Reputable source confirms Arsenal done-deal for striker!

David Ornstein has confirmed that Arsenal have agreed a deal to sign Lucas Perez from Deportivo La Coruna today.

The Gunners have been on the hunt for a new striker for months now, following the loss of Danny Welbeck to a long-term injury, while Theo Walcott failed to impress in the role for the previous season.

Alexis Sanchez has been fielded as a makeshift striker for our opening two Premier League matches this term, but has also failed to make an impression, and we now appear to have finally arranged a deal for a new striker.

We failed to convince Jamie Vardy to join the club, before seeing a number of other targets move elsewhere, such as Vincent Jansson to Tottenham, and Gonzalo Higuain to Juventus (for a fee we would never have paid), and we have now landed Lucas Perez.

I know this is not the name many of us wanted, but his goal tally for the previous year is impressive, in a weak Spanish Primera Liga side, and he could definitely improve on that tally with the sort of service he would receive from our star-studded side.

Perez scored an impressive 17 goals in the league last term, and already has a goal and an assist from his one outing this year, and has now been confirmed as joining our strikeforce.

The BBC journalist is known for being on the button when it comes to releasing news, and you can fully expect this to prove true, although whether it will mean he will be ready to play this weekend remains unknown.

We will have to try and reserve our judgements on the signing until he gets a few outings in our famous red shirt, but for now we can just be happy to have options up front.

Could Perez be the perfect option to keep Olivier Giroud on top form this season, or will he go a step further and demote Giroud to the bench?

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  1. perez for 17 mill looks a good signing.

    but 35 for mustafi…35?
    crikey he cost more than sanchez

    u utter t#### valencia!
    robbed us blind

      1. 35 is what ornstein an the more reputable ones r throwing about

        surprised wenger has agreed to that.
        succumb to pressure?

        1. I have a good feeling that Perez would be a hit for Arsenal. Just a haunch.
          I’ll welcome both Perez and Mustafi…arms wide open, if they come to Arsenal.

          1. mustafi at 21 was a good deal. at 35 is paying premier league premium that wenger doesnt believe in.

            theres something were missing here. is there a buyer for theo?

            35 gets u a quality proven midfielder or forward or a young world class defender.

            mustafi is neither. im positive something else is gonna happen.
            because this number doesnt add up for a wenger signing

            1. Good point. We can probably expect at least one or two first teamers to be sold. Who could it be? Debuchy is an obvious one. Gabriel? Theo?

            2. Don’t worry about the price @muff.

              Mustafi represents a shrewd buy at the right time. If we can’t match the firepower of the likes City and United, we should atleast be able to curtail it. I would be very happy with this transfer window if Wenger is able to pull this one through.

              PS: There is talk that Perez is better than Griezman!!!! (and Giroud) according to a Squawka matrix ran by The Sun.

            3. Ornstein often quotes the entirety of the transaction. Not just transfer fee, agent fees and sign on fees as well

  2. yeay 🙁

    if we had made this transfer in week 2, everyone would have moaned, but because we’ve been awful everyone is excited ?

    decent squad player

    1. You suggest we end up with only Xhaka? That’s will make you excited? We are dying here. Perez whoever, he’ll better be good, is bringing hope at less.

  3. YAY We got Perez, We got Perez



    -Who is he?

    Dont know but we signed him we signed him YAY

    Pathetic that we fight for players with Everton, Pathetic that we think someone who scored 17 goals in LA liga where there are only 3 real teams is an achievement. THis is another 10-15 goal max striker we got. Now with Giroud, Wellbeck, THeo and Perez we have 4 mediocre strikers.

    If i were Ozil or Sanchez i would give a transfer request just abut now

    1. Hahaha ? and Hahaha again ?
      Spot on Mate!
      Sanchez and Ozil are probably packing their bag’s, right now! ??

      Wenger knows how to play the fan’s!
      Even a starving dog will lick his chops after munching on a raw onion! ?

      1. There we go, moan moan and moan. I’m sure Sanchez and Ozil will like to see how this Perez guy work with them before they start to packing. Don’t be such a fractious fatty!

    2. Such a pity isn’t it when Wenger signs unknown or unestablished players such as Koscielny, Henry, Pires, Cesc, Toure etc, etc. What have they ever done for us?

