Reus transfer BACK ON and Arsenal´s BIG summer priority?

According to many Arsenal transfer rumours over the last couple of years, Arsene Wenger has been very keen on completing the signing of the Germany international forward Marco Reus from Borussia Dortmund. But this year the Frenchman´s hopes of finally getting his long term targets seemed to have suffered a terminal blow.

However, things have changed once more and even though the exciting attacker put pen to paper on a new contract to keep him at the Westfalenstadion until 2019, it now looks worthwhile for the Gunners to make a transfer bid for the talented 25-year old after Dortmund´s manager Jurgen Klopp announced his decision to leave the Bundesliga club after years in charge.

The charismatic manager is believed to be one of the major reasons for stars such as Reus wanting to stay where they are and there are likely to be some big changes at the club this summer. With no Champions League football to offer, Dortmund will struggle to fend off serious offers and we know that Wenger is willing able to pay more than £40 million for the right player these days.

And I remember Reus previously saying good things about Arsenal and the way we play under Arsene Wenger. With some German players in Mesut Ozil, Per Mertesacker and Serge Gnabry already at the club as well, could Arsenal finally be about to complete the transfer of this great player from Dortmund?

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  1. This would be a dream come true, reus would make us a force to be reckoned with. Honestly I think teams would fear us Just look at our front four on paper (if it happens).

    But what would happen to ox and Walcott?

    1. this is whats wrong with arsenal, why should ox and theo be guaranteed first team place?! we can always rotate based on form and fatigue.

      1. Yeah right, like anyones going to drop Sanchez and Rues during dry patches.. even if Ox and Theo would look more dangerous clinical during these dry patches its not going to happen.

        Barca sold Sanchez because there was no chance of him waiting in the wings, and when Theo feels same all of a sudden hes got bad attitude.

        1. Its arsenal dude, you know we’re always knackered with injuries to key players. There is always room for rotation.

        2. Wake up mate, if you’ve any aspirations for Arsenal you wouldn’t sit here saying this. What would Ox or Theo do? I suggest they up their game or not play that much. If they’re not happy with that then they don’t belong at a club as big as Arsenal.

          Be about time Arsenal had some serious talent not getting a game because the 11 is so good. Madrid/Bayern/City/Barca all do it.

          1. Thats not what i said or anything of the kind, i pointed out that we are not going to keep Theo and Ox at Arsenal as a replacement to couple of worldys so in his comment he should have just said he would prefer the upgrade.

            I didnt say i wouldnt prefer upgrade so dont go putting words in my mouth.

      2. @vijaygunner

        I was just thinking more along the lines will both of them be happy on the bench. Cause a front 3 of reus, ozil, and Sanchez would be played as often as possible. Besides rest or injuries to them I don’t see wenger dropping them so would ox and Walcott stay and fight for a spot?

    1. loaning Ox back ? will Oxie agree to it?

      might as well make it a permanent move with buy back clause….even after a season of loan he will still be benched

  2. If Reus is really available, then go for him. Podolski is pretty much off, Campbell might be as well, along with Rosicky (whom I would love to stay but if he wants regular playing time..).

    With our injury record, there’s never too much quality available. OX is even injured right now.

    1. Ha Campbell has been disappointing to me, he has only played well in flashes at Villarreal. He was excellent v Madrid but I haven’t really seen him play well since then and I’m not even sure he has a goal to his name

    2. totally we need 3 players for every position….a squad of 33 players…..preferably made up of German and Spaniards National players..

  3. As Wenger would say it, he really is ‘top top’ quality..but do we really need him?
    Even if we sell Walcott(really hope we dont), we will have the hugely talented Ox,Gnabry,Campbell(if he stays)and Wellington Silva to compete for the RW spot next season!
    I would rather we bought another CDM to compete with/provide backup to Le Coq..

  4. Marco reus will be an awesome signing for us, but lets keep our fingers cross on that one, and see what the summer transfer window brings!

  5. If rumors are true and Wenger has only 50 mil then I dont think so he will buy Reus. I would love to have Reus in our team and for that Arsenal mngmnt has to increase our budget or Wenger has to sell few players. My dream is to sign Schneiderlin, Reus, Lacazette and still we have budget then CB and GK (in case szn goes). If its come true then we can not only win PL but CL too

    1. We have WAY more than £50m. Will all of the sponsorship money, new increase in tv rights deal, maybe if we finish 2nd then more money from that too and the possibility of selling a few players will give us a decent junk of change to work with

    2. We still have to make a profit from all the deadwood, we already have 4 CBs and GK won’t cost more than 10mil. I’d say we have a total of roughly 75mil we can spend this summer.

