsea & Manchester Utd have a have a massive fan base in Africa just like Arsenal.

  12. YES, Bissouma should be our first transfer across the line.
    Then offer Eddie N to Norwich plus $25m for Buendia.
    Then get a left back. (We probably need a good right back too, but I fear there will not be enough cash this window to get one).

    Sell Guendouzi, Lacazette, Kolasinac, Runarsson, Willian, Torriera, Reiss Nelson, Mari and Bellerin.

    Use the money we get from those sales (if we get enough) to complete the above three deals (four if we go for a right back).

    Then spend any Kroenke money on a striker to partner Auba or Nellie or Balogun up front.

    We might just sneak into a Europa League spot next season if we complete the above transactions.

    Otherwise, I fear we really will become a mid table non-entity until somebody buys out the Kroenkes.

    1. We can`t sell Mari,he just need game time,Mari is powerful ask Jamie Vady and Harry Kan.
      Arsenal need only 2 players this transfer window Bissouma and Buendia

  13. Watching Liverpool sign Konate and then watching Arsenal trying to save a few pounds over Bissouma and Buendía is sad. I always remember the £40,000,001 for Suarez. With Arsenal life is always on a knifes edge. Mean boys and someone else steps in.

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