      1. I have nothing against unknown and unestablished players but — they at least need to be young and they should be bought for cover first and if they prove themselves then 1st team. What we desperately need and needed for 4 seasons and 8 transfer windows is a World Class striker. And you know that and Arsene knows that too – that is why he tried to buy Higuain and Suarez and probably others that we havent heard. So Jon btw can you play Livin’ on a prayer for us – because thats where we are 🙂 🙂

    1. People have a go at him for not paying enough but when he does pay over the odds, you question that as well, come on people make up your minds.

  4. I know we’re desperate, but please no! He’s had one good season in nine! Even that one good season wasn’t exactly spectacular. Why do we only sign forwards with poor records? We’ve already got plenty average/rubbish forwards in Welbeck, Walcott, Asano, Sanago, and even Giroud. Giroud is actually half decent, but we’ll never see the best of him as we don’t play to his strengths. Sanchez and Giroud upfront in a 442 with plenty of direct play and no tiki-taka could be deadly, just like Giroud and Griezmann at the Euros.

    1. While I agree with your feeling, consider Arsenal not paying more than 30M for a striker, so we will not get much better ones anyway. It looks more like we had sanctioned 20m for Vardy, and that is all we have to get a striker, does not matter who he is. Considering there is a chance AW will leave in a year(I pray the old gods and new that it happens), he will not bargain on a young talented kid this time.

  5. If we get Mustafi and this player it will help us finish in the Top 4
    But we still need a Top striker to win the PL

    He would be a good backup on LW for Alexis
    But striker? Not sure
    I don’t think he is an improvement over Giroud
    He has had only 1 good season

    Now I will just hope that Giroud has his best season because it doesn’t look like we will get a Top striker.

    Seems like another disappointing summer

    1. David Ornstein also confirmed we have a total budget of 96M.
      Given we had commit more than 35M early on Xhaka, what left is no where near to get a marquee striker in this market. Our best try is to offer 50M + Giroud for Higauin but Napoli want cash only.
      I think it is the right choice to improve our defence first, with Mustafi and Xhaka in, our defence look the most solid since the Invincible.
      Perez is not the marquee striker but a different type of striker to Giroud. He can help reduce the workload from Giroud and give Wenger some flexibility in tactics.

      1. You talk about Ornstein like he is from the Arsenal board !!!! If we find the right guy we will spend. I still have the feeling that Arsenal is looking for a marque signing but like always it is what we can get rather than what we need ! James Rodriguez anybody?

        People talk like we have a healthy queue of strikers wanting to come to us. The only thing we can offer is CL and thats why we compete with guys who cannot offer CL. I don’t think there is any difference between Arsenal and say Roma; the perennial also-rans.

        I would welcome Perez. At least we will have a striker if Giroud gets injured !!!

        1. Ornstein is a journalist, he is not the one set the budget, but he got inside information about how big is the budget given to the manager this season.
          I do hope we sign another big name like Draxler and Rodriquez – there’s rumours that Arsenal does have a separate budget for the top top player when they are available.

  6. Finally some good news. I’ll take Mustafi and Perez. Perez only if he replaces Giourd as no1 striker. But I think he might play winger, since Joel loaned out.

    Still think there is enough time to find a Walcott replacement though.

    1. Sell Walcott, buy a winger, that should also free up some wages since new player wont be getting 140k a week. This saving can then go towards paying the 600 employees.

      1. Hehehe the 600 employees will now feel obliged in the fall of Arsenal coz their wages hindered signing of new world class players.. Wenger with his choices of words

    2. Walcott rivals Messi and Ronaldo in Wenger’s deluded, senile old mind.

      He’d probably slap a $100M release clause on him and stand bumfuzzled @ the lack of interest.

      Ramsey, Jack, Ox and Theo could fetch about $70-80M that could buy a Griezman/Lukaku or Minolas + brahimi(Mahrez type) that would transform Arsenal into a serious EPL and Champions League contender.

      Brahimi…. Ozil…Sanchez

      Giroud, Gnarby(rate him higher than Ox)Welbeck, Coquelin, El Neny, Gibbs, Holding, Gabriel, Ospina, Chambers, Jenkinson.

      Sadly Arsenal and Arsene suffer from that broken record syndrome in general and specifically with these 4 overrated English players.

  7. heres hoping perez becomes our very own david villa.
    the spanish jamie vardy or jose reyes cuisin ideally the first 🙂

    finally a cf

      1. I’m getting dizzy flashbacks of the Sanogo signing !! ?

        “OH his going to be the next Henry” ? ?

  8. Journalist: Did you get the player you wanted?

    Arsene: Yes, I was after him since the beginning, but wanted to make sure no one was watching you know or the price would go up.

