Jose Mourinho snubbed Arsenal for Tottenham claims very questionable

Reports of why Mourinho snubbed Arsenal contradicted by Mourinho himself.

Jose Mourinho was named the new manager of Tottenham yesterday less than 24 hours after they sacked Mauricio Pochettino.

Poch led them to the Champions League final earlier in the year and the Argentinian remains one of the most highly regarded managers in the game.

Mourinho has been out of a job since the end of last year when Manchester United fired him. He has been working as a pundit for much of that time, but he was surprisingly named Spurs boss this week.

Express Sports, however, claims that Mourinho could have been the manager that replaced Unai Emery at Arsenal instead, but the Portuguese boss didn’t fancy the structure at Arsenal apparently.

The Express further claims that Mourinho wants to work with more freedom and would have wanted a club that would give him money to spend in the next transfer window.

Arsenal has already spent more than £100million in the last transfer window and would not be making a splurge in the next transfer window.

So, that is the claim being spread today.

Now, let’s read what Mourinho at his first Spurs press conference today said when asked about transfers.

Question: Have you already got a Christmas list for the next transfer market?

Mourinho: Christmas list?

Question: For players, transfer market…

Mourinho: I am thinking about gifts I have to give to people I love and that is a problem because I always want to give the best gifts. I am always very analytical.

Players, the best gift, are the ones who are here. I don’t need players. I am so happy with the players I have. I just need time to understand them better and get to know them. I always say you only know a player when you work with them. You never know them well enough until you work with them.

So, unless he is a liar, which I suppose is always possible, he makes it clear that he does not need players.

That to me tells me that he has not gone in demanding a huge budget or been promised one.

It also tells me that if he was offered the Arsenal job and there is absolutely no evidence of that then why would the inability to spend huge sums be an issue.

I simply do not believe that Mourinho did not want to join Arsenal because of the structure or anything like that.

Just my opinion of course.


  1. Restless says:

    I do not think he was offered the job. Despite our desperation Mourhino does not fit into the Arsenal culture. We can find a coach somewhere else.

  2. Twig says:

    Who else is having Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain regrets? 🙁

    1. Martin says:

      Hardly anybody. He’s still the inconsistent player he was with Arsenal

    2. ClassyGunner says:

      3-4 good games. Pick up a minor looking injury. Be on the sidelines for a few months. Get back, take time to come back to form. 3-4 good games, get injured again…. wash, rinse, repeat.
      No regrets at all

  3. Innit says:

    He is a Class A jerk!
    Calling Wenger a VOYEUR and success at failure innit
    I loathe Mourinho

    Also he lost the dressing room at United so he’s far from perfect

    We can try to get Allegri, Enrique, Conte, Ancelotti, Benitez, Mick Mccarthy, Sarri, Hiddink, Ponchetto, etc. There are plenty of Top managers out there innit

    1. Phil says:

      @ innit-😂😂😂😂😂Mick McCarthy
      At least you have shown your sense of humour

      1. ken1945 says:

        Phil, the problem is Innit is being serious!!!

        OT. Have you read on “readarsenal” that monreal has played more minutes for The Arsenal than Ozil has??
        No wonder he, Ozil, is getting the blame for the mess we are in!!!

        1. Phil says:

          Evening Ken- let’s face it, if Montreal was still here Emery would likely have played him as a No10 instead of Ozil.Bit @Got an Idea would have used him as an inverted right winger as he’s left footed and can dribble ( probably down the side of his leg but what the heck-a dribble is a dribble).
          It will be interesting to see the side Emery plays on Saturday. It goes without saying he needs a win, and a clear emphatic one at that. If he starts Ozil then he’s admitting he needs his creativity in the team. But that then begs the question-why did he not start him earlier in the season?
          Emery has dug far too many holes for himself with his tinkering and “ Tactical Nous “. A loss or draw and he’s out. A scrambled win and he’s out. And as we have very rarely been anything other than poor in every game this season I can’t see too much to be excited about on Saturday. Those Southampton players just cannot believe their luck they play us this week. That’s how far this clown has taken us.
          Safe trip down mate.

  4. Roshan says:

    To be honest Arsenal isn’t an attractive job to take at the moment.
    – leaderless both on and off the pitch
    – poor management going all the way to the owners
    – owners who don’t back the club
    – no ambition
    – weak defence
    – divided fan base

    Taking the Arsenal job is a risk, it could bring you great success by turning the club around or it can be a coach killer

  5. Dennis says:

    Glad he went to spuds, Mourinho and Spurs will struggle next season, whatcha this space. Mourinho has always been at big clubs with money, not that Spurs is a big money spender. but look at the list Chelsea, Inter, Real and United with free reign to spend. I wonder what he has in store for football in general. But honestly football need the man, but still happy he is at Spuds and not at THE ARSENAl FC.

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