Revealed: The number of non-playing individuals that will be allowed into the stadium

The coronavirus pandemic that forced the Premier League to be suspended is also set to force many more changes on the competition.

With the Premier League eager to get restarted even as the pandemic is still raging through the world, they have to ensure that they put measures in place that would ensure the virus doesn’t spread because of them.

Some measures have already been taken after clubs voted for them and there is a few more underway.

The Daily Mail claims that the Premier League is targeting a maximum of three hundred people being involved in the games when teams start playing again.

Apart from the fans, there are usually a number of individuals who make the Premier League matchday experiences enjoyable including journalist and club’s officials like the medics.

The Premier League is looking to limit the number of people that would be working during the games when it returns and it has prepared a proposal that would be voted for by clubs.

According to Mail Sports:

“Officials have proposed the following maximum limits:
20 players per club (18 in the squad and two on standby)
12 members of medical and coaching staff
10 directors and executives from each club

“There would be a referee, two assistant refs, a fourth official and another in the stand. The first draft also reveals that plans are in place for VAR staff to be based across separate rooms at their Stockley Park headquarters.  

“Additionally, it outlines proposals for pre and post-match press conferences to be held via a videoconferencing platform. The plans would also see a substantial reduction in the levels of media present. 

“The host broadcaster would be allowed 98 staff inside the stadium and 75 off-site. While that seems a big group, it is well down on normal numbers, which are usually into three figures. 

“A maximum of 25 written press would be permitted to attend, along with 15 radio broadcasters – although as many as four of those would be from each club’s media operations. 

“The Premier League’s broadcasting arm, Premier League Productions, would be allowed 23 workers, while there would be 15 international commentators. The BBC – should they not be showing the game live – would be allowed two people inside the venue.

“Four doping control officers would be among the others permitted along with six opposition scouts, one from each of the next three sides those playing are set to face. Two press officers from each club would also be present.”

“…An amber zone which relates to the stadium bowl has also been proposed, along with a green zone, which covers outside areas such as coach parks. Around 300 people would be allowed to attend in total, although this remains subject to change.”

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  1. The lesser the number of people attending match days the better for the safety of all. Anyway, we can at least enjoy the live action on TV with safety of the players and staff assured by limiting the number of people attending match days. Up the Gunners!

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