Revealed – Mikel Arteta feelings on taking the Arsenal job

Mikel Arteta considers Arsenal job too good to turn down.

Arsenal’s plans for a new manager may not take too long to achieve as Mikel Arteta is reportedly keen to take the job.

The Gunners have been without a permanent manager since they fired Unai Emery last week Friday.

They have played two games under caretaker manager, Freddie Ljungberg, but none of those matches has ended in wins for them.

The Gunners are now keen to get a permanent manager as quickly as they can.

One of their managerial targets is Mikel Arteta who has spent the last three seasons as Pep Guardiola’s assistant at Manchester City.

Arteta was considered for the job before it was handed over to Unai Emery the last time out and the Spaniard is back on their radar.

The Daily Mail claims that Arteta considers the Arsenal job as the right opportunity for him to kickstart his managerial career.

Arteta has won the last two league titles with Manchester City and he is highly regarded at the Etihad with many observers tipping him to take over from Pep.

However, the report claims that Arteta is keen to start his managerial journey and he would gladly accept Arsenal’s offer.


  1. I don’t think the likes of Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi and Kolasinac would listen to their ex-colleague. If Ozil could mock Emery on social media, I wonder what he would do to Ljungberg and Arteta

    Arsenal don’t need another Mr Nice Guy like Henry and co. A ruthless manager is needed to bring the discipline back to Arsenal

    1. It’s not about the age, you still fail to grasp the fact that it’s all about respect. Respect has nothing to do with age, Respect is reciprocal. Simeone when he started, coached certain players he played with. He got their respect and they had his.
      I doubt Ozil Vs Emery would’ve been an issue if only Emery grew brains earlier and decided it was a wrong idea to pick a war with a senior football figure among the players and fans. That’s the only thing that gave Ozil the courage to face Emery. Emery drew first blood,and Ozil knew he had the fans and like it or not, certain players behind him.
      Arteta could get the job tomorrow, and you’ll see Ozil, and the rest Respect him like he’s Klopp or Pep. It has nothing to do with age bro, Respect is meant to be earned.
      Hell if you as an adult go out there in today’s world and disrespect a young person who done nothing wrong, be prepared to get a full dose of the same medicine. You’ll get disrespected big time

      1. All Gunners have to respect the club’s and their manager’s decisions, when they need to be dropped or when they need to follow some instructions

        Arsenal would never get another major trophy as long as there is a gang of rebels who don’t like to follow orders

          1. Thanks for reminding me, and the only player Arteta played with is Ozil. The rest came after he left

          2. And Ozil is probably the biggest problem in terms of attitude. Even with him back in the team we are just as bad, so all the slating Emery got for benching him wasn’t wrong. He doesnt seem committed. Why are players that arent committed starting games?

        1. Oh, and lemme guess. Ozil didn’t respect Emery’s decisions?
          Didn’t he sat his áss home where Emery kept dropping him at and resuming trainings when it was time to train?
          So tell me exactly again how Ozil disrespected Emery first?
          You really think certain managers would treat certain players that way?
          Mourinho tried it with Casillas and later on the squad turned against him and sent him packing.
          There are certain players you dont pick wars with even as a coach. Players that keeps other players in line are off limits to some extent.
          You don’t want to start a war with a cult leader in your team for no reason, which Emery did.
          The same thing he did at PSG, tell me who got him sacked? The Same Neymar he tried to control.
          There are ways to get certain players to work for you, you don’t expect to use the whip on everybody and expect everybody to fall in line. There will be rebels.
          Everybody had said and keep saying, Ozil is a gentleman and respected man off the pitch.
          I doubt he’ll rebel for no reason, the same way I don’t believe just because he played with Arteta he played would turn a rebel the moment Arteta takes over

    2. You really are not that bright are you! Do you think-and I often doubt that you ever do think by your silly regular posts – that a man of Guardiolas stature would keep Arteta so involved in team matters and speak so highly of him, if Arteta were not a man of firm action and easily hard enough to make tough decisions. All the players you list, we desperately need gone from Arsenal asap and if Arteta comes they will soon be gone and good riddance to all of them. I totally reject your “thinking” , just as I do on almost all you ever write. Arteta is clearly ruthless and will sort our entitled spoilt “kids” out, pronto. Do think, for goodness sake!

