Respected journalist claims Arsenal offered €30 Million for midfielder in permanent deal

It was always thought that Arsenal wanted to sign Real Madrid midfielder Dani Ceballos on a loan, however, according to respected Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri it is a permanent deal the club is after.

Tancredi has taken to twitter and tweeted that Arsenal has offered €30 Million while Real Madrid is insisting on a buy-back clause.

This is better than a loan deal which I always thought was not in our interests, it basically meant that Arsenal would be developing the player for Real Madrid with very little gain for us.

While a buy-back clause is not brilliant it does depend on what sort of buy-back clause we are talking about. If it is for €40 Million then it no good because that becomes only marginally better than a loan.

However, if the buy-back clause can be negotiated to double the original fee then that would be worth pursuing.

But buy-back clause to one side, it does show that Arsenal is very interested in signing the 22-year-old permanently as opposed to just a loan deal and it also shows that Real are open to a permanent deal as well.

I take this one seriously, I like Tancredi and find him to be credible, especially in comparison to tabloid journalists.

I have been against loaning Ceballos but I would welcome a permanent deal for sure, he would be a good successor to Aaron Ramsey.


  1. Real Madrid are waiting for zidane’s return from France where he lost his brother a week ago to find out what he wants to do with ceballos until then nothing!

    1. What if he turns out to be as rusty as Denis Suarez? Of course he could be a revelation, but it would be better to try him out first with a purchase option

      That 30 M will be better spent on Isco or Vinicius Jr

      1. Suarez was not RUSTY.

        He got injured almost immediately after joining. It was not a Kallstrom kind of case, just bad luck.

        And I don’t think Dani would replace Ramsey. No one will probably. Emery is not a fan of box-to-box position that’s why Ramsey didn’t play that much until Emery saw how useful he could be in the absence of quality no 10s and wingers.

        I think if Ceballos comes, it will be Xhaka who would end up as the backup to Ceballos.

        Ceballos could be the heir to Cazorla with Torreira replacing Coquelin.

        1. Ceballos has also starred in the U21 European Championship;thus demonstrating current good form.

  2. We don’t need a new CM because we already have Xhaka, Torreira, Guendouzi, Willock, Maitland-Niles, Chambers, Elneny and Burton. I believe even Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Iwobi could play well as CM or half-winger

    We need gutsy wide players such as attacking fullbacks and specialist wingers that can run into the opposition’s defense, not another tactical CM that relies on the others to take high risks

    Without skillful players on the wings, our defense will suffer again because there will be no one to put pressure on the opposition’s wide players. At least one skilled player is required to attract the opponent’s attention

    1. You’re right we have a lot of midfield players, problem is not many of them are up to the level of the premier league. One of them, Xhaka, is completely useless and shouldn’t be playing football at any level above a Sunday morning pub team. Cebalos would be a much needed upgrade

    2. Would have to disagree. We absolutely need a CM, and a top-notch one at that. We lost Ramsey and Cebellos would bring that drive and Cazorla-style play back to our game. Most of the guys you mentioned do not offer us a goal-threat, we simply cannot rely on Laca and Auba to do everything.

      You are right though, we do need a winder of the type you mentioned, maybe even two of them. As much as I like Iwobi hes still not quite there yet. Mkhi is a shadow of himself and we cannot afford for ozil to have another dross year…

    3. sure having 5 defensive midfielders, a huge prospect in willock, inconsistent talent in AMN is good enough for you since you are only obsessed with wingers. That midfield is the same that got wrecked by midtable teams like palace, wolves. I thought it was clear to everyone that we needed a player like ramsey or cazorla to link up the defence and attack apart from ozil and iwobi fanboys

      If we don’t get a good cm and willock or AMN dont have a super season we wont get in top4 even if aubameyang, lacazette and new winger have a good season.

      1. He even said he might be rusty. Is that living under a rock or something. He didn’t watch Spain winning Europe under 21 tournament.???

    4. Are the names you have mentioned not the same names we have complained of underpeforming all these while? Let us try new names in that midfield.

    5. Torreira is the only one in that list who should be a starter. He is a DM CM, we need another in the Moldova of Cazorla, Rosicky or Viera

      And a CAM who is better than Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Iwobi

  3. We need wide players who can get past fullbacks.Bellerin moves forward but when reach the near the box he turns back and passes 10 yards backwards to Mustafi!.Arrrrghh….