  6. AMC/AMR/AML Arsenal vs Chelsea

    1. Sanchez 1. Eden Hazard
    2. Ozil 2. Fabregas
    3. Cazorla 3. Oscar
    4. Walcott 4. Cuardado
    5. Chamberlain 5. Willian
    6. Rosicky 6. Remy

    We have a pretty strong squad guys, there are no reasons why we should sell Walcott or Chamberlain. Rosicky needs a replacement (MC) as well as Cazorla (AMC/MC). I believe if Wenger can somehow snap up Schenderlein and Reus, we will be champions for sure. Althouogh I think Reus is very unlikely.

      1. hes getting old and do not have the legs anymore…

        based on fans, anyone above the age of 29yo and above should not be in the squad……

    1. Of course there’s reason to replace IF you upgrade. Tell me why you wouldn’t sell Theo and buy Reus if it were that simple?

      All about evolution mate, standing still doesn’t win you trophies.

  7. We suffered yesterday because we had no pace on the wings.

    _______Sanchez Ozil Walcott
    _________Coquelin Cazorla
    ___Gibbs Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    Should have been the lineup yesterday.

    1. Cant believe you still play Szcz. If it wasnt for their keeper doing a bit of a Szczezz we could have been done for… was not looking forward to penalties one little bit.

    2. walcott was on for 25 mins against an exhausted second-tier team…had one of his clumsy runs in the last minute which ended in a foul..and that was it…just flog him asap and bring in a serious attacker

      sanchez ozil reus/dybala/drexler ….obvious improvement

      gibbs is losing it for me…doesnt really pose an attacking threat and not physical enough in defence… certainly right back now looks way better than left which was not the case a year ago

      mert can act as club totem pole but not a starter for three quarters of games next year

      but still want to see a dm option and not diaby…have not doubt coquelin has made a big difference since coming back but that just proves the idiotic signings of the frenchman over last three years or more in that position

  8. I see lot of coments about how we can sign Reus ‘cuz he’s a world class player.Yes,he is a great player BUT did you see how mutch this season was he injuried?The period when Dortmund win some games and comme forward in the table was the period when Reus was available,rest of the season he was injuried.This is one thing,the other think is that Klopp say he will leave Dortmund in the end of the season and looking for a new chalange.I’m pretty sure that he will leave to a big team and will take Reus after him.Sterling is exactly the same type of player as Sanchez,just doesn’t have the same experience,he’s not fully developed.I think he can be a first XI player for us and I think will be great alongside Sanchez,replacing Cazorla when he will leave.Sterling is an English player,will be great to see him at nationat team too,and we need as mutch as rest of the big teams from EPL home grown players.The coments who say that we have Gnabry and Wellington make me laugh,really?Do you want trophies?Or do you want to see more young players and waiting year after year to confirm or just see how they doesn’t play anything?We are a top team,and need performance in UCL too,not just participaiting.Sterling is a young CONFIRMED player who will definetly help us.Agree that he’s not fully grown but he will be a great player.

  9. We suffered yesterday because we went back to our newsletter to receive playing as though we’re 5 nil infront

    We suffered yesterday because we went back to playing as though we’re 5 nil infront days and we nearly caught a cold like last year’s semi and final.Will we ever learn.Wenger and Bouldie sitting there like dummies. It f@*****g infuriates me.Do that in the final and we’ll lose.
    Well done Reading. though.

    1. At Arsenal we are expected to play well and win big…..

      Even if Chelsea do not play football and win….they still get credit from the media…..

  10. Sign reus or lacazette and sell podolski and no need to sell walcott.. Sign schneiderlin or kondogbia and sell flamini or diaby and if its possible then sign a young centreback like fabian schar to be long term replacement for per mertesacker and if we there is need then sign experienced goalie like cech or even lloris to replace sir shezny if he doesnot improves and further developes otherwise no need to sign a new goalkeeper and stick with shezny.. And then we are ready to compete for the tite next season.. COYG!!

    1. Sell flamini and Diaby, Bielik will be in the squad next season! Add to that kondogbia/schneiderlin with the already irreplaceable Coquelin and we have the quality & depth in the squad at the DM position!

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