Respecting FA cup sets Arsenal on way to stunning record

There is a long way to go and a lot of football to be played before the FA cup final in May, but if Arsenal do get there for the third year in a row and go on to lift the famous old trophy once more, it will be an achievement that has not been seen for 130 years.

And you could not say that we do not deserve it because Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players have given the world’s oldest football competition the full respect it deserves. It would have been easy for the manager to treat this game against Premier League Sunderland as an unwanted diversion from our attempt to win the title this season, just like our next opponents in the league, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, did on Friday night by playing the kids.

Liverpool got just what they deserved, another unwanted game with a replay against Exeter. Arsenal got what we deserve – a morale boosting win and no injuries – which should set us up for the game on Wednesday much better than Klopp’s team.

The FA cup has been devalued in recent years by the scheduling and by the bigger clubs treating it as a nuisance, the worst case when Man United dropped out altogether because of the Club World Cup, but Arsenal have treated it with respect and it has been good to us in return.

Is the unprecendented record of three in a row coming up for the Gunners?

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  1. Hear hear, very well said my friend.

    I too was one of the bunch who advocated for us to concentrate totally on PL and nothing else while we are top of league, I put a team forward made up almost entirely of second/third string players and under 21s.

    I now know that would have been misguided not only because Sunderland looked well up for it but also because what you say is true. We are the current champions and overall record breakers so to undervalue this competition would be to undermine AFC.

  2. To be fair, if we would have been drawn against Exeter City,
    I doubt that wenger would have started with the same team that beat Sunderland.

    You can teach someone knowledge, but even the most intelligent, lack common sense!

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