Revealed – Arsene Wenger was sacked by Arsenal in January

Well we all now know for sure that Arsene Wenger had no input at all to the signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang by Arsenal last January as it has now been revealed that the Board had already told the Frenchman that his 22 year tenure as Arsenal boss was over.

This bombshell was dropped by Jack Wilshere, who was extremely kee to sign the new contract extension in January until he was told that Wenger would be leaving, and after that he decided to wait to find out who the new boss would be. If you remember back in March when Wilshere was asked why he hadn’t re-signed, the Englishman said: “Things have changed since then,”

“All I can tell you is that we are no closer to sorting anything out.”

And now we know the full story of “how things had changed” as Wilshere has come clean about why he left Arsenal to join West Ham. “I was in the last year of my contract, and I spoke with the manager at the time, Arsene Wenger,” Wilshere revealed. “And he said that they won’t be offering me a new deal and that I could leave.

“But at the time I was injured and it was difficult, because I wasn’t fit and I wasn’t playing, and not many teams wanted me injured.

“So I decided to stay and I got back into the team and they finally offered me a deal in January which was ready to sign, and then Arsene got sacked.

“It was strange, everyone was just shocked and Per Mertesacker, the captain, said a few words, and I think everyone was just in shock.

“It was strange. No-one really saw it coming, but it changed everything, and I wanted to wait to speak to the new manager.

“And I did, and he was brilliant, he was honest with me.

“He said you can stay, but you won’t be in my starting XI, so I thought it was the right time to finally leave.”

I must say the team and the club did really well to keep it under wraps until Wenger was allowed to announce it himself before the Europa League semi-final against Atletico, but I guess that could also explain why the players showed no motivation during the second half of the season, and lost every single away game until the last day.

You have to be impressed with the cloak of secrecy though…



  1. Segun says:

    Is Jack now a member of the board? So, your suggestion is all the players (including Jack, of course) knew Arsene was leaving since January? Silly postulation. The players all expressed surprise when Wenger came in to tell them he was leaving at the end of the season, in late April with a few getting emotional. A deal may have been on the table for Jack since January and Jack was playing a waiting game to see if it was going to be amended. So, he could have meant he was going to sign by April/May but Wenger’s departure changed all that. How about that, instead of the sensational headline, which will get more hits?

    1. Admin says:

      Sensational? Let me refer you to the quote from Wilshere…. “they finally offered me a deal in January which was ready to sign, and then Arsene got sacked.”

      1. jon fox says:

        Pat , You seriously suggest then that Wenger’s sacking was known among the players way back in January and no one knew ( though I did, but ONLY because it was obvious when half the seats were constantly empty!) and no public news got out? PAT , I THOUGHT YOU WERE BRIGHTER THAN THAT. IN FACT, I KNOW YOU ARE , SO I DON’T BELIEVE YOU and suggest you are telling us porkies! Jack’s statement was ambiguous and you are putting two and two together and telling us the answer is five, whilst knowing full well that it is still four! Sorry Pat, some of us were not born yesterday! To be clear, I believe the actual decision was taken around JAN WHEN JOSH KROENKE WAS OVER HWRE FOR HIS FACT FIND. BUT KNOWN ONLY TO THOSE IN THE KNOW, which never includes players.

    2. kenyanfan says:

      unbelievable how no need seems to see arsenal as a contender or even anywhere near that.

      Predictor 1st 2nd 3rd
      Ian Wright Liverpool Man City Man Ut
      Ruud Gullit Liverpool Man City Chelse
      Martin Keown Liverpool Man City Totten
      Dion Dublin Man City Man Utd Liverpo
      Alex Scott Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Joleon Lescott Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Mark Lawrenson Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Matthew Upson Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Alan Shearer Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Danny Murphy Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Pat Nevin Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Lindsay Johnson Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Charlie Adam Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Danny Mills Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Mark Schwarzer Man City Liverpool Man Ut
      Rachel Brown-Finnis Man City Liverpool Chelse
      Sue Smith Man City Liverpool Chelse
      Paul Ince Man City Liverpool Chelse
      Kevin Kilbane Man City Liverpool Chelse
      Stephen Warnock Man City Liverpool Chelse
      Jermaine Jenas Man City Liverpool Totten
      Chris Sutton Man City Liverpool Totten
      Chris Waddle Man City Liverpool Totten
      Leon Osman Man City Liverpool Totten
      Six teams feature in the forecasted top fours, and only Manchester City and Liverpool feature in all 24.
      In terms of who will win it, Manchester City are favourites, with 21 votes.
      Liverpool get the other three.
      Overall predicted ranking, using all BBC predictions
      1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Man Utd 4. Tottenham 5. Chelse
      93 pts 74 pts 34 pts 18 pts 15 pts
      (using system of 4 pts for a 1st place, 3 pts for 2nd, 2 pts for 3rd and 1 pt for 4th)

      1. plastic_spectator says:

        ridiculous.? not even it top 5?!!

      2. Sue says:

        Nice to see they all have faith in us!

      3. Be hopeful says:

        I don’t care about their predictions , people are underestimating the negative influence of Wenger’s training methods on players. i’m sure we will see the real potential of players this season.

      4. Sparkles says:

        How many of these guys predicted Leicester city in 2015? There you go. I’m not saying we will win it but this is total crap.

