Review: Arsenal All or Nothing Episode 5 – Auba offloaded to Barcelona

Episode 5 – Only tells half a story by Dan

Episode 5 begins with Edu saying ‘With Aubameyang we have to careful of making a mistake.’

This the introduction to the month that would cost us a place in the top 4, the decision to give away our striker without a replacement, relying on Eddie Nketiah and Lacazette.

The original plan is for Auba to be reintroduced to the squad. The only issue is that’s not what Arteta is thinking, even after watching his team barely manage a shot on target at Nottingham Forest.

Inexcusable given that the City Ground wouldn’t be the only fixture that period where we wouldn’t score.

I still don’t understand to this day how failing to meet your objectives while slashing the wage bill is for ‘the best interest of the club’?

We suddenly jump scenes, and the narrator tells us the club’s final decision is to try and negotiate a transfer away.

We are not given an explanation why, nor do we hear the player’s account which I’m shocked Amazon didn’t demand.

Nor is there an explanation why we couldn’t field a team for the North London Derby at the same time we were letting players leave.

Auba is one of 5 players loaned out or released we are told ‘this is in the best interest for our future.’

Surely best for our future is Auba being an option off the bench helping us qualify for the Champions League?

Yet hours from the end of the transfer window it’s clear that Edu’s only priority is for the club not to be paying the player’s salary anymore.

While it’s fascinating to watch our lawyers play poker with Barcelona it’s disheartening to see them high fiving each other like the window had been a success, at the same time the team were struggling to score goals.

Watching Xhaka at home with his family is content I would like to see more of.

Featured is the same wife and children that fans on social media wished cancer on.

Various YouTubers post how this is a gamble.

Chris Sutton is heard saying ‘ Arteta must now make top 4’…….. he doesn’t!

Dan Smith

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  1. It is pure guesswork to claim it was about slashing the wage bill. And there is actually no logic in the claim. If it had been a decision about short term money, the club would have kept him, as he had a clear transfer value given more time.
    So it was not a decision, which helped the clubs finances.
    Auba obviuosly disregarded the managers authority and put himself before the team, and probably not the first time either.
    There is no way, this wasn’t such a serious case, that Arteta, the management and the owner in unison decided to get him out.
    Including taking the financial loss.
    You may believe it was a wrong decision for the clubs fututre. I believe it was a good one.

    1. No mate the lawyer literally says the words , ‘ if we loan him , we have to carry on paying his wages next season ‘

      1. and?
        The total economy in this is the transfer income, you could get by selling him in the next window, where you would have more time versus the salary in the short term.
        If Arsenal had kept him for another six months, the salary bill would have been around 9.1m., which means, we should only have been able to get, say 10m for him this window to be better off.
        To get him out immediately was bad for finances, but it was nevertheless decided, because his behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated.

        1. Forgot to add, it is reported, we actually paid him a compensation to leave. So maybe we didn’t even “save” the salary”.
          But it shows how far the whole club was willing to go to get him out.
          Tells a story in itself.

          1. I will try to explain it very simply:
            Auba had committed so much undermining of Arteta’s authorithy and pissed so much on his teammates, the whole club agreed, he wasn’t wanted anywhere near the team again.
            Despite the financial hit, it was to get him out straight away, they did it. Pure and simple.

            1. Having read Dan’s reply Anders, he fell back in the lack of top4 mode as usual
              Everything about that documentary was as clear as crystal- Auba was poisonous to the team and the club

        2. Then what if Barca with all there financials issues pulls the plug on transfer then we come bk to the ozil saga….auba leaving when he did was absolute class from edu Nd team, cos it made us precise and direct in this transfers window. Pushin him on would hindered us from going for our targets this window, imagine Barca came with less offer, and he decides he wants to see out his contract???

          1. For me the Auba situation was about broken trust. Arteta trusted Auba to lead by example and help him guide this young side to be professionals. However auba continued to be wayward and did as he pleased, hence the club had to make a statement. Also he had stopped been the prolific striker he was two seasons ago. He was meant to be a leader who leads by example but he failed at that, and at his job(scoring goals). Arteta and edu have had thier eyes on Jesus for 12 months. Which means thier was a plan. They tried to get vlahovic he didn’t budge. And one thing we all must put to mind is, Arteta is trying to build a team ,family that will fight for each other on and off the pitch, so hence no stop gaps. Now am not an Arteta fan cos all I want is my team to be the best in the world. He may or may not be the best, you can see this dude has passion for the club, and somehow he believes him and the team can get us to compete again. So I will put my support behind the team. One more thing we have better striker going into this season than the last, as well as our defense is better than last season

  2. There are always two sides of a story. In my opinion, there were two possibilities:

    A. Barcelona had tapped into Aubameyang and he did similar thing to Dortmund

    B. Arsenal wanted to ship out their barren CF as soon as possible, because of his wage

    We’ll never know the truth, so I just remember him for his heroics in FA Cup 2019/20

    I heard Barcelona are open to sell him to Chelsea, since they’ve got Lewandowski and Torres. That’s how a ruthless big club should act, although Xavi seems to want to keep him

  3. When will you drop this AGENDA and become a supporter once again? Why do you take every opportunity to slate the club you support just because you don’t like the coach? I know its your opinion, but its just depressing reading you mean everyday. Trust me, it is.