    3. as much as i respect his ability as a number 2 it is much different when the buck stops with the manager/coach. If he failed it could have a damaging effect on his future career.We need someone who has been successful with a ruthless discipline attitude.

  2. Lol… He doesn’t know what he’ll be getting himself into. I’d love to see him take it and find out if he’ll be tough and drop the underperforming senior players or he’ll be licking their âss just as Emery did and Freddie is doing. Cuz honestly I don’t see a single phucking reason as to why Luiz,Sokratis have to keep starting every game.

    Elsewhere, watch how City would probably beat Arsenal when they meet. This City’s defense is there for the taking, but our defense is actually worse. So the best we can hope for is Pepe,Aubameyang and Martinelli starts as the front three. That front three would give City’s defense a lot to work on.

    For the job, seeing how no WC manager wants the job. I’ll rather have Arteta take the job over any other person. Just like Lampard, he has a lot to prove and he must’ve learnt a lot regarding handling stubborn senior players under Pep

    1. Wrong. Arsenal are very solvable, provided the right managers comes in and understands the system Wenger built. Areta is one for that, with the additional knowledge he now has of other players and systems from his time at City.

      For all the vulger stupid things said of Wenger and Arsenal nothing is better than proper analysis with facts. The emotions of racism/anti-foreigner sentiments ran riot when Wenger was out spent. However, even the Telegraph could not but think on occasion:

      Wenger won with a dual threat: tiki-taka (viewed as soft) and aerial (tough in the box play that was not understood by “fans”). The two types of attack created space for the clever tap in goals.

      The problem was the leaky defense that had to be fixed, which was the Prof’s next move, before another FWD was bought though Wenger was on the look out for a winger to replace Theo.

      Nothing happened that season when Arsenal entitled sill fans attacked the man that created modern attacking play that made Arsenal into a global brand. These fans are still lurking around here and still poorly educated about the game and its economics.

      Areteta would be using an aerial threat right away. Luiz will likely play in the middle, not the back, as he is too soft there (witness how Ozil and his compatriots took apart Brazil).

      Areteta would also use Ozil for city type attacks alongside Auba and Laca. Pepe would there on the other wing.

      Along with Luiz would be another defensive minded player who can intercept fast. Likely Torreira.

      What is not clear is the back line. I suspect Aretata would pick up two solid defenders in January with the ability to organize and control the back line. I think Bellerin and Teirney would feature.

      What is clear is that Arsenal is missing organization at the back with a captain like a Koz and a goalie like Czech. Defense is all about leadership and organization. That is what is needed to see and close space. Right now with the removal of Wenger’s keeper and defense Arsenal is worse of as the replacements are not good enough or unsuitable.

      I would prefer if Wenger came back as Manager for another four years with a proper budget. His sabbatical would made him formidable.

      Areteta though should combine well with the Spanish upper management…

      Change sooner is better. Freddie can of course change things, but he is being too modest and slow in using a solid defense as a starting point to a multiple threat in front.

      1. JJ Pawn please compare the squad Wenger inherited and the one he left. With few exceptions there are not many from his last squad, who would make the inherited squad, let alone the first eleven.

  3. Would be a mistake. We need someone with experience to organize the team, not take yet another risky flyer on a manager.

    You can’t play beautiful football without a solid defense, period.

    No surprise Wenger’s most successful years were our best defensive years also.

    As we lost our quality defenders our beautiful play also eroded. With a solid and organized back 4 the midfield and attackers can play that beautiful and free flowing football; the gaps in the lines aren’t as costly.

    Lacking unity and quality in defense means midfield MUST sit farther back, allowing teams to press and disrupt passing lanes.

    I’m no expert, anyone with eyes can see this. Add mediocre midfield, and even DB and TH14 would struggle in this team.

  4. I would take Arteta over most. If we could convince Poch I would prefer that, Rodgers is off the table as is Allegri not so sure about the Wolves guy so Arteta would be up there for me.

      1. I have been saying for a little while that Big Sam would be the ideal interim manager until the end of the season IF that means we get a great manager this summer. Not many managers better in a relegation battle than Big Sam. I just don’t see him as a long term solution.