  2. Adajim says:

    The only positive I take from whilsher comment is the part of meeting with Emery. He said you can stay, but you won’t be in my starting XI, so I thought it was the right time to finally leave.”. That’s the kind of person we want as manager, ruthless, players are paid and must be accountable, they must justify their pay.
    Same way smith put it in his latest comment “Arsenal will score goals – they have the players for that. But the key is in defence. There was a lack of accountability in the team last season and the same players kept getting picked. It drove everybody mad. They have to be more difficult to break down this season, more solid.”
    Am excited about today match hope d boys give us all something to cheer us all

  3. Wolfgang says:

    That it had taken so long to sack him surprise me.In fact he shd have axed after 2007-08 season with the gunners within sight of the title.That he has been tolerated for so to mount a challenge is shocking.
    Managers who have won the epl have fired the next season. Whats the big deal about him?Nothing special except he will go down in Arsenal history to let in 8 goals.

  4. Mobella says:

    Admin you are doing a good job but i fail to see the significant of this article. He was sacked, he resigned, he had has enough blaa blaah blaah…how does it matter the poor man is gone. He and us to be specific me deserve out peace. This piece doesn’t do any body any good except those that enjoy insulting our legend.

    1. Dave says:

      The “poor man” hahaha
      Really??? What about us the poor fans having watch the same dross & mistakes weekly?
      Oh and by the way £8million a year yeah poor man!!

  5. Sean says:

    Just puts to bed that he was sacked,he didn’t resign. He was giving time from Jan – April to do it himself out of respect for the man & for what he had did for Arsenal. We had to have a replacement sorted before anything was announced I’m sure.

    Wilshere & the boys knew he was going from January & kept it quiet out of RESPECT for Arsene & rightly so. Even if we had win the EL he was still leaving just shows we may be doing things differently,no more sentimental bs & being ruthless in our approach to thugs nowadays.

    New Era starts today at Emerys Emirates!!
    No matter the score we just need to show we won’t be walked over. A good fight until the end is all im asking for & not a hammering if that’s possible but City are one if the best sides in English History no doubt about it & Pep is the man… they are looking really good in pre season too.

    Anyway COYG, Happy the Premier league is back!

    1. Sean says:

      Things not Thugs ?

      1. A.ball08 says:

        Well said
        Onwards and upwards

    2. jon fox says:

      Sean, If you seriously BELIEVE players all know and kept it quiet you probably also believe Elvis is still alive and that Lord Lucan will be found. Get real man!

  6. Innit says:

    I heard Arsenal are playing City today. lol
    In other words the start of a NEW era, New manager
    Look forwards not backwards
    Anyway, most of us are just happy he is gone and wish him all the best.

  7. Mr Patrick says:

    Adajim summed up perfectly all the fans demand is a fighting spirit from the players and not roll over for any of the top two teams which is Liverpool and man city which in all honesty are the only teams I’m wary of the rest are beatable, not being arrogant we should have more faith in our boys and I’ll take a point today, COYG gunners!!!!!!!

  8. NIKK says:

    Wonder if Wenger, all suited booted wrapped up up in his sleeping bag coat with Evian bottle by his side will be watching the match from his favourite armchair??

    1. Tony says:

      Hahaha good one.

  9. waal2waal says:

    to be taken seriously (as premiership contenders) we need to beat one of the next two – we need to see man city in the same way we would view an intruder trying to impose their will in our home. if we cannot protect our home it sends the wrong message to others wanting to violate what is our space. Our home record is quite satisfactory, its only going away form that has proven an issue, so the best opportunity to get at City will be here at our emirates home.

    In the event that does not happen and we cannot at least find a score-draw i don’t see that the stamford bridge challenge will be any easier. Do you? Realistically we should expect *2Pts from these next to challenges – any less and we start this campaign playing a game we already know called catch-up.

    1. waal2waal says:

      @admin – apologies, please delete this post (mine) as iv redirected it. many Thanks

  10. JustJoy says:

    this is just a good symathetic support for Lord Kronk…

    the icing today is beat ManShitty.

  11. Durand says:

    Just hoping we can move forward. Tired of Wenger stuff; he hasn’t been our manager for months. Let’s stop looking backwards at dark clouds, but rather move forward into the sunlight. Brighter says ahead

    1. jon fox says:

      I don’t know that any of us ARE looking back. We are bound to mention WENGER WHEN COMPARING THE NEW “SUNLIGHT ” DAYS( good phrase, by the way) with the “dark clouds”( ever thought of writing poetry?) of the last decade. But I see no one looking back on here, very much looking forward in fact. WENGER WAS OUR MANAGER FOR 22 YEARS AND IT IS NOT RIGHT TO PRETEND HE DOESN’T STILL EXIST. I wanted him sacked for a whole decade but bear him no ill will. Not now that he has GONE. Though I would be arrested if I told you what I wanted to happen to him over much of that dark decade.

  12. JJPawn says:

    Without Arsene there would have been no way to the trophies… or the fame and global brand.

    Many of you would be supporters of another club… without the first ten years of Wenger. In fact, the last five years Wenger still produced trophies. He started a rebuild, and was not completed. If he stayed on we would have had one or two big defensive signings, with younger players though.

  13. kenneth Noel says:

    Where is LEON now… Not hearing you moan

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