    Journalist: But, he had a release clause??

    Arsene: Exactly, because no one was watching

    Journalist: But, you paid the release clause…

    Arsene:Yes! I am a brilliant negotiator!

  9. Naivety at it’s best.The thing which makes me laugh is how gullible some people here are.Where are those who were saying that Arsenal had a two installment bid rejected and were calling the club a joke.They didn’t even think through it.Now people will be calling Perez average and will pretend they always supported him if he does well so it’s like a win win for them.I’d even like to see if our so called good cf would even stand out in that Deportivo team.Then they’ll keep nagging till the end of the season then when next season transfer window comes they’ll be like ‘I’ve lowered my expectations’ but they’ll be the first to nag when things go wrong thereby contradicting their mindset.

    1. Arsenal came back with a full cash bid after the first installment bid was rejected. But what i dont understand is everything else you are saying

      Are you happy with the transfer? I personally am not.

      Can Perez make a big impact? Maybe, but most probably not the type that will take us to the next level

      Do you want to win anything besides the FA cup any time soon? I do.

      Do you think the transfers, the tactics, the motivation of players and the general running of the club is satisfactory to you as a fan? To me it is not.

      So what is your point?

        1. I guess the people who are thumbing down are happy with the transfer, happy to only have 2 FA cups in 12 years, and happy with the way the club is run.
          Delusion is a wonderful thing.

      1. @Jimbeam that story was not credible.Ut was made up.Also your questions have are not even in line with what am saying.You are asling this and that and bla bla bla.It was needless.Everybody who is here wants Arsenal to achieve success regardless of whether we have average players or not because that’s what we as fans do.The thing I was trying to say is that the same people who here who are nagging and crying are the same people who claimed to have lowered their expectations for the transfer window.So why all this talk.Listen I’ll even want Arsenal to even have a world class eleven and when we don’t win the cup with that world class eleven i wonder who’ll be blamed after that.The critical thinkers here will tell you the main thing worrying this club is not even about the players.It’s all summed up in one word known as philosophy.

          1. @Kev.
            The philosophical conundrum of AFC.
            “Wenger, kroenke, the Board,
            the players and fans are
            1.”Heroes for achieving top 4 ”
            2. “Greedy cowards for not competing for the title”.
            I believe the second ” philosophy”
            But it is all perspective or philosophy.

      2. That 3 people thumbed you down Beam is all you need to know about the AKB brigade that still somehow support the Triamuvirate of Greed that continue to be the ever growing cancer of this once great club.

  10. The resume of Perez isn’t that great besides last year. Mustafi for 26 or 35 million? Maybe meet near the middle at 28 or 29?

    I’m more excited about Mustafi than Perez. Hopefully Perez proves me wrong and becomes an instant goal machine firing us to the PL title :p

    Nail biting stuff! Arsenal edging out EVERTON for a striker SMH…..

  11. This site shows exactly whats wrong with Arsenal, people moaning and thumbing up when we need spend money, we buy an average 27 year old and all of a sudden anything negative towards wenger is thumbed down. You all deserve mediocracy and guess what its on its way

    1. come on john. alotta of ppl on here were sure we wouldnt get anyone.

      we now have (fingers crossed) a dm cf an cb

      two of which are proven internationals
      an one who led the line well with a very mediocre team scoring against the best teams in la liga.

      its not perfect but il take it allday!

      1. Wenger does this all the time. Makes bids for lacazette, news “leaks” about higuain and Griezmann. By the end of the summer AFC fans are tired, care less and are just desperate. Does anybody seriously believe Perez is gunna bring us the title?? I wish him the best but let’s not kid ourselves

        1. I tell ya.

          The club can do this to the fan (the type with high ambitions) over and over again, and he will always fall for it.

          Question though is: How long will it take for the likes of Sanchez and Ozil to figure this out and decide they want more out of the remaining part of their careers?

      2. Well, I’ll take it that this summer was all about strengthening our defensive area (the irony of that), if we manage to get Mustafi. But our style is not defensive defense-first style!

        So far, nothing much has changed in the attacking/goal-scoring area (the irony of that too!), except if our strikers (Perez included) over-perform on the goal-scoring side.

