Respected journalist gives an update on Arsenal’s pursuit of Thomas Partey

Thomas Partey has emerged as a top summer target for Arsenal as they look forward to their first summer transfer window under Mikel Arteta.

The Spaniard has brought about an air of optimism with improved performances from his team since he became the club’s manager last year.

It is important for the club to back him with new signings so that they can build on their progress on the field this season.

Partey is one player that has been consistently linked with a move to the Emirates, and his recent performances for Atletico Madrid suggests that he would be a fine addition to Arsenal.

Several reports have claimed that he would join the Gunners when the transfer window reopens, but the Spaniards also want to keep hold of him.

They have reportedly offered him a new deal to remain with them beyond his current contract, and he is considering their latest offer.

Respected journalist, Fabrizio Romano was asked about an update on the player’s future and he replied that the Ghanian is currently discussing a new deal with Atleti before adding that Arsenal is waiting for him to decide what to do next about his future.

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  1. A week today the window opens….wouldn’t surprise me if this saga rolls on throughout it…

    Apparently we’re keeping an eye on Ben White and Merih Demiral……

    1. Sue, as of yesterday, it has been said (Untold Arsenal) that the players we have been linked with, amounts to 122!!!

      Of all of these, Partey seems the most likely, but 122?

      Plus the players “we are going to miss out on” with no evidence we were after them anyway!!

      When does this nonsense by the media end?

      1. That’s crazy, Ken! I only go by a certain site on Twitter, but even they’ve been wrong on the odd occasion 😄
        I really should wait until I see it on!!!
        Have you heard any news on your S/T?

        1. Not a dickeybird Sue.

          I guess one of the reasons being what the club is proposing to do about the games we missed out on due to the coronavirus

          Perhaps all s/t holders should just say “forget last season and charge the same for this season?

          That would be one way to show our commitment.

          Have you renewed your membership and did they cover you in any way for the lost opportunities?

          1. Yes, I did them both earlier. Renewals opened on July 14.
            I don’t really see what they could’ve done, as it’s not like we pay hundreds like you and others do, Ken. All we pay for is the opportunity of buying tickets in a certain window…. the price is the same as last season though and there’ll be 10% off retail online and in-store…. so not bad 🙂

          2. Didn’t realise that was the situation Sue, as I thought you were on the red list and had to pay something up front each year to be in with any chance of a season ticket in the future.

            Sue, OT but would you be happy for me to have your email address, as I have something to discuss with you?
            If you are happy to do this, just let Pat know and he will pass it on… all connected with our club I should add!!!

          3. For 3 consecutive years, you pay an extra £4 to be placed on the waiting list…then once you’re offered one the £12 will be deducted from the price of it. Which is what my son and I have done.
            I’m happy with the way we do things – picking and choosing when we go – as it fits in around work… there’ll come a time (not too far away) when i won’t have so many commitments, so will be able to go more regularly.
            Yes, I’ll get in touch with Pat, Ken..

  2. So another player uses us to negotiate a better package to stay on at his club!
    So it was with Vardy. More recently, Kurzawa. Soon it will be Willian.
    And the beat goes on?

  3. this will rumble on until Atleti finishes their season. Anyones guess which way this will go. Getting into Europe can only help us tho

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