Reus injury gives Arsenal faint hopes of beating Dortmund

Thankfully for Arsenal, our Champions League opponents on Wednesday are doing even worse than the Gunners are in their domestic league. After a damaging and disappointing home defeat by Man United, Arsene Wenger will struggle to get his players into any positive sort of mood for the visit of the German club Borussia Dortmund, but at least they will not be feeling too great themselves.

Already missing some key players, including the Arsenal transfer target and their best centre back Mats Hummels, their star forward Marco Reus had to replaced yesterday after picking up an ankle injury that will almost cewrtainly see him miss the game at the Emirates.

Jurgen Klopp and his team suffered another poor result in the Bundesliga this weekend, with just a draw against newly promoted Paderborn. And that leaves them just two points off rock bottom with the three teams below them all playing today.

But they have been much better in the Champions League, including a comfortable win over Arsenal in Germany, and have already qualified for the knockout phase. Hopefully that might help us, because we need just a point to qualify as well but a defeat could leave us needing something from a tricky trip to Istanbul to face Galatasaray in the last group game. And would you be confident in that situation, with the way we are playing right now?

Dortmund have a tough away game at Frankfurt next weekend and Klopp may well see that game as a big priority, especially without two of his best players. And let’s face it Gooners, we need all the help we can get at the minute.

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  1. I’m sure everyone knows me as pro Wenger and always trying to be positive. But even I think we need a change now. Yes, we dominated man u and should have won, and they were ridiculously lucky, but we shouldn’t have been in this much of a bad position this early in the league. We need a real leader.

    1. please, Remind me how many games Newcastle have gone unbeaten since the last “PARDEW OUT” banners were raised! ……….oh! The sweet power of pressure to deLiver!

      1. Some Arsenal fans are dol and they are paying for nothing but sadness, is better you boycott the match and protest against Wenger before you will die with hearth attack

    2. The Arsenal lose to put it into perspective was a lose against the worst Manchester united team Arsenal have played against since Wenger took over. What Wenger has done for 9 years is to oversee the Stadium, but he has totally neglected the Football Team. His job was to Create a great nominating football team, he has not done his job and there for should be sacked. There is no top premier league team that would not have sacked him after 9 years of Crap. Quiet why and one is putting up with this is amazing. Why was he given a 3 year extension and what did he do over the summer, certainly did not prepare the team properly. The same nonsense oh i’ll buy a great play and that will shut up the fans, well we are not all F ing stupid, But clearly most are because Wenger is still here doing a lot of damage. He is not a winner and Arsenal was a winning team, bring in a manager who is young and a winner and spend some money

      1. To be fair… Wenger was a winner. Winning 3 pl titles, 4 fa cups and finishing second 5 times in his first 9 years at Arsenal.


        Hold on right there, you and some others have to know something. Wenger CHOSE the hard (and the right) way to take Arsenal the level where it can compete with oiled clubs financially. He turned down a lot of offers from top clubs around Europe just to stick to the project that he wanted to finish. Also, why did Sanchez and Mesut Ozil chose Arsenal over the others?

        I’m gonna say this. It’s NOT Wenger’s fault for what is going on. If we are going to criticise, then let it be justified. Our luck is simply SHOCKING and it’s affecting everybody’s confidence. I’m not saying that Wenger hasn’t made a mistake or two (like THE GOD DAMN FRICKIN INJURIES THAT HAUNT US EVERY NOW AND THEN), because you have to include the individual errors, INCLUDING PLAYERS’. What we need now is a wake up call, like VS Bayern Munich 2 years ago.

        1. IT IS Wengers fault playing Monreal as cb.
          it is wengers fault playing özil on the wing.
          it is wengers fault not to play podolski or rosicky.
          it is wengers fault starting with welbeck in the middle up front while a fit giroud
          is sitting on the bench.
          and it is so stupid making all those mistakes week after week, again and again and again.