  12. Don’t know much about this guy but seems to be an alternative to griezman so will be used to complement giroud … That said am surprised at those saying he’s just a one season wonder which was also true of Vardy who lots of people wanted us to splash the cash for … Probably the best we could do with cheapskate manager and if he brings in a decent CB it will look like an upgrade over last season so gives us a shot at top 4 and place in cl knockouts …. Business as usual … Some people are happy with that

    1. Very true rkw some people are happy with that. I just dont understand why? Are they recent fans who have not seen this team win the PL before? Have they not heard ivan and Arsene say we can buy anyone we want. Arsene said he was only looking for players that were better than our current squad and that was very difficult. And this Perez is that guy?

      I will never ever understand Arsenal fans who are happy with mediocracy. Never. We are not Spurs fans, we are not Everton fans, but we are definitely becoming a laughing stock like Liverpool fans.

      We are Gunners, and we should at least aim to win it all, and try to improve year after year. Get rid off the deadwood, get better players and try again.

      In my opinion, we bought an average player, from an average team, and he will probably be average during his career at Arsenal.

      1. Wenger always gets away with his contradiction and hypocrisy!
        So how many of Wenger’s 4 boxes, did Lucas tick exactly?
        As far as I’m concerned, The only Box he ticked was the one marked Panic Buy! ?

        1. Remember when Arsene said he only buys players that will improve the team? Lmao. Then we get Perez and Asano. Neither better than Giroud. Man says whatever to fool fans.

          1. Very tiring reading the comments. We have been crying for signings. We supposedly have got signings and we are complaining… Perez is average, Perez is this, Perez is that… How many of us have really seen this guy play? I can bet that after one goal some of you will be singing his name. Support whoever we sign. Your moans will not change it or bring us d league.

            1. The Daily Telegraph can reveal that Arsenal were first offered the man commonly known as Lucas last week, but informed the Spaniard’s representatives that the 27-year-old was not among their top striker targets.

              A deal was then agreed between Deportivo, Lucas and Everton for the player to move to Goodison Park only for Arsenal to change their minds at the last minute and gazump their Premier League rivals.

              The above sais it all…..

              1. And also our scouts reported that Lucas wasn’t good enough and Arsenal rejected their offer to sign this player back in July.
                Which further proves this was nothing more than a panic buy.

                Personally I got nothing against the player, infact I wouldn’t even mind if sanogo was given some game time lol
                I’m just pissed at Arsenal’s and wengers bull?

            2. You’re trying really hard to convince yourself Perez is going to get us EPL title. He was Wenger’s 3rd or 4th choice. You don’t have to be satisfied with everything arsene does. In previous comments i said i wish him the best, but I’m just not blind to the fact he’s not a top striker and that is something Arsenal has needed since RVP left

      2. I agree completely… But given we have Walcott and ox on the right it’s probably an upgrade … we should know by now that american owned teams don’t move forward in EPL … And kronke is just a passionless corporate suit who has found a perfect frontman in wenger … Don’t see much hope for us until both leave

  13. TBH I thought that wenger was planning something else by making out he was interested in Lucas perez, whilst his real target was a bigger fish.
    How wrong was I ? Loool ?
    That’s what happens when you try to give a delusional old fool some credit!
    And to think that wenger needed two bites at the 17 million pound cherry, to seal the deal!! When theres £100 million sitting and waiting to be spent…. Humbug and Humbug again! ?

  14. I’m so glad Leicester made people eat their words last season.Then people were like they’re the exception but not the rule.Ok fine.Well remember there’s something in this world which says that ‘you define your own possibilty’ and ‘nothing is impossible to the willing mind’.The second most important thing in any top team,top manager,top player or any player is their mentality.The gunners squad have zero strength in mentality.If Arsenal had Leicester’s mentality last season they’d have won it but people don’t even regard mentality as it’s deemed not important.

    1. Kev – how do you reach your conclusions? Why do you think we think mentality is not important. Of course it is. Of course its a key part of it. But no mater how mentally strong i am i can never out run Usain bolt.

      Leicester was a miracle, a perfect storm of everything coming into place, once in a generation type of thing. The Manchester teams seem to have learned their lesson, why didnt we?

      1. Dude.. U don get miracles 38times… Leceister performance was sheer display of mental strength, commitment Nd team work. Simple. It’s no miracle. Make no mistake bout dat.

  15. The Arsenal Horse and Ornstein both report same thing so deal is done. What these two say are only facts. Not the striker I wanted and I don’t think he can bring us the title, but I’ll obviously get behind the new guy and hope he proves me wrong. Welcome to Arsenal! (Pending medical)

  16. So guys imagine if Wenger suddenly improved on his tactics and bought all the world class players we need and the players play to their best then we don’t win any major trophy.What would be next in this case?