  4. How about a loan deal with an option to buy, let’s say for £25m, but with a buy-back clause at £50m LOL

  5. @Mobela, are you serious about iwobi having more assists than zaha or did you just make it up. @Ken1945, I always like the way you analyze your points and I respect you a lot for that, yes the defense let us down big time last season and the coach decision to keep changing formations but you can’t deny the fact that some of our “so called world class players “also let us down, the difference between us and Chelsea in that final was hazard, the way he links the play with there midfielders especially Jorginho that Night was what a world class player should do. We lost that night because we don’t have a midfielder who can link up with our two strikers, if you remember correctly it was until we introduced iwobi and willock we started creating chances. Now Ramsey is gone and we are left with ozil a player who has never showed up when needed. My own personal opinion is that regardless the formation the coach uses a good player will always show his class.So unless we make some good signings we can’t secure top4 with those players. That’s a reply to ken1945 on the last thread.

    1. He did I looked it epl stats. Iwobi 15 goals and 24 assists while Zaha has 32 goals and 21 assists in epl matches. I rechecked it again before I’m reply you. He has 36 assists and 54 goals 298 games maybe checked it wrongly I stand to be corrected. How ever Iwobi iswhere Zaha was when he was 23 and we want him out. My point is I will Zaha all day above all the players that plays in our wings for 45m max. Anything above that is wastage. He contributed to a goal in 3 matches. That is not an impact a 80m should have on his team.

  6. If Arsenal can’t trust one of their academy graduates to play for the senior team as CM on the consistent basis next season especially in the PL after promoting one of them to the CM position next season, as the youngster CM may fade off as the season campaign wore on due to his still being below 20 year old (Willock)? But to be on the safe side of things in the first team squad next season, the club will need to sign a senior team C; or B2B player this summer to guarantee against falling into inept in the position as next season’s campaign pans on in the PL. But the new senior B2B or CM that will be signed should imo be within the age 23-24 year old who should serve as replacement to Aaron Ramsey who left the club at the end of last season but could need replacing in the new squad this summer. I’ll suggest Arsenal should weigh up their options carefully before commiting themselves to sign Ceballos on loan or on permanent deal from Real Madrid this summer. Emery should not just okay the coming of the Real Madrid squad player Ceballos to Arsenal this summer on the basis of he likes the player very much. But on what game playing quality he has in him that he will bring to Arsenal. Is he of average or top quality kind of player who Zidane, the RM manager wouldn’t mind to see him leave this summer even if on temporary basis? I think Ceballos must be of average quality but with potential to develop to top quality in the near future. That’s the reason Zidane wants him out on loan to see if he can improve above being average as first option to the second option of to sell him. But if selling him to Arsenal this summer is finally taken, that’s why a buy back clause will be inserted by RM into the deal transferring him to Arsenal on a permanent basis. But one question I want to ask Arsenal is, will Ceballos be a better game playing player at Arsenal if they sign him this summer than Ramsey was on the field playing for Arsenal before he moved on?

  7. Whether we need another midfielder or not,lets be clear, Ceballos is a real talent.He was the best player in the recent under21 tournament in my opinion and the only English player in his class was young Foden of Man City.He was streets ahead of Madison of Leicester who is over rated by many Arsenal supporters.After his displays Real Madrid received a backlash from their supporters who were up in arms at the prospect of him being sold to a PL club, hence their change in attitude towards a one year loan deal..To compare Ceballos with Suarez is nonsense,he is vastly superior.

  8. You can rotate in a few youth team players mixing starting and sub but we can’t rely on the promotions to make a difference over the course of a season just yet. We need Zaha as he is different level to what we have currently, we need cellebos as he is hungry and has the talent with a hole to fill in the box to box mould, we need defensive recruits so kt is a start I’d also go for a Cahill free transfer given kos is done but we have Saliba as an addition next year. With holding, Bellerin and others coming back from injury along with chambers who I rate as a squad member rather than automatic starter we shouldn’t need to rely on the unreliable Mustafi

  9. Permanent deal is better for us to get Caballos surely that’s really nice move for Arsenal

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