Revealed – Why Mesut Ozil is out and Arsenal fans react to David Luiz inclusion

Arsenal fans have taken to Twitter to express their frustration at the latest Mikel Arteta team selection.

There is anger in some quarters that David Luiz has managed to get himself back into the starting XI and obviously questions being asked about Mesut Ozil omission once again.

First off, Mesut Ozil is out because he missed training yesterday with a slight injury to his back as confirmed by the club straight after they announced the team line up. Strange how they never let us know this earlier but there you go.

As for David Luiz, the fans are far from impressed as this selection of tweets shows.

Luiz now has to go out and justify his contract extension because if he does not it will not be him under immense pressure but Arteta.

Arteta will be the one that will now have to answer for the mistakes that Luiz will inevitably commit, hopefully there will be none today because Arsenal really does need to do well in this competition. It is probably the most likely route to European football next season.

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  1. Clearly it doesn’t matter how bad Luiz plays, he keeps getting chance after chance. Great example to set to our youngsters. Play consistently like trash, and not only do you stay in the team, you’ll get a new contract as well! Banter FC!

  2. He’s had a great half so far. He’s going to be very important given we’ll be playing 2 games a week. I also read that he took a “significant” pay cut to get his extension.

    Arsenal fans need to reign themselves in.

    1. We’ll also need older players to pass on their knowledge and experience.
      Old heads in all areas to pass their knowledge into our youngsters.
      Luis has passed his prime but can still play against the less tactical teams.

    2. Fourpence a week I could stomach! Anymore than that then I still want him out. In fact the three clowns, Luiz, Mustafi and the Wrestler are worth around ten pence a week collectively. When you are relieved that one of the clowns has gone offinjured (Luiz) and NOT , for once , make a huge mistake, then that is no way to haveconfidence in our defence. Serious point; I only call them clowns because they so clearly ARE!

  3. YET ANOTHER FAKE BACK INJURY BY THE LAZIEST AND MOST IDLE FRAUD IN ARSENAL HISTORY. Which is all to the good as it means he won;t have to appear in our shirt(which is not the same as PLAYING,since that needs energy!) Were I in charge, I would sue Ozil for breach of contract , for not giving his best and thus breaking his contract, in law. There is bound to be a clause about giving your best endeavours, as is usual in employment contracts and he clearly never does this.

      1. My normal eyesight KEN! Had yours tested lately? If not, it’s about time, since you even now still support him. You know; the man who cannot even get into the twenty squad these days! Correctly not too.

        1. Oh ! I forgot! How silly of me , as today was one of his backache due days and so thepoor little snowflake could not “work flat out” like he normally does- when dragging that huge and heavy salary all the way to the bank. When will you accept this man has not been doing it for the last five years? Anf yees, we had zero creativity in midfield today until Ceballos and his little cameo but despite his backache , Ozil would not have been in the squad against teak tough and rough Sheff Utd players as all who see CLEARLY can tell.

          1. But you haven’t seen him since the corona virus called a halt to football – when MA was playing him in every Premier league game, so I can only assume your eyes are deceiving you.

            As we were unbeaten in the league since MA selected him for every game, your analysis differs completely with the coach you profess to support.

            When will you start to realise that everything that goes wrong is not down to one man and are you accusing MA of lying?
            If there was a problem other than a injury, are we to believe that MA isn’t strong enough to say just that?
            Get off Ozils back and enjoy our club, then you won’t have to worry about what he is or isn’t doing.

      2. No Ken, I will NOT get of the back of ANY bone idle player and for the simple reason that I DO support my club. Unlike some folk I ALWAYS support the club over ANY playr, even over great and hard working ones, let alone idle coasters. So should all true fans!

        1. How can you get on his back, when he hasn’t even played since before the virus called a halt to football?
          I ask you again Jon, do you support the coach and his decisions?
          I certainly do and if MA feels that Ozil cannot improve his side, that’s fine by me… are you prepared to say the same if it is the other way round and he selects Ozil?
          Thats what TRUE FANS SHOULD DO, don’t you agree?

    1. “Were I in charge, I would sue Ozil for breach of contract”

      Well you are not.
      So you are suggesting that he should pick himself in the starting line-up and since he clearly is not, hence the breach of contract? For your information the coach picks the team!

      On another note, contracts should be written like the NFL. There should be guaranteed money, and a team needs to have the ability to cut players who are either not performing or just need to be moved on for salary cap space purposes. First there needs to be a salary cap. A great leveler!

      1. You fail to understand plain English and thats not my fault. You completely misunderstood the point I made. Sigh!

        As to your last paragraph though, I agree 100%

        1. Actually Jon, if your belief that the season would end with no more games being played, Ozil would have been selected for all the fixtures in 2020 played in the premier league under Mikel Arteta and we would have remained unbeaten.

          Your insistence on bringing him into any conversation or situation, especially as we have just qualified for our 30th fa cup semi final without him, beggars belief.

          I thought you would be telling me how MA has managed to achieve this win today, with no defence, dross players and no leaders on the pitch!!!

          It would be really interesting to have a reply to my question regarding MA and Ozil though and Phil has asked me to send you his regards, the same with all the other regulars – he is well and I said I’d let him know your answer to the question.

        2. “You fail to understand plain English and thats not my fault.”

          How did you figure this? What gave me away? My name by any chance?

  4. I dont like Ozil but I get worked up when everyone seems to pick on him.If Luiz is given an extension and Mari is signed and even a Southampton reject is given a 4yr contract then we should focus our anger towards the management for giving guys like Ozil such contracts and let the guy be.Signing these 3 defenders does not solve any of our defensive woes,by the way does the coach and the management know we have one William Saliba returning ? I dont see how he fits into our defense when we have signed rejects( Mari can be excused ) and no sign of selling any defender yet.One might say its a blessing to ve a lot of defensive options with Saliba returning but that blessing can yet be a curse with an array of mistake prone defenders eating up space.I believe Arteta does not even have a plan 4 our backline for nxt season.I luv the guy tho,wish him best of luck.

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