    1. So what happens if Wenger actually attempts to win the title and it doesn’t work out the first season? Idk, ask United, city, Chelsea. All clubs that have splashed cash, had flops, but still win things because they actually take risks and don’t accept mediocrity.

  17. Jesus Christ Arsenal are making moves. ??
    Disappointed not to get Lacazette. But let’s hope this Lucas Perez can do the business.
    Hallelujah praise the Lord, I feel so much better we are spending money and the 600 employees at Arsenal who are on minimum wage all get to keep their jobs?

  18. @Jimbeam
    I already answered your question by saying I want success for my club.I’m not happy with the philosophy,tactics,mentality and management of the club.You are a nag just saying seeing as you thought I was blabbering.You are also like those who think they support the club better than others or feel others are in delusion by being happy with current things going on.I’m not happy with everything in our club just saying

    1. Good i am glad you are not happy. Shows that you are not delusional. Maybe we have common ground here. First of all I am not a better fan then someone else, but when i lived in London I used to have season tickets to Arsenal and went to every home game – I have been a fan for many years and remember when we were ambitious.
      There is a lot more money in football now, teams are pay things of billionaires. Some billionaires approach the game to win trophies others approach it to make money. We are unlucky that our billionaire is in the second group. And our manager has not adapted his thoughts, and aproach with the times.
      Look we bought Ozil and the next year Sanchez, it looked like every year we were going to go out there and get a World Class star and in 4 -5 transfer seasons we would have all the pieces of the puzzle. but then we stopped lat season we could have had Vidal and this season we could have had a top striker.
      Our Philosophy is to make do with what we got. THis is not the reality anymore.

  19. Mustafi excites me (but will believe it when it’s on Perez not as much as I really thought there was a marquee attacker in the pipeline for us this transfer window. Feels a bit like a panic buy but if he does nothing more than push Giroud so we see the player from the Euros rather that the player who went one-third of last season without scoring than he’s worth every penny.

    1. mustafi is good but not as good as ur thinking.

      an that afc pablo is a lying sack of ####

      wheres the madness now dean ? eh.

      wht a pr###

      1. It’s a loooong story muff, that madness was supposed to have been Griezmann. … But….. But….

        ? to be continued…

  20. @RSH what I was trying to say is that it takes more than world class players to win you the league.In many instances the mentality factor far outweighs the quality when the team is playing on the Wenger.With Wenger I don’t see us having a strong mentality.We might have even lost the battle before it is fought.Trust me there’s a higher chance w’ell not win the EPL if even Wenger made all the right signings.You know why?It’s not because of the so called quality of other teams but we will be the cause of our own downfall this season again.

    1. Ah, okay. I fully agree then. Our yearly collapses around february show we also have a mentality problem

  21. This is a list of reasons of Arsenal’s failures over the years : 1.Philosopy 2. Mentality of the team and coach 3. Poor Management of club and team 4.Poor choosing of first elwven time and time again 5.Tactical ineptness of coach 6.Blind love for players by coach 7.Milking of players by coach 8.Zero leadership by players at theclub 9.The ”we don’t buy stars we make them mentality” 10.Failure in transfer window

  22. Last season was Perez’s first as a striker, he previously played LW which attests his poor goalscoring record.

    Mustafi is relatively young and already a fantastic center back, 35 million is pricey but it’s a price worth paying.

    Overall I’m happy, it shouldn’t take this long and we could’ve probably got better deals earlier but hey ho.

  23. Lucas Perez?

    Is Arsene in some form of deal with Giroud about not getting a better striker capable of benching him? …Because it seems like it to me…

  24. I think arsenal fans will love Perez, he is a real hard worker and i think a better finisher than Giroud and Walcott.

    i have said it already, but i will say it again, Wenger previously mention he is not looking to replace Giroud but to full in the Welbeck spot wide player/forward. Perez fits the Welbeck position perfectly and has more technical abilities, if he brings the same worth ethic i am sure we going to love him.

  25. Lucas Perez is a token striker bought to Appease the Arsenal Fans. Wenger can now say you wanted a STRIKER THERE I got you one.Lucas Perez is NO Top Class Striker he is a cheap option.
    Typical Wenger.

    1. Have you even seen him play?… It’s like watching football with FIFA playing kids. A lot of people judge players in their price tags n media hype.

