Return of an Arsenal legend – Liam Brady

There is not a lot of Arsenal news around during the international break, but we should take a little time to welcome back a former “King of Highbury”, Liam Brady. He left our very successful academy set-up a few years ago, but he is now being brought back as an ambassador for the club, which is befitting for one of our greatest ever players.

He made his debut for the Gunners way back in 1973, and he still remembers his first game. “I remember it pretty clearly,” he said on “I was a sub. In those days there was only one sub per team and for me as a 17-year-old, to get on the subs bench was very, very exciting.

“You’re just hoping that you can get on at some stage. It happened very quickly. Jeff Blockley, our centre back, got injured after 10 minutes and then I was on. I played nearly all of the game.

“I played very, very well and I got a great reception from the Arsenal fans as we beat Birmingham City 1-0. It was a great start for me in my professional career in the first team.”

But one of his favourite landmarks for the club was his memory of a brilliant 5-0 win over Tottenham Hotspurs at White Hart Lane when he scored an unstoppable goal. “It was a red-letter day in Arsenal history to be able to beat Spurs 5-0 at White Hart Lane, at Christmas time as well,” he said. “There was a great atmosphere at the stadium and it was a great Christmas present for the Arsenal fans.

“We were so good on the day, so sharp and Alan Sunderland was electric because he scored three goals. We had a team who were playing at their absolute peak and I think my goal was the icing on the cake for the victory.

“I managed to tackle Peter Taylor and something that I’d practiced for years was to shoot with the outside of my foot from the outside of the box. As soon as I hit it I knew it was a goal. It was great to go behind the goal and celebrate with the Arsenal fans.”

For us older fans he was one of the great heros of his time, and he will be most welcome back as an inspiration to our youngsters, and he may even help in teaching Thierry Henry in his coaching of the U18 squad, where he was himself in charge until just three years ago.

Who has a favourite memory of the great Liam Brady’s time at Arsenal?

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  1. OT: Admit it; just like me, you will now be watching Liverpool closely to see how Klopp Performs.

    1. @kickassfan

      i reckon u will only see glimpses of klopps influence this season.
      next year with his reputation getting some top acquisitions..they will challenge with great football

        1. And that real Arsene has beaten Klopp 3 times and tied 1 time in 6 matches. I am not saying, that Wenger is the dominant one here but we have also the true quality as well.

  2. Liam has come as a backup attacking Midfielder as Rosicky and Wilshere are out. He is behind Ozil and Cazorla in the pecking order

  3. Favourite all time squad

    Ashley Cole…Koscielny…Adams…Dixon

    Bench: Seaman, Lehman, Lauren, Toure, Campbell, Hleb, Ozil, Lungberg, Wright, Kanu, Wiltord

      1. Too young to remember really
        Actually remember Ian Wright period really but put him up there because of the amount of goals he scored

        1. @Robertthegooner
          RealTalk. I personally rate “Wrighty” over Henry…He was a solid battler.

  4. A year has passed and Messi has been sent to prison for tax fraud. His contract has been terminated by Barcelona. Wenger is watching the prison break box set in the hope of breaking Messi out.

    Wenger: Yo Steve! I reckon I have figured this out.

    Bould: Please don’t show me your tattoo again. Your body is disturbing.

    Wenger: I have the blueprint

    2 days later Wenger walks into a Spanish bank and continues on to do an armed robbery

    3 months later Wenger is being sentenced in court.

    Wenger: Send me wherever Messi is

    Judge: Why?

    Wenger: erm…….

    Judge: **** it. Yes thats 10 years for you

    Wenger arrives at the jail. He walks into general pop with a red durag hanging from his back pocket. Messi notices him and comes over

    Messi: Wenger, what are you doing here?

    Wenger: I’m here to break you out

    Messi: What?

    Wenger: I can get you out of here but you have to sign for Arsenal

    Messi: Just to clarify, I am first choice if I sign?

    Wenger: Yeah, why the dumb question

    Messi: Just that there have been rumours about you and Giroud……..

    Wenger: WTF?

    Messi: Anyway, how are we getting out?

    Wenger: I have the blueprint for the prison. I know how to break out of here without anyone knowing

    Messi: What, like Prison Break?

    Wenger: WTF you think I saw a tv show and ended up in here?

    Messi: You seriously didn’t get the idea of this from Prison Break?

    Wenger: No

    Messi: Even though you spoke about Prison break on FB for weeks and left a review on Amazon using your real name

    Wenger: OK yeah I did get the idea from there. But this is much easier.

    Over the next two weeks Wenger and Messi work on the escape plan. Wenger calls Bould

    Wenger: We are breaking out tonight. How are things over your end

    Bould: Bruv you know you ****ed off to break out of prison in the middle of a season. We don’t have a manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wenger: **** didn’t think of that

    Bould: Anyway have you got him.

    Wenger: Yeah. He signed the contract and he is actually match fit from the conditioning work I have done for him. Who are we playing Sunday?

    Bould: West Brom

    Wenger: Nice intro to the EPL for Messi

    Bould: Be safe

    Wenger: If I don’t make it, tell Giroud he was rubbish but I could never tell him that to his face because I kept getting lost in his eyes

    Bould: Peace out

    Wenger and Messi make their break through the structure of the prison. Dick Law is waiting in a SUV for them

    Law: I missed you man

    Wenger: WTF!!!!!!! I said send someone good and they sent you. You trip over your laces twice a day

    Law: *tear drops down cheek*

    Wenger: Here is the contract

    They drive off to a boat where they stay for two days until things die down. Then they board a charter jet to London. Awaiting Wenger and Messi is a press conference

    Reporter 1: Arsene, you have so many tattoos

    Wenger: That is not relevant to this press conference. We have a new signing

    Reporter 2: Who?

    Wenger: Bring him out

    Fireworks go off and all the reporters start running

    Reporter 1: This is an enclosed space you moron. Why are you setting fireworks off?

    The press conference is abandoned due to a raging fire.

    TBC when new venue is confirmed.

  5. Arsene Wenger is starting with the Man in the Mirror
    He’s asking him to change his ways
    No message could be any clearer
    If Arsene wants to make Arsenal a better place
    Take a look at himself and make a change
    La La La La..La La La La La La

    Arsene, Make that change

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