    1. @Kadibia
      Please explain how, being critical of actions taken by the club management and or coach, equates to one having an agenda against or being non supportive of the club… 🤔

    2. If it depresses you blame the club for taking Amazon’s money to document their season
      Very hard to be positive about an episode which focuses on three games without a goal .
      Again , that’s not my fault

  4. It was the right decision to get rid of Auba..
    He was not scoring that much since he got his bumper contract in 2020.

    The Clearout we have had since Arteta and Edu showed up has been a breathe of fresh air to me.. I am more focused on the future and not the past or patchy players we haf before.. They all had their chance and stunk the place out with all the opportunities that were presented to them.

    We move on now..

    Thank you very much 🤞

  5. LMFAO, notice how he purposedly left out the fact that there’s also a scene with Arteta telling the club’s lawyer or someone that there’s a dossier of all Auba’s misdemeanors?
    That doesn’t suit your narrative does it? So it’s best to left it out.
    I can’t believe you still have folks trying to defend and make excuses for a 31 years old man who’s the captain, choosing to act the way even our teenagers don’t.

  6. I think the fact that Barcelona are asking for £28,000,000 for him, is very telling.
    The club goofed financially, but not morally, in my opinion.

    But Dan, no matter what you think about this, the decision made was completely down to the manager… at least that’s how I see the situation.

    Now, it backfired on him with regards to the final table and I was very vocal about his decisions regarding ALL of the January transfers.

    However, would you not concede that he did what he was paid £8,000,000 plus to do and actually MANAGE the situation as HE saw it?

    Furthermore, it is becoming clearer (at least so far this season) that he made the right decision, not financially, but team wise?

    I will always call him out for the decisions he has got wrong, but in hindsight and learning more about the situation, he did the right thing here… of course, giving him that grotesque three year, reported £350,000 a week was a massive error, but was that decision entirely down to him as I first thought?

    This Amazon series is a really good way of understanding what MA and Edu are doing – I’m changing my views on quite a few things actually.

    But, at the end of the season, we will know if MA, in the long term, made the right decisions.

  7. Auba knew what he was doing. He was given permission to go see his mum. He came back a day after he was supposed to come and still came late to training the following day. The players were shocked he was suspended because, they thought it was going to be business as usual for him. That led to Elneny and Holding saying that the boss has balls. He also travelled to Barcelona on deadline day with out permission. His agent claiming his father lives in Barcelona and that was why he travelled. Bullshit. The lawyer asked Edu if there is any evidence of Aubameyang’s wrong doing and Edu replied that Arteta has a catalogue. The club lost money of course, but it was the right thing to do and Auba cannot claim to be innocent in all of this.

  8. I am just enjoying the club regaining some sort of sanity nowadays. We had become a stagnant club full of entitled, overhyped, overpaid and over pampered primadonnas that were dragging our club to the bottom of the pit..

    Arteta and Edu come in and installed some sort of morality back into the whole club.
    It’s always better for any couple to go their separate ways even if it might hit one financially. Money is not the be and end all. I would rather lose money than let bad mannered scroungers stick around while causing mayhem, discomfort and uneasiness while stinking up the whole place on top of all that..

    There is a sense of harmony, togetherness and optimism around the club nowadays.. We are now just focusing / concentrating on matters on the pitch instead of being constantly distracted by personality clashes, celebrity player mayhem and PR stunts. Thank fck for that.

    Arteta has no excuses now: He has gotten rid of the bad apples, gotten his preferred players. Now it’s time for him to deliver..

  9. Not watching this All or nothing but, there is something wrong somewhere, when you let a top European striker leave at a cost to the club to a team that he helped massively get CL football. What ever problem there was with Auba was managed how it was but the only beneficiaries where, Auba and Barcelona. We dipped out big style, we never got from a position of strength, there is no excuse or back slapping for that. It wasn’t good for Arsenal football club at all.

    1. We never got CL football, from a position of strength, i dont see how any of that what went on is good.

      1. When Auba was left out of the team, we were lying around 8’th in the table. Hardly a position of strength. The position to start expecting top 4 came once we got rid of him.

        1. Anders, please i dont mind you having an opinion but get your facts straight, we were 5th in january after the tranfer window. And the FACT i was making was because we could not score goals from a position of strength we got into when we were 4th and failed miserably, when Auba went to Barca and helped them quite successfully.

          1. You need to read, what was written. Auba was left out of the team in December. When we were around 8’th. We improved after that, and your so called position of strength, was obviously attained after he was left out.

            1. No Anders, you didn’t write the post, you replied to it and replied to something that wasn’t in the post. The fact we gave Auba away in JANUARY (he went on and did what he did) and in April and May from a position of strength coukd not score a goal for toffee, meant that the decision in JANUARY wasn’t a great one because it didn’t work.