  26. Can you lot not complain about any and everything… Arsene doesn’t sign mustafi. Oh you penny pinching old man. Arsene then signs him for 35mill. Oh that’s too much for mustafi, is Arsene deluded! . Can u make up your minds already. I bet most of us would have criticized Wenger to the grave if he signed Mahrez two windows ago. Lets just give this Perez guy a chance and stop all this negativity. I’ll Welcome Perez n mustafi with both arms as they will add some quality to this team

  27. Many of you moaners crying about Perez only havin 1 good season. Yet you were salivating over the prospect of Jamie(Dean Gafney)Vardy being signed…CTFU

    1. A lot of people here didnt want Vardy and a lot of people here think that Perez is also not good enough. We used to at least try to get top players in, we would fail because we are penny pinchers at heart but we showed some ambition trying to sign Higuain and Suarez, and now we have Vardy or Perez.
      Perez was going to deputize or sometimes play alongside Lukaku in Everton – and until a day ago we didnt even want him.

      The Daily Telegraph can reveal that Arsenal were first offered the man commonly known as Lucas last week, but informed the Spaniard’s representatives that the 27-year-old was not among their top striker targets.

      A deal was then agreed between Deportivo, Lucas and Everton for the player to move to Goodison Park only for Arsenal to change their minds at the last minute and gazump their Premier League rivals.

  28. Apparently we were offered him last week and told them to sling their hook ….

    It sounds like we’ve had to settle for maybe 3rd or 4th choice to be honest , we aren’t going to win the league with him that’s for sure , but I suppose in years gone by we wouldn’t of got anyone at all …

    Mustafi will be a good signing , as will xhaka , just wasn’t quite the calibre of striker we wanted.

    One positive we can take from this is that there will be a large budget next season available again with hopefully only a centre forward and maybe a winger needed.

    I think even the most optimistic fans would struggle to see arsene shell out on good money on 3 players !

      1. 17 million is Arsene’s comfort level, he bough Chambers for that, he bough Gabriel for that. He likes that medium size number, it gets him mediocre players that he likes.

    1. I doubt that. That about a 100 million spent this window. Let’s see
      Granit- £30 mill
      Rob – £2.5 mill
      Nkwali- £3.5 mill
      Asano – £2.5 mill ( not sure)
      Mustafi- £35 mill
      Perez – £17 mill
      Concerning the large budget part. Dude you are definitely setting yourself up for more disappointments.

  29. But I thought Wenger said he will only sign if he finds quality. But let’s be honest here, we all know Perez is not quality. So this proves us right after all. Wenger has been lying to us as usual. All those who are excited in here about this Perez signing, ask yourself, is he value for the most expensive ticket in Europe you dole out cash for? We pay a premium for tickets, so we deserve premium players. We should be signing strikers like Abumeyang not Perez.

  30. So summising was this wengers plan?: buy xhaka, holding and griezman with said budget. Oh can’t buy griezman and Gabriel is now injured. Need another cb so spend money on mustafi urgently. Here is where I wish Wenger was. We need some form of striker and could end up with no one so we buy perez. We continue to look for another striker/winger until the Window closes and if one comes up we buy them and attempt to offload walcott or ox to balance the books. Not going to happen but we show some kind of logic! On Perez I’m actually quite excited to see what he can do. He seems quick and likes to run in behind something we are lacking in abundance. Is he in the chicarito mould? Also can you imagine if we had bought higuain or another and they didn’t perform or live up to the hype, then we have yet another player to have a go at and be down on 🙂 I hope the fans welcome perez and cheer his name loudly, (entries on a postcard for his chant). He goes by the shirt name of Lucas I believe.

    1. Yea I think the Mert and Garb injury really cost us the top striker we are looking for.

      After both are injured… our priority turned from CF to CB…

      How unfortunate.

  31. Lots of comments on here about perez, i have not seen him play so looked up the stats and compared him to griezman in la liga.

    Format is griezman/perez
    Minutes played 3044 / 3138
    Goals scored. 22 / 17
    Penalties. 1 / 1
    Assists. 5 / 8.
    Goals + assists 27 / 25

    Seing as perez plays for a weaker team I was pleased with how well he compared.

  32. These 2 signings practically signed now – according to BBC. Phew!

    Doubt Giroud is losing much sleep with Perez coming – but hope he proves to be best signing of the transfer window because we so desperately need a superstar striker (just not convinced he is one – hope he proves me wrong)-

    Xhaka looked superb signing on paper, but so far Holding has impressed much more –

    So as Wenger says the price tag does not make the player

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