  5. We should give him the jobn do it now rather then summer. He can try his combinations n strategies to find the the right balance also he can identify the short comings so by the time summer is here he would know what is needed, what sort of players he wants n who has to go. He won’t have to start from scratch next season. I believe he will be a very good manager. He has learnt from two of the best in the business, he is young so hungry for success n reputation. He has always been a good professional since Everton days. He understand Arsenal culture, knows the club, he knows the league and he can speak good English as well.

  6. OT: Funny how a Man U squad that was called mid-table and average by pundits and ex-players alike not so long ago, now beat Spurs and City on the trot.

    An average squad when playing like a team can be greater than the sum of its parts.

    Is there hope for us?

    1. It’s parte after parte for Man U! Unfortunately, the way Man U defended tonight is something I cannot even imagine Arsenal doing. It’s just not possible. Not my Arsenal.

  7. The way players played last two games after Emrey was removed shows manager is not the real problem.Problem is above that.when players think the manger is powerless & no control over what happens to them in the, they don’t care.That is what has happened to Arsenal in the last 2,3 years.

    1. Problem is club culture that allows and fosters and rewards complacency. Xhaka, Elneny and Ozil have all been rewarded contracts extensions they do not deserve.

  8. Simeone should be our first choice target since we have two good strikers and he is the only one who knows how to play 442, not to mention how organised he would make our team be

  9. The result is better for City than United.
    After 4 titles in 7 years it’s the Champions League they want now.
    La Porte will be back in Late Feb and Sane in early March,
    These latest reversals will sting them back into action.
    Would not care to be their next opponent in the League.
    Man Utd fans will now have absurd expectations of their team now.
    Top 4, win the EL, win the FA Cup and the Carabao.
    They will beat Colchester in the quarters and have to play two semis in Feb.
    Then it will all come crashing down as they fail to meet expectations.

  10. Arteta has never managed a team.
    He has just taking notes watching Guadiola.
    The kit manager knows as much as Arteta does about management.
    Arteta should earn the right to be a manager.
    Start at the bottom and work your way up.
    Do due diligence.
    Ideally manage in the Championship first.
    If he must start in the PL manage Norwich or Watford.
    Better still manage Everton where he had a successful playing career and was popular.

  11. The truth is arteta is no different to Freddie, vierra or henry, no thanks please stay at city, who by the way are struggling even with all their might behind them. I would for one be devastated if he ends up being our next coach. Im not sure this bunch of mercenaries will give him too much respect.

  12. Arteta might turn out to be a good Manager in the future but he does not the experience at the moment and I think it would be another mistake to give him the job now.Carlo Ancelotti is old school we need a New direction.Rodgers is a no go. I think Poch is our man I know people are saying he wants the Man Utd job but i reckon if Arsenal get in there quick they might just get him. Everyone has their Price.So get off the Fence and go get him please.

    1. It seems to be arteta v Poch right now given most of the others are in contract. Poch has the runs on the board for building a great defense with spurs and we certainly have the forwards to score goals if the defense functions and transition improves via pepe, tierney, carbellos and ozil. Arteta is a risk , really he should have been appointed instead of emery and then we would know where we stand with him by now

  13. Jr pawn Wenger inherited a team that finished 10th in 1993 and 12th in 1995, its a pity how u v failed to give Wenger credit for every thing hes done for this great club, arsenal was in total disarray and hopeless prior to WENGER coming,the soo called great defenders were i n total decline and have passed their prime, instead of u to appreciate Wenger to have rescued a sinking ship with smart decisions and amazing courage u r here looking for whom to defame,emery inherited 2 of the best 5 strikers in Europe ,emery inherited one of the best goal keepers that have graced EPL, emery inherited the most creative player in Europe in the last few years, even if some of them were in decline emery could have gotten the best out of them same way Wenger got the best out of guys like Adams,winterburn,etc,for 8 years 97/98-2004/5 arsenal under Wenger did not finish below 2nd in the league yet u can’t still give him credit,even in our most difficult moments after the emirate move,Wenger still kept us at elite level, u guys r the most ungrateful in the history of football! Very pathetic and annoying!

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