              1. I am commenting on your claim only Auba and Barca benefitted.
                We benefitted too, because not only did we improve last season after Auba was taken out of the team for good in December, we are also now in a much better place this season.

                1. Anders, we did not benifit or improve by selling Auba. Barca and Auba did, they actually achieved something. Getting auba out the door colud be argued was right (not by me) but getting nobody in wasn’t.

                  1. Agree we didn’t benefit financially, but we were better without and got rid of the potential poison.
                    A decision taken with open eyes for the good of the team.
                    No player to fit our strategy could be found, and it is pure guesswork a temporary player to improve the team was available.

                    1. No, the poison you say, has many plaudits from top managers, tuchel and klopp for just two and he went on to do what he is in the team to do. We played some good football last season but played some horrible football where nobody would ever score if we played til the world ended. If we had been half switched on last season we would have got fourth. Getting rid of a top goalscorer was folly. Artets job is to man manage and he didnt and hasn’t with quite a few players and it did and has cost us.

      1. For what Sue, last season for me was a disappointment, i dont see what watching a bitesize, edited version of what went on would change. Im more interested in the next game. Yes its my team and yes i may learn something but im bothered about the future more.

  10. I don’t know why most people here think from the surface instead from the depth.

    1. Letting auba go at all cost was one of the best decision arsenal fc made last season. Because keeping a player with several continuous misconducts is bad for the club.

    2. Arsenal gave Auba the big contract as a reward for his contribution to the team for which everyone agreed he deserved.

    The fact that Auba was no longer delivering what is expected of him to honor the big contract with the club both on and off the pitch was what started the problem.

    Auba was missing goal scoring chances and his body language shows he was no longer committed to the club even though Arteta kept playing him ahead of laca.

    And we all saw the improvement in the team, when Arteta finally dropped the careless Auba for a more committed player in laca.

    2. Yes we paid him off at a lost at the end. Because we had the opportunity to get rid of him at the right time instead of causing more problems should he insist on running down his contract.

    3. Everyone is saying we should have waited and sell him this season simply because Chelsea is busy over paying for players all over the places. Moreover, Auba to Chelsea for the said amount at the moment is nothing but speculation, until the deal is done.

    In conclusion we let go of Auba, laca failed to deliver, injuries set in, we failed to make top 4. All in the past.
    Now we have Jesus and he’s delivering. Therefore, whatever happens with Auba is no longer our concern.

    1. 100%.
      Author is stuck in the narrative of when it happened. I’m shocked after seeing these episodes, that the author still believes Arsenal were in the wrong.
      I’m proud of Arsenal and Arteta for how they dealt with this. We were on our way to yet another Willian or Ozil or many others…. high wage, poster players, dubbed best in the team, not training to 100%, not giving a damn about the team, or the culture of the club. We don’t need this.
      Paying Auba off was the only way to have him leave. We cannot have players on 350K, highest paid players in the club, not contributing. Supposed leaders of the club not contributing.
      Its also clear that the entire team had no problem with this. Our performances, as a team, got better. We are in the place we are today because of the learnings and responsibility the players took on. Its clear every player worked harder as a result of these decisions.
      Let Auba be. Don’t sulk over what isn’t there. The guy missed sitters, didn’t run, wasn’t scoring. This wasn’t going to change. All that would’ve happened is that this attitude will start seeping through to our other players. And Auba learned all this from that group of players that thought they can walk all over our club. So enough of all that, we dont need it, dont want it. Move on.

  11. What difference does it make if you don’t sweep it? The did has been done for good.

    Baca was lucky Auba picked some form last season and they quickly want to cash in on him.

    Arteta and edu tried doing the same thing when we signed William from Chelsea for free, just that it didn’t work out.

    It’s life, that’s how it is, you loose some and you win some.

    What most people don’t understand is, Auba wanted to either move to baca or see out his contract with arsenal.

    Baca didn’t want to pay to get him and we didn’t want him around the club anymore.

    Therefore, Arsenal fc terminated his contract and paid him half of his salary for the remainder of the season, to allow him go wherever he wanted to go for free.

    1. The point is Rowland and that is the big thing, it didn’t do us any good by doing it. So we shouldn’t be just forgetting it and saying it didn’t matter, it did. It didn’t turn out well for Arsenal.

  12. Good riddance is all I can say after watching that film
    To say it cost us 4th is almost laughable
    Auba was totally disinterested in us but mightily interested in a new life in Barcelona
    Very short lived looking at reports

  13. Auba was also one of the top player of the gunner club but unfortunately he wasn’t delivering goal has he supposed to be despite that the club was to keeping him and also inability to follow the rules of the dressing room coming to trading any time he like and also travelling like bird on the sky well it was the best to lend on loan to barca,but unfortunately he performing very impressive but he as learnt is lesson arsenal pay him 350 and barca pay him 150 not even complete to cut the story short coming to his former club he will learn his lesson you will not know the value of what you have untill you lose it

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