    3. No game, match, event is as important as seeing Wenger out of our beloved club Arsenal….Tuesday let’s roll the banner as well as chant Wenger out….pls guy go in group to protect ourselves bcos number counts….luv all u true Gunners…

  2. It seems Wenger is pursuing project after project, without realizing that he is very good in spoting great foreign experienced talent. His first project was developing young player (which is quite understandable considering the financial health of club). But his latest project of having “British core” is main reason of this year downfall.

    If you analyze properly, the stats of Wilshere, Welback, Gibbs, Ox, chambers are pathetic, even Ramsey stats are poor this season……I don’t think any of the top 10 side in PL want these 6 players, leave alone top clubs in the world….And due to wenger insistence of playing and stating them ahead of other better player (like cazarola, roisky in midfield and podolski on wings), the result is everyone to see…..Just face it, Arsenal attack is much more worse than its defense.
    Wenger is delude to think that he can do the same as Bayern and Barca have done with their local players with average English players.

  3. I can see Dortmund hammering Arsenal.

    Even a struggling Dortmund side are far better than this spineless bunch of money grabbers.

    And a senile old fool and his bald headed lackey twat assistant who couldn’t motivate someone to leave a burning building.

    1. Like we never Learn!…….. YOU DON’T PLAY WITH A WOUNDED LION…….u’ll live to regret it(dat’s if u ever survive it)…. Arsenal have become a mediocre team who now depends on injury crisis of the meeting team, to assess their success….. Smh!…. We are depending on an injured Reus?…!….Reus is just a single player….. We were glad the swans were without shelvey, dyer etc, gomis ended up hurting us, we were glad manure would be without falcao, blind etc, need i tell u what happened next? ……this time its BVB,we are at it again(they hurt us last time without Reus anyway) ……gush!……this is becoming a pattern and a vicious circle.

  4. even if we beat dortmund- this is a competition we will not win ever with wenger–what does it matter.

    1. Totally agree.Its a nothing game.We will finish 2nd in the group and then get knocked out in the next round.Its pointless

  5. Here is the real problem: if we win the next game, 80% of people will change his mind again, and will say the team is progressing, and the defats are not Wengers fault, the team needed to gel. Then when we lose a game, and Chelsea will be 18 pts away. Then we will win the next 2-3 easy games, and these people will lick arsenes a.s. And when we secure the 4th spot on the last round, we will say wenger is soo good he always gets Cl football. And we simply forget the bad games that led to the situation that makes us see the 4th spot as a glory. And the same will go year to year, and Wenger wont go…

  6. Bring someone like Cholo Simeone and in 2 or 3 years We will win the champion’s league. something Wenger has never done in his 17+ years. it is true that the club owes him a lot but Arsenal fans cannot pay the price forever. He must go sooner than later. you cannot be making 8M a year for this kind of results. he has no pressure at all. Now im sure that we wont finish top 4 even if we bring new CB and DM. I still don’t understand what podolski, Mozar and campbell are doing on the bench. Im sick and tired of the same excuses, bad lucks injuries etc.. the players just gave up on him because they see that he isn’t fair at all and with this kind of mind we cannot achieve you even realize that this season we only beat team at the bottom like 15th, 16th, and 18th. it is a big shame and the board’s wallet is so full they cannot even see that we are poor.
    I have no more hope for this season and i will only have hope when Wenger will leave. enough is enough, please go please just go. Take all your french fries and mediocre players with you: Sanogo, flamini, arteta, mertsacker, and Mister injury (he actually wants to give him a contract extension, he hasnt played 3 consecutive games the past 8 years :o)

    OMG help Wenger is Insane…anyone please
    so sad 🙁

  7. I really want wenger to play joel campbell and thomas rosicky against dorthmund on wednesday,and stop being stubborn!

    1. Has he ever taken the responsibility all by himself? It’s the referee, luck, bad pitch or the basic ‘we were a bit naive’.

  8. Out

    Let Sagna go for free
    Let Fabinaski go for free
    Sell Vermaelen (okay he is still injured)
    Sell Miquel (could have been better than Monreal, maybe even Mert right now)
    Sell Djourou (not good but, If we talk numbers we only have two real CB in the squad)
    Loan out Jenkinson
    Loan out Coquelin



    Sums up Wenger

  9. Here is no hope of beating Dortmund. We can’t beat big teams remember! We can’t even salvage a home draw against a shit United team and hand the, their first away win on a plate. We can’t even beat a Everton or Spurs for Christ sake. Our record against the big teams is appalling, disgraceful and disgusting so I’m expecting another inevitable defeat at the hands of Dortmund, with or without Reus.

  10. Dortmund are going to humiliate us.

    We going to get countered and lack of pace at back exposed.

    4-1 to Dortmund

  11. Before Man U game there were articles like

    1. Arsenal can have NO excuses against a weak Man United team

    2. Arsenal can and MUST heap misery on crisis hit Man United.

    3. De Gea injury gives Arsenal GREAT chance to punish Man United.

    4. Arsenal get HUGE boost for pivotal
    Man United clash.

    and with all their injury they beat Arsenal.And here is an article that claim Arsenal is going to have a hope because of other team’s injury.Who write this stuff?Didn’t they managed to beat Arsenal without Rues, Hummels, Gudgon and others.

    1. 100% correct @Kam.

      Brace yourselves Gooners and prepare for the worst. There are more Wenger storms ahead.

  12. genuine question guys
    How can steward escort fans from the ground for shouting Wenger out and remove banners from fans saying this
    I will tell you the police won’t escort you out if your not causing trouble, so how can stewards ???
    And how bad do arsenal have to be to know the fans are unhappy but not care ??

  13. Most of Arsenal fans want Wenger out (understandably so, and I being 1 of them) however, i wish that we as fans don’t expect a fairy tale transition, bcoz the EPL is one of the toughest leagues, irrespective of whether ur a player or a manager, you’ll still need some time to adjust to it. It might be ideal to get a manager who has EPL experience but how many of them are good enough to be Arsenal mangers?

    1. yeah that’s the only issue. New coach doesn’t always turn out to be the best thing. But our current one isn’t the best thing either. I think the safest bet is for Wenger to stop being stubborn and adapt. But that ain’t happening either.

  14. Mourinho is right when he says it
    is easy when you have no pressure
    to win the title. Wenger is not expected
    to win the EPL let alone the ECL.
    If Arsenal finish top 4 then it’s job done.
    Financially top 4 achieves the 4th place
    sustainable model. Winning the EPL
    let alone the ECL would require far larger
    expenditure and the risk is too great.

    1. So Arsenal have mediocre players
      Sanogo Diaby Rosicky Coquelin
      Arteta Flamini Monreal Mertesacker
      Giroud Wellbeck Podolski Campbell
      or over rated “potential” Wilshere Walcott
      Gibbs Ramsey Jenkinson
      Apart from Ozil and Sanchez 16 mill is our
      max outlay on a player and most
      are on under 90 k some on 50 – 60 k.
      It is a very successful model but will not bring
      an EPL any time soon and ECL is light years away.
      So it is what it is we participate but don’t win
      because their is no intention of winning
      because that is contrary to the model.
      So losses to Anderlecht Swansea a weak Man U.
      are just part of it. No worries.

      1. So help me out here guys
        where do where derive our joy?
        Not in the wins.
        Not in the goals scored.
        Not in the exciting style.
        Not in the passionate performances.
        Not in the special characters or personalities.
        Just a mediocre band of journeymen
        who every summer promise glory but
        deliver a grey gruel soup of uninspiring tapy tapy
        meekly surrendering to anything decent
        so much so that by May we are all ecstatic with 4th .

  15. Reus was not around (injured) when we effectively became their “bitches”… Again !!

    Just a disgrace of a manager and tactically scary !!!

  16. Why give the key to the team to one of our worse player???
    He is not the best assists provider.
    He is inconsistent
    He has no pace and never tracks back
    He does not have the best vision
    And on top of that he is a “little” sh*t…!!

    This season just does not make sense to me.
    Wenger choices are just out of this world.
    Why not play Chambers with the already “dead” Mertesacker (got a 2 years extension!!!)?
    Why not give a chance to Bellerin?

    This is agonisingly ridiculous and poor.

    Wenger is effectively taking us down with his delusional “scum” choices and attitudes and arrogance… !!

  17. Newcastle paid $5millions for Sissicko…
    What we have is a “dead” Arteta!
    Chelsea paid £9millions for Cahill.
    We paid £10,5millions for Mertesacker !!

    1. And last season Mertsacker and Koscielny were the BEST CB pairing in the PL. So the money spent is justified. Mertsacker is good with a top CB. Koscielny has been out this season

      1. thanks fred, totally agree!
        cant understand all those mertesacker haters around.
        he and kos together are worldclass.

  18. Who do post all these sh*t!!! Wasn’t Blind and Falcao injured… Do we even need a whole squad to be injured before we can get a draw??… Please, let’s just watch our second 2nd humiliation by Klopp, since he maybe taking AW job very soon, he’ll want to prove a point by trashing us in a better way Man United can’t do… I was so bitter yesterday, can’t eat nor sleep…. #Wenger must Go!!! If he doesn’t wanna go, then we pray he dies soonest

  19. Listen my fellow gooners, i’ve said it last week i think, our beloved AW is on his way out. This schedule coming up is no joke and i knew then after that anderlacht game that we’re in some deep trouble. To top it off it really seems like he’s losing the dressing room, the players seem like they’re not putting in a 100%, just look at BFG hanging around in the half way line, look at Ramsay just playing at a striker’s position etc etc.

    I think we may or may not beat WB but Dortmund/Southampton/stoke/Liverpool/west ham and even Newcastle will determine AW fate. I hate to even say it seeing how much success this manager has brought to this club but if we’re unable to get him to move on, this coming schedule will.

  20. lets get some facts straight. Wenger is not the most successful AFC manager
    he has been in charge for 1009 games and has 12 trophies if you include the 4 charity shields
    george graham has 7 trophies in 460 games which include a european cup winners cup which had the likes of real madrid, benfica ajax in the pot.
    we have reached the point of no return with wenger but i guarantee you he will not be sacked unless the fans make some noise.
    The yank couldnt give a crap about what happens on the pitch as long as the money is stacking up and our chief exec is a man city supporter so no need to say anything more about him.
    Massive changes from the medical team all the way to the shareholders need to happen before we see light at the end of the tunnel.
    Its simply unforgivable that only us fans are gutted with the never ending ridicule.

  21. No game, match, event is as important as seeing Wenger out of our beloved club Arsenal….Tuesday let’s roll the banner as well as chant Wenger out….pls guy go in group to protect ourselves bcos number counts….luv all u true Gunners…

  22. No game, match, event is as important as seeing Wenger out of our beloved club Arsenal….Tuesday let’s roll the banner as well as chant Wenger out….pls guy go in group to protect ourselves bcos number counts….luv all u true Gunners…cos we are the only once to effect change at emirate……

  23. Where do we get our joy from then?
    Here’s a tip:

    We just delude ourselves into thinking that we’re fortunate to have the infallible Arsene Wenger who himself has been doing us a great favour by sticking around for so long. That is more than any trophy we can ever win. And any bad result whatsoever is not to be blamed on Arsene, as it is only a result of the bias the entire world (refs, media, climate change) has against us.

    At the moment, you can’t be a Wenger/Arsenal supporter and want trophies at the same time.

  24. @davidnz.

    Where do we get our joy from then?
    Here’s a tip:

    We just delude ourselves into thinking that we’re fortunate to have the infallible Arsene Wenger who himself has been doing us a great favour by sticking around for so long. That is more than any trophy we can ever win. And any bad result whatsoever is not to be blamed on Arsene, as it is only a result of the bias the entire world (refs, media, climate change) has against us.

    At the moment, you can’t be a Wenger/Arsenal supporter and want trophies at the same time.

  25. The way things are at the moment, I can’t see wenger being manager much longer.
    He says he feels so sorry for our fans etc.
    But watching games recently I don’t see him (wenger) barking orders to players from the touch line, Or even doing anything anymore. Steve bould has no input what so ever.

  26. We can beat Dortmund at home. Not saying we will but it isn’t like we are playing Bayern or Real Madrid. Dortmund are